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I wanted to hit up Trader Sam's before dinner on our next trip. They open at 3pm and that is when I wanted to stop in. What time would you guys recommend getting there for that? It had been a while since I have been there and typically would get there 35-45 mins before 3pm. Is that still a good rule of thumb or do I need to allow for more time? What time do they even start taking names?


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We’ve lined up around 2:15 - 2:30 and always had others there before us. It’s a small space and popular. They started taking names between 2:45 and 3.


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Whenever we go to Ohana (around 7-9pm), we put in our names at Trader Sam's and at that point it's always a two-hour wait but it's perfect bc we go to dinner while we're waiting. If there's still time to wait, we usually hit up Tambu Lounge.

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