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My family is going to be at the "World" on the 1st and the 2nd of September. We are planning to go to Epcot on the 1st, and then doing Typhoon Lagoon in the morning, and MK later that night (for EMH) on the 2nd. Our only question is is can we do a water park and a regular park on the same day. We do not have the park hopper option.


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Yes, if you have the "water parks and more" option, then you can use one of your water park days and one of your theme park days on the same day.
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Not sure what ticket you're looking to get, but you'd be best to buy a two-day base ticket [no hopper, no add-ons] for $140.58 each and a separate water park admission for $41.54 each, rather than getting a two-day non-hopper with three add-ons for $193.83 each [$182.12 each instead of $193.83 unless you think you could use the other two add-ons - PI perhaps?].

Whatever you get, the hopping restriction applies to hopping between any of the four theme parks. You can go to a water park and a theme park whether you buy combined theme park + add-ons or separate tickets for each.
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I agree with MontyMon. DON'T buy a ticket that has the "water parks fun & more" add-on. Just buy a plain old 2-day base ticket. When you go to the water park, just pay cash for admission. It is cheaper to do it this way if you are only going to one water park one time.
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I personally would do just the 2 parks especially for the 2 days I'm there because I like to see the parades,FW, and shows and that's only if I've never been before..I guess if you know what you're doing and really want to do the water park..Go for it..
In regards to your question I would suggest the same thing as the previous posts especially when you don't know what the weather will do. Have Fun!
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Aww, such a short trip! Yes, getting a two-day park ticket, then a separate water park ticket would be good. I think water park tickets are around $39 each, but that's probably without tax. Enjoy your day at Typhoon Lagoon and the other parks!
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