Trip Report The "You plan, I'll go" Trip - March 2019

Hellllllooo there! Welcome to our little transdimensional joy ride, folks!
Erm... I meant Trip Report...

Yes, I am back in NY and trust me I kicked and stomped my feet the whole way back. With a little over a month left of college, Disney left me wanting summer in the absolute worst way.

With 61 days until my next trip, I figured now would be as good of a time as any to start this report.

I included some pre-trip details at the end of my last trip report, here!

Here we goooooo!

Monday, March 18
I got up somewhere around 6am, since our flight was scheduled to leave around 8, we needed to leave the house about 6:30.

Typical airplane outfit - but this time with new sneakers (pictured later)!

There was a bit of a line at the airport but nothing too awful. We got through security pretty fast and headed for Tim Hortons.

I got a bagel and so did GJ, as well as an iced vanilla latte for me and a black coffee for her.
No food pictures because I completely forgot LOL

We boarded and of course I had the window seat - the only seat I will ever sit in!

Quick little de-icing action and we were on our way!


I pretty much listened to music the whole flight and I tried to nap but I was unsuccessful. I was way too excited to be in the sunshine (more on this later).

I got these pandora rings and I thought they were just so cute with my nails!

Next - finally landing, AP issues, and Epcot!


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Monday continued..

Soon we were in Orlando!!!

We disembarked, stopped at the bathrooms (to change), and headed to our first ride of the trip!

I'm so glad that "hip packs" are back in style now, they are so much more convenient. Also pictured - my new shoes!!

DME was pretty quiet for the start of spring break - but we took advantage! No complaints here.

We immediately headed onto a bus and found we would be the first stop - woohoo!

My mom kept asking me to send her pictures so I had a good excuse to take some selfies.

No picture of the big sign - but a nice small one of the Epcot resort area hotels. Nice job, me.

Soon we made it to Old Key West, which was a first for me!

We stowed our carry-ons with Bell Services, looked around, and headed onto a bus for Epcot. We didn't have to wait too long for a bus.

Next - Epcot!


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Original Poster it a really small airport? How did you get there and get through security and everything so fast?
Yes! The Buffalo airport is really small. I think we only have like 30 gates? It doesn't require lots of walking or anything!
Yay, you started your report! Can't wait to read all about your trip! :)
Thanks for joining! :)
I love your sneakers!!
Thank you!!
Greta start! Following along and can't wait for more!!
Thank you!! :D


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Following along :) I was happy to find out the hip packs are back - bought one with a bottle holder for our upcoming trip. I don't even care if it dates me or goes out of style again lol.

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