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Consumers won’t be forced to pay more, they’ll be forced into the ad tier, which are relatively affordable for the consumer. But generates more revenue for the company than high priced non-ad plans.
I'll go without before I'll willingly pay to watch commercials.


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I'll go without before I'll willingly pay to watch commercials.

It's an interesting thing, because personally I'd much rather have a much lower cost for a service than worry about a few ads. I am curious if that stuff corresponds a lot with age as obviously older generations are just so used to commercials during TV shows that it doesn't seem that intrusive.

I mean, even when I'm streaming I still have to go to the bathroom occasionally or want to get a snack. Or it is a chance to look up a score on my phone, etc. An occasional break is a good thing, especially if it keeps costs down.

Also, when people complain about ads on streaming I'm remainding about how we had a similar shift at one point with cable networks when they when from limited or no ads to being basically the same as network TV. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar acceptance over time for ads on streaming

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