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The Utilidors


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I saw it many many times working there in entertainment. Never done the tours, but I imagine you will "never" get the full experience of everything down there without working there. I use quotes because anything is possible.

DW and I hope that "never" will come a little later in our lives. ;) I'm currently a CM (4 years on Aug. 16th - just did a closing shift tonight) at our local Disney Store. Our dream is to "retire" as CM's at WDW. Hopefully, we'll "get the full experience of everything down there" then...! :)


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On the tour when you visit say The Haunted Mansion, do you just enter the attraction from the utilidors and then ride it??

Mansion actually isn't connected to the utilidor. The closest stairwells are behind Columbia Harbor House, inside the Hall of Presidents, and the Christmas Shoppe.

The actual part that is shown in a Keys tour is the area under Main Street, using a couple of the stairwells behind the Emporium.


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If you've seen an unfinished basement, you have a really good idea what the tunnels look like. Nothing special...at least what we saw on our tour.

I honestly thought they could have done a slightly better job making employee areas look decent. It's a little dreary.


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Granted, I have not been a CM since the Fantasyland Expansion (I'm assuming that is what FLE means), but the back of Fantasyland used to have access to the tunnels. Not in the old TT area, but in the old Grotto area there was and there still should be some by Pooh and the old Snow White ride. The utilidors do not encompass the entire park; the ones at Epcot even less. And yes, the description of concrete hallways is accurate. Some parts are smellier than others and they play radio stations in the halls, not Disney music. There were times when commuting through the park would be more pleasant and times when using the tunnels was a better choice.


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I went in the utilidors for the keys to the kingdom tour. It was really interesting to go down in them, but they weren't anything special. We made a loop around the Main Street tunnel. I kind of wish we walked down them further but we didn't. I saw Peter Pan in costume in the break room, but that was it.

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