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The Star of the Matterhorn

Mr. Johnson

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The star that used to top the Matterhorn was an annual Christmas tradition that started in the early 60’s and ended sometime around 1973-1974 due to the energy crisis. It was rumored to come back for Disneyland’s 60th, but that never happened. I’ll end this off with a few photos showing the star of the Matterhorn:
FFB3FA72-7684-4512-9D45-2C104564A4F6.png 898ECA02-32D5-46E6-A014-7DF7C746534A.jpeg 52CB6A30-B650-4CBA-8D23-6CB79EAC2A16.jpeg D320E3D2-6238-4A0A-BF14-BAFD03803574.jpeg 81ADCE7D-1814-42EE-9515-7CDFBB462318.jpeg


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My college has a star stop the tallest building on campus and when I saw it I instantly thought of the Matterhorn

Old Mouseketeer

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Growing up two miles from the park in the 1960s, this star was part of my childhood, along with "Fantasy on Parade" with the goofy reindeers, the butterfly dancers breaking out of the caterpillar float, the "glock" (glockenspiel) girls surrounding Santa, and the alphabet train spelling out "The End" releasing balloons. Going to Disneyland at xmastime was a family tradition. By the early '70s there were free shopping passes weekdays in early December. Oh, and the Dickens Carolers. My favorite. With the original Disney arrangements, not the Derric Johnson charts that Voices of Liberty sings today at WDW (I worked for Derric and I loved his Re'Generation xmas albums, but I miss the old Disney songs). I don't miss the white-flocked xmas trees with blue ornaments in the castle moat, but you can't have everything.

I still remember driving up the freeway and looking for the star.
Disney should get rid of all the junk it puts on the castle this time of year (those icicles and snow look so ridiculous) and bring back the two trees it used to put in front.

Perhaps my impression is wrong, since I wasn't around for it- but from what I've seen the Christmas celebration pre 2000's was far more tasteful and classy than what Disneyland currently does.
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