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The Splash Mountain Appreciation Thread

Kate F

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Original Poster
In the midst of all this Splash Mountain controversy, I wanted to create a positive thread that celebrates the beloved attraction. All this news has put me in a rather foul mood these past few days and I thought maybe a thread like this would ease the frustration a bit.

While newer additions to the parks might be more technologically advanced, I still consider Splash Mountain one of the greatest rides on property. It’s a thrill ride that’s tame enough for the whole family to enjoy, it puts some great, underrated characters into the spotlight, the detail is incredible, the music is irreplaceable, and it’s just overall a quintessential park experience for any guest.


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It's by far my most favorite ride. I'm 35 and have no idea what is so controversial about it but I hope it doesn't change. I've been on it probably close to 100 times so I'm not sure what I'm missing. I have heard it has something to do with the origins of the ride but honestly I had no idea it was anything but a ride until a few weeks ago lol. When we had to cancel our trip this year I cried and it was mostly because I miss this ride!!

Walt Disney1955

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In November of 2017 when we went I didn't realize how packed the park would be after Thanksgiving. So the one day we did Magic Kingdom we missed out on some stuff. Still did a lot, still had a great day, but missed out on a few things. Jungle Cruise, Tom Sawyer Island, Peter Pan, Snow White Mine Train, Winnie the Pooh, etc. Then we had the tough task of figuring out which of the three "mountains" to ride. I don't think I could do all three, or even two. But if we could only do one it was Splash. That's the best one. This is a ride that has one of the most iconic songs Disney ever created. Perhaps THE most iconic song after "When You Wish Upon a Star".
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An attraction so complete in the telling of a story that most people don't even know the origins, but they can tell you the story that plays out in the attraction itself. I love the length of the ride, the wonderful colors, the small drops and the big one, the fact that it is both an indoor and outdoor ride combined, and my wife and I love to sing along.

Giss Neric

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Splash Mountain is an iconic ride for me. It will never become outdated.

Although, I wish that you get soaked and not just a bit wet. I rarely get wet. I want to get drenched. Even in Kali River you barely get wet.

Why is Disney afraid to drench guests in their water rides?

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