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I forgot to mention that Euro Disney shareholders approved the plan to recapitalize DLP a few days ago. As a result, Disney's ownership should jump from 40% to at least 70%, with Saudi Prince AlWaleed bin Tala owning another 10%.

Disney now will be the overwhelming financial beneficiary of any capital improvements at DLP, Disney's objective for years. DLP improvements should start to move forward in earnest over the next few years.

Thanks for resurrecting this thread, although this could have gone on the new one.

But, yes, this did indeed happen and should be HUGE news in the fan community because No. 1 -- it proves I was right all along and this was Disney's intention and they were willing to let the resort go to hell for years until they got it; and 2.) this is behind all the $$$ that is currently being thrown at the resort to improve so much that has been neglected. AND all the plans they have heading into the 25th Anniversary and beyond.


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makes you wonder if this was the plan all along.
make the park go down in debt.. buy all the park shares.. boost it.. then steal all the $$$
Disney not getting to own the Resort outright was demanded by the French government and protectionist legislation that limits foreign ownership.

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Yes, really. Euro Disney SCA is a French company and the laws of Germany, England, Mexico or any other country besides France do not matter.
I didn't disagreed with that;
I simply Misread your comment, It made me wonder if you were claiming how the French Law didn't matter..(which implied that external factors triumphed local law)


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Well that's a big disappointment from the BRAND obsession if I ever heard one. Who cares if they can't say MARVEL if they could still say GAURDIANS OF THE GALAXY? Do they really think people wouldn't put two and two together in their heads? With the movie being the surprise hit it was and the miraculous coincidence that it can be used in WDW I'm shocked they wouldn't want to capitalize on it. Then again, TDO......... Since when do they use logic? :banghead:

Rant over

You are assuming TWDC executives are intelligent enough to recognize GotG without MARVEL tacked in front or that they are familiar with LOGIC, Skilled in Social Climbing, EXCEL and brown nosing is a more accurate description these days as most of their current successes have been 'Happy Accidents' ie Frozen and how it took nearly a year to capitalize on it with cardboard Olaf's

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