The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Season 7: Fantasmic Journeys [CONCLUDED!]

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I’m seeing a store I might REALLY like! Will look at it in depth tomorrow.

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(Will probably expand on some points Tomorrow. But if I do it will mostly be to talk about specific point I LOVE but didn't go into. The hopefully useful feedback is all here)

  • I LOVE the concept of the land! The focus on retro aesthetics taken to the extreme is very clever! The whole land being indoors to allow for projection mapping and to shield from weather is very smart and a really cool idea! I question the realism slightly of a land this size being all indoors. It might have been smarter if you were going in that direction to pair things down a bit. But this is a minor complaint because you do incredible things to take full advantage of the indoors section!​
  • This team really excels at "plussing" their projects. The moving banner on the site, the consistent style to the original music (Which is AMAZING by the way!!!!), the fun attraction posters, entering the site by pressing "start", the TRASH CANS! You picked the right judge to pander to with by using custom 3D trash cans for the land! A really wonderful touch to tie the land together and add some realism.​

  • Again, gotta give props to the incredible music that perfectly sets the tone of the entire land. Great job by the Waffle Man.
    Great map of course! Love how easily it blends with the existing map​
  • Arcade Cabinets are maybe not the most outside the box FastPass idea but it just works so well and I like the little detail of the screen being more vertical. Another great plus.​
  • The Pac Man ride is fantastic! I was skeptical when you talked about wanting to do more than just the maze and part of me almost still thinks just the maze would've been good. But the opening and ending bits are charming and add some more context and storytelling rounding out the ride. You convinced a skeptic! I love it!​
  • Atari Quest is a really cool avant garde spin on classic Fantasyland style dark rides! Something with some very lofty goals artistically and I think you mostly achieved them. Very stylistic and intriguing in a way that really feels perfectly made for your land. It sets a distinct tone right off the bat and then never backs down from being something special and unique.​
  • Outrun Autopia is a really fun idea and I love the kinetics of tying it to Frogger!​
  • The Frogger log flume is kind of a genius idea and I love it! Log Flumes are really underrated in armchair imagineering. I love how simple and charming you keep it. There's temptation when working at something like this to go huge, but you kept to the basics and it is better for it imo.​
  • Flynn's Arcade is always fun and solid transition to "reality" but I feel like it feels a bit out of place. Plus, while I'm not too big on saying "This ideas been done before on the forum so no one else ever can" because new people come in all the time or have new takes on it. But Flynn's arcades are pretty commonly done ideas and this isn't even the first one this season of this game. I would've loved to see something more out of the box for the arcade. But that being said, Flynn's is always fun.​
  • Centipede is a great flat ride and I love seeing an outside the box pick for a style of flat ride!​
  • The super fancy lazer tag is SUPER cool! I think for realism something like this would be a better fit for a shopping district or with an upcharge attached to it. But putting aside the capacity it is a really fun idea that fits the land like a glove!​
  • Tappers is fantastic and I love the themed rooms! Outstanding work with all the specialty drinks and details​
  • Burger Time is a great idea and really well executed. Like with Frogger, I'm glad this is kept simple. A really strong dining option.​
  • Chuck's Diner is another solid option with a very strong, detailed menu. I wish I knew if nudity was permitted there :p
  • The Pac Man Cafe is adorable with a ton of great touches to make it shine. The menu art is particularly wonderful here! Not only is it great art, but it is bursting with personality!​
  • I don't have much to say about the shopping but it is all well done. I love all the pictures of examples of merchandise you can buy here! A great plus to add in here!​
  • I was skeptical of the Donkey Kong stunt show but that was a BLAST to read! It is such a crazy idea and yet you really make it work.​
  • The Tron streetmosphere show is a great way to add more energy to the land!​
  • 12 characters might be slightly overkill, but it is a great list and all well chosen! I would love a PacMan M&G!​
  • Arcade Hero is a really fun idea for a special event!​
  • The mix between large and small scale projection shows scattered throughout really gives the land a TON of energy and I just adore the ideas here! Really fantastic entertainment in this land!​
Overall, this is an incredibly creative and unique land overflowing with energy and personality! It feels like nothing else out there while still feeling possible! The only real "issue" is that the dining and entertainment and general land details kind of outshine the rides themselves. Which is a minor problem of course, but when the teams are all coming out swinging with incredibly high level work these kinds of minor nitpicks can make the difference. Whoever wins you should be incredibly proud of creating one of the most original projects I've ever seen and putting your all into finding ways to improve it at every step of the way!


  • I love the Kingdom Hearts fake out so much lol​
  • The flashy, colorful sci-fi city might not be the most outside the box idea but it is a GREAT way to tie together a lot of dissparete IPs into a cohesive land and that is exactly what you did. You kept the land simple so the ride and characters could shine. What feels in many ways like the exact opposite approach Power took. They had the land and built what themed/rides they wanted from that. You looked at what you wanted to do and found a simple framing device to tie it together. But I don't mean to undersell the smart choices you made with the division of the districts.​
  • Very nice map. It is simple and easy to read with some nice visual flourishes.​
  • The Futuristic Time Square vibe of the City Center and the Tower is great! Overwhelming in the best way and would add a lot of energy to the land. I really like how it wasn't all just for show though with things like wait times and weather in the mix helping these signs be practical as well as fun.​
  • The Mega Man ride is an amazing use of the Spider-Man ride tech and a great evolution of it! The ride vehicle art is amazing! I love the pun with the museum name! This is all the right kind of cheesey fun and I love it! This is a clear passion project labor of love and a stand out for the stanza as a whole!​
  • The Fastpass Center is a really cute, simple way to tie it into the ride.​
  • I appreciate the subtle way the queue for the Strider show explains the concept since I've never actually heard much about Strider. The stunt show was really fun and well done. I like how you kept it general enough to not alienate non-fans and made something really great and exciting!​
  • The Auto Mart is a fun exit gift shop. The animatronic Auto is a really nice touch.​
  • The Shibuya store is a really great homage not just to Jet Set but to the J-Punk style that is popular in games.​
  • The Hungry Hanar is a nice, solid addition.​
  • The Industrial District is cool, but that darker theme might have been better tucked in the back with the City Center up front in the center. But that's not a huge deal.​
  • I know there was a lot of discussion about having a more mature IP like Doom in the park. It definitely is a thin line. I don't think there is an issue with mature IP, but the execution of it maybe needed to be toned down slightly. Putting "hell" in the title might have been a bad start for a Disney ride lol. But aside from the maturity pushing the limits a bit, this is a really fun ride! I don't know a lot about Doom, but this sounds like a super exciting and crazy coaster that I really love!​
  • The Portal ride is a lot of fun! I feel like it could have been streamlined a bit and maybe a bit more focused instead of covering all of Portal 2, but I don't know what I'd cut because the ride has an amazing sense of flow to it and the scenes are all amazing and charming. It really captures the fun and intensity of the games!​
  • The Pikmin training lab is such a fun idea and a great interactive game! Might run into capacity issues like the lazer tag in Power's project though. But this is such a great high tech attraction! And as someone who doesn't know much about Pikmin you did a great job setting the scene and making it accessible!​
  • The WarioWare teacups ride is a lot of fun and a nice solid addition. It adds a nice touch of humor to the flat ride concept giving it a unique style.​
  • Both the Portal and Pikmin shops are fun additions. Nothing standout but nice simple shops to round out the land.​
  • Pikmin smoothies is super fun and a nice variety to the snacks available.​
  • I would've like a biiiittt more to the area description for the Spaceport section. But it does a good job describing how the rides connect!​
  • A Star Fox version of Smugglers Run is an absolute slam dunk and I adore it! I would've liked a slight bit more about the ride experience itself though. You did a lot of great groundwork for the ride system and how it worked, but all I know about the ride itself is that it has multiple endings. Although I understand the difficulty in describing something so interactive.​
  • The Metroid attraction is a FANTASTIC evolution Poseidon's Fury and a really great and unique experience! There are maybe some capacity issues with how small the groups are, though it does make the experience better and more personal. This perhaps pushes the bounds of realism in a few places. But with a few tweaks for practicality this would be one of the best theme park experiences in the world! I love how this attraction (and the land as a whole really) does such an incredible job putting guests right into the action and feeling truly interactive and immersive!​
  • Dancing is always a great theme for flat rides. I have no clue what Space Channel 5 is, but it sounds fun and high energy! For something so based around music it would have been nice to include one of the songs in your presentation. But even without it the ride sounds like a blast!​
  • Galaxy Gifts is a nice, simple addition. Mario has a pretty big presence in Questland, but this is small scale and unique enough that works as a great compliment to it! And the Toad ships are a really fun and neat way to add some color to the land.​
  • Skeld Cafe is a surprising stand out here! I'm glad you did decide to include Among Us and while the ride idea was very solid I think the restaurant is so unique and creative it just works amazingly well! Definitely made the right call here! The menu is both great visually and great content. The gameplay is fantastic and simple! At first I was skeptical about blending interactive games with a dining location, but so much thought and care was put into this that it just works so well! And again, speaks to the dedication to interactivity and immersing guests in the story and world themselves.​
  • A conclusion is always nice to help keep the project from ending too suddenly. Even just a one line thing.​
Overall, the rides here are all stand outs with so many incredible concepts coming together! There aren't as many plusses like songs and merch and recipes and trash cans and etc as the other teams in this presentation and the land itself is a it simple. But nearly every ride, shop, and restaurant feels like a passion project and full of innovative ideas! The parts are better than the whole, but the "parts" are incredible! Whatever happens, this team should be incredibly proud. You created something that in most previous seasons would have been an easy win. It's just that the bar has been raised so high this season that nothing is guaranteed lol. I know I've gone back and forth myself writing these reviews a few times.

  • HOLY CRAP THAT VIDEO! I believe that was DDad, Space, Tegan, and Lora each doing part of it? Absolutely one of the best video presentations I've seen and just astounding work!​
  • I hate using Wix because it is so much more complicated and difficult, but there is no denying that the results are amazing! The smart phone gimmick is so fun and clever! The music throughout is great (And the abundance of original music is astounding!!!). Overall just an incredibly strong presentation!​
  • Maps are simple and clear while still fitting the style of the old park map which I appreciate.​
  • I love how much thought went into transitions here! I was skeptical how you land would blend together with Metroid next to Yoshi. But it really has a smooth flow to it going from Future City to Metroid to Pikmin to DK to Yoshi to Questland! And it is clear how much thought and effort helped make that flow happen.​
  • Yoshi's Island as a tiny indoor area is a great way to escape the weather and really go all in on the series unique visual style. A fun little sub-land!​
  • The Odyssey Carousel is a fun replacement for the old Yoshi carousel. Nice touch.​
  • The art for the ride vehicle is a real stand out part here, but the whole thing is pretty fantastic! Charming and simple, yet still properly grand and exciting!​
  • The Kamek kid coaster is a fun touch. So is the egg scramble and the play pit! These individual elements don't stand out, but they come together to make a really great low key sub-land with a fun variety to it!​
  • Again, the original music throughout is fantastic!​
  • METROID! I've only played Super Metroid myself but I loved the game and it has such a great sense of atmosphere and creative visuals that it is a natural fit for theme parks! I'm not going to go too in depth on this review because this one aspect is almost the length of the entire rest of the project lol. Also, if I went point by point I'd basically just be saying "cool" over and over haha.​
  • I was super skeptical of how this would fit into the land. You guys were still debating on what land to do and then before it was even decided there was an Animal Crossing Hotel and a Metroid ride already mostly completed lol. I was really worried early on, but you do a great job blending this with a really smooth transition to the rest of the land and keeping it all feeling cohesive.​
  • A faster paced shooter ride (But not unrealistically fast) is a great pitch and the arm canons really help set it apart. This might be a longer write up, but it never felt long reading it. It is definitely a darker ride, but I don't think it quuuiiiittteee ever crosses the line to being too dark for Disney/Nintendo, but it definitely pushes the line and creates a really unique and intense experience. You manage to go big without ever being unrealistic and created something truly special here.​
  • My only concern is actually the same as Mind's Metroid attraction. Capacity. Only 4 people per car is better for immersion, but for something that starts and stops like this it would lead to HUGE wait times. A few more people per car might have been a worthy sacrifice to avoid 5 hour waits. But the queue is cool enough to entertain guests as they wait. Plus, realism and capacity is mostly nitpicking stuff. I probably wouldn't even bring it up if this wasn't such an incredibly evenly matched round that small stuff and nitpicks might wind up being deciding factors.​
  • Describing the shop layout and connected restrooms are both very nice touches and show just how detailed your thoughts here are.​
  • The ropes course is a fantastic addition and based on my meager knowledge of Pikmin that is a great outside the box yet fitting choice for it! I love the realistic touches with the ability to change routes midway through if it gets too intense and the return times for waiting! I love how simple, charming, and atmospheric the storytelling is here. Ropes course projects (the few I've seen) usually try to lean heavily into the adventure and action and excitement side of it, but this feels like just a pleasant time exploring alongside the Pikmin. A really nice vibe.​
  • The DK Rap is something I had memorized at one point as a young kid who grew up with that game so seeing a dance prty based around it makes me happy lol. I could see this adding a lot of goofy fun and energy to this section of the land. Lots of fun!​
  • The Fastpass Kiosks being Video Game Console logos and scattered throughout the park is super fun! Might not always blend the best into the surrounding lands, but they would easily become recognizable and fun landmarks throughout Digital Kingdom!​
  • Some of the best hand drawn art I've seen for the DK Raft ride!​
  • I think this ride and this write up are just perfection! The ride combines classic Kong game humor translated into some great Davis style theme park gags. The environments are cohesive and not overly complicated. With this being a River Raft there's only so much you can do before it feels bloated and you did an amazing job striking the proper balance! As a HUGE Kong fan this might be my favorite part of the Stanza (though I'm biased). You capture the right tone and translate it to a theme park ride fantastically!​
  • The DK Barrel Blast is amazing too! The kinetics of this going around the mountain and over the River rapids is excellent and adds a LOT to the land as a whole. I love the banana themed seats on the ride vehicles. and the Planet Coaster video is great!​
  • I haven't called them out, but the logos throughout are fantastic!​
  • I love Yoshi's Dino Diner and the menu is beautiful looking!​
  • The Ring Fit restaurant is such a creative and unexpected idea! A healthy eating focused place themed to one of the newer Nintendo IP is really clever. And the thought/effort tha went into the different sections and menus is incredible!​
  • While this isn't exactly "Adventureland," it is nice to see Dole Whip included. A great touch tying it to real life castle parks.​
  • I love the picture of the Kong area on the Shopping page! And Raphael is adorable! You kept the shopping short and sweet which I think is a smart idea. Especially with this being a longer project. It is easy to fall into the trap that every aspect must be a stand out, but sometime a shop is best just being a shop.​
  • The Gallery tab with all the original art is a really great touch and showcases how much you all did! It is missing @Magic Feather's art from the rapids though. I believe everything else is there. I like having this look back.​
  • I will take this opportunity to quickly point out a few minor issues with layout of the site. Metroid is the longest attraction and based on your trailer the "big one." Yet the first app after the maps was the Yoshi subsection. Which is fine, you don't have to start with the biggest ride, you can ramp up to it. But it is a longer, grander write up than the DK coaster that comes after so it isn't building in terms of scale. But that's fine, because you can arrange the project by location and take your guests on a tour through the park in the order guests experience stuff. Except Metroid and Yoshi are on opposite ends with DK between yet the apps go Yoshi, Metroid, DK. And this art tab includes art from the Animal Crossing Hotel which I haven't gotten to yet. There isn't a great flow to the order things are presented on the site. Which isn't a huge issue considering how freaking amazing this presentation is in every other regard, but it is something to keep in mind for future rounds.​
  • The Animal Crossing Resort is fantastic! It kind of doesn't tie into the rest of the land much. It transitions very smoothly, but most of the resort is hidden away. The Grand Californian has large sections on display in the park which adds to the ambience and decor of the land. The Skyline Resort (is that the right name?) from the Live Action Studio land a few stanzas ago helped give the illusion of a cityscape. This resort is mostly off by itself.​
  • That being said, the resort is FANTASTIC! Everything s immaculately planned out and seeing the way this was built and developed with feedback from the whole team and seeing how this grew... It's amazing! The Sims recreations are so good I'd swear they were take from some architect's website or something lol. This is a great, immersive, fun, and unique Animal Crossing Experience while still feeling like a realistic hotel!​
  • The MDE app being broken is a beautiful touch lol​
  • The Stats page is a really good extra touch!​
  • I know Wix is such a pain to work with so I don't want to sound greedy, but I would have loved a Spotify app. this team had so much music by so many people. A tab dedicated to that like you had with art would have been great!​
Overall, a really great land and a REALLY great presentation and write ups! My only complaints is that all Nintendo (And mostly from the extended Mario family) is kind of playing it safe. Plus, the park has a lot of Mario already. But at the same time, this stanza was about using characters and games you would enjoy working with and the fun/passion on display here was phenomenal!!! Whatever happens, you should feel proud. Your work with music, website design, and videos are some of the best I have EVER seen on my entire time here.

Will Team Power's unique and daring land unlike anything seen before win the Stanza?
Will Team Mind's outside the box and eclectic themes for stand out attractions reign supreme?
Will Team Soul's more balanced, all-around project near perfectly presented take the win?

GG, Gamers. GG.

I am super excited to get back to playing again, but I had a blast getting to co-host this section with @NateD1226.
You guys astound (and scare) me with how much the players this season have raised the bar.
I'm exaggerating or just saying it when I say that this is probably the most talented cast I've ever seen on this forum!
Nate's been an absolutely amazing partner and this wouldn't have worked with 'em!
Had a great time working with you, buddy.

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In the Parks
AWWW!!! I love this!!

Dear benevolent SAU overlords,
Can all three projects become part of the park??
There might need to be some minor tweaking to layouts and such for them to all fit together, but other than that I don't see why not! I really mean it when I say all three projects blew me away! And I am sure that whenever the next One Little Spark Competition is (Or the next multiverse bending SA season, whichever comes first lol) we'll return to the Digital Kingdom!

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Very nice map. It is simple and easy to read with some nice visual flourishes.
Thanks, I Know It Has It’s Problems But While This Isn’t An Excuse For Those, I Had Been Working On Imagineering For 2 & A Half Hours When I Finished It & REALLY Couldn’t Be Bothered To Work On It Any Farther
A Star Fox version of Smugglers Run is an absolute slam dunk and I adore it! I would've liked a slight bit more about the ride experience itself though. You did a lot of great groundwork for the ride system and how it worked, but all I know about the ride itself is that it has multiple endings. Although I understand the difficulty in describing something so interactive.
Sorry About The Lack Of Clarity, When I Said The Story Was The Same As Most Star Fox Games I Also Meant That The Ride Itself Is Basically A Combination Of All The Corneria Levels Throughout The Series (But Obviously With Some Theme Park Limits)


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NateD1226's Stanza V Reviews


  • First off, the site looks awesome! The colors and style just pop off the screen!
  • Digital Frontiers was an awesome choice. I really like the 8-bit style choice. It is very cool
  • The music is absolutely wonderful and really captures the essence of the land
  • Having a whole land indoors with projections running constantly is ambitious. However, it’s something fairly new and really is a stand out part of the project.
  • Your Power Play entry is awesome! Such a fun idea.
  • Pac-Man’s Adventure is great! The concept is there and really shows the legacy of Pac-Man. However, there could be some improvement. The writeup has details, but I’m not sure if it’s the right details. I would’ve liked to see this ride more fleshed out with a bit more details to it. Especially since this was your big E-Ticket attraction.
  • Atari Quest is one of the highlights of this project for me. It has a great concept with lots of fun scenes.
  • Outrun is such a fun callback to classic games from the 80s. Having it be an Autopia style ride is awesome. Plus a tour of this awesome land? Sign me up! Minor nitpick, but the formatting of this page could’ve been a little better.
  • Frogger is another great attraction. Let’s just hope the projectors don’t get wet. (kidding, kidding)
  • I was surprised to see Flynn’s Arcade be included! Not against it though. I do love me some classic arcade games.
  • A caterpillar ride?? This land just keeps getting better and better! Centipede was an awesome choice and really compliments the rest of the land really well
  • Having a laser tag experience is very cool. Plus the backstory is very fun and fits perfectly with the laser tag vibe.
  • Tapper’s is another highlight for me. It was a great choice and the detailed menu is great!
  • You can catch me at BurgerTime and Chuck’s Just Desserts because all those food options sound so good!
  • Pac-Man Cafe is another awesome dining option. Those pieces of art look really awesome! I am obsessed with them.
  • All the retail options are great! However, the formatting of the page is not the best.
  • All the entertainment options are great as well! The projection spectacular sounds awesome and visually amazing!
  • Overall, this was an outstanding project. The concept and theme of the land is perfect! Although, there were some issues with the site format and some parts needed more detail so it fully grasped the concept that was being put out. You should be proud! This was some great work!


  • Another Google Site with another awesome pick for a land!
  • Your Future City sounds like another visually amazing land with all the flashing lights and neon colors.
  • City Center sounds awesome! The art you chose to showcase the subland was perfect and really beautiful. Having The Tower be the centerpiece of the land was a great choice and I love how it’s utilized to show stuff about Future City
  • Mega-Man: Museum Menace is such a cool ride! The concept and story is great and you really brought something fun to the table
  • Your FastPass Distribution Center is so cute! Definitely knocked it out of the park with that one.
  • I am sucker for stunt shows so Strider: A Stunt Spectacular made me very happy. It has this thrill that just fits the vibe of your land so well.
  • The shopping and dining for City Center was great! I would’ve loved to see some food pics for The Hungry Hanar though just so it added some more to the page.
  • Industrial District is another awesome sub-land. And again, the art you picked was perfect!
  • Doom: Hell on Earth is a highlight of this land for me. It gives that dark, edgy feel that, to me, fits perfectly into what I think of when I picture the Future City you pitched.
  • Aperture Science Open House is great! Minor nitpick, but I think some better transitions between each paragraph would have made this even better.
  • Pikmin Training Lab is such a fun experience that I would want to do over and over again.
  • Dr. Crygor's Gyro-Generation-o-Tron 3000 is such a nice spin on a teacup ride with a fun story behind it and bright colors. I love it
  • Again, shopping and dining are great, but I would’ve loved to see more from the dining section
  • Spaceport is another awesome land that you created. Maybe a little more of a description of the land itself would have been nice, but the art really gives an idea of the area
  • Star Fox: Warfare On Corneria is a great ride but it needs more. Having the story fleshed out and longer would’ve really helped show the ride at its full potential.
  • Metroid: Darkest Night is very cool and fits Spaceport very well
  • Space Channel 5: Ulala's Swingin Report looks so fun! I have never heard of Space Channel 5 before and the characters look like a weird version of the Among Us characters lmao. The ride itself is great!
  • Galaxy Gifts is a fun addition to the land! It could’ve used just a bit more detail, but it was great!
  • The Skeld Cafe is awesome!! The whole experience you created was very cool and I could see it being a huge hit.
  • Overall, this was an amazing project. One of your best projects in my opinion. Everything worked so well together. Some of the sections could’ve used more detail or plusses (i.e. music, custom art, etc.) for the scale of things that you were proposing, but all the concepts were great.

  • First off, that video is awesome! It was such a great way to start off this project. Honorary Team Soul member, Lora’s BF, should be actually playing this game!!
  • You used Wix!! Such a fun callback to the OG project. Even if that wasn’t your intention, it still loved that Wix was used lmao
  • Jungle of Pixels was a great choice and I was really excited to see what IPs you would pick
  • I really liked the map section. Once again, beautiful maps from Team Soul. The description that went with was great and really showcased your project as a whole. I really like whenever a project does that as it gives me more excitement for what I am about to read.
  • Yoshi’s Island is so fun! The music picked for this section was awesome. I was tapping my foot while reading the project lol
  • The small things that mention Questland like Odyssey Carousel really capture the effort put into making it as realistic as possible and not have any repeats
  • Yoshi’s Story is a very fun addition to the wonderful lineup. Plus it’s an aerial ride, so it’s already one of my favorite things from this land!
  • Kamek’s Koopa Loopa is a perfect ride for this subland and I think compliments all the other rides really well. This goes the same for the two smaller experiences.
  •!!!! What an incredible, thought out ride!
  • I was a bit worried when Metroid came up as I didn’t think it was the most reasonable pick for Jungle of Pixels. However, you proved me as I think it fits perfectly!
  • If I had to nitpick with the Metroid ride, I don’t think the shooter/coaster idea was the best idea. Plus, the capacity issue was fixed, but I think it is still just a little low. However, this doesn’t bring down how awesome this ride is! Amazing work!
  • Pikmin: Trail of Hope is so fun! I really like the peacefulness aspect of it. It is something added to the land that is simple, yet so effective on grasping the concept of your version of Jungle of Pixels.
  • Donkey Konga Dance Party sounds like a blast! Dance pirates are always fun
  • The FastPass kiosk is not my favorite out of the project. It felt a little disconnected with your land. I would’ve loved to see it more themed focused on the Jungle of Pixels vibe.
  • Donkey Kongo River Run is another great ride in the land. It has so many cool aspects to it and really uplifts the idea of a raft ride.
  • Donkey Kong Barrel Blast was an absolute joy to read! I really liked the story that was incorporated into the writing and not just describing the attraction
  • Planet Coaster, Planet Coaster everywhere. I really loved all the Planet Coaster additions. Team Power has some competition in that department now!
  • I really loved all the dining options in your land. There was something for everyone which is really nice. Making sure everyone feels included when they go to a theme park is so important.
  • The shopping area is sweet and simple! But where is my Let’s Get Digital shirt??
  • The Animal Crossing hotel is awesome! It goes above and beyond. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t tie into the land as well as the other things, but I think it does a good job. There are a little that could use some changing to help it better fit into the land, but it still is an amazing resort
  • The stats page is great! Lovely addition that I think every project should have from now on.
  • Before I wrap it up, I wanted to say how amazing all the music and art was. It added a lot to your project and made the whole thing feel very alive.
  • Overall, this was an amazing project! Lots of great plusses and amazing concepts. I have almost no critiques! It’s that amazing. You should be extremely proud of yourselves.

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  • I was super skeptical of how this would fit into the land. You guys were still debating on what land to do and then before it was even decided there was an Animal Crossing Hotel and a Metroid ride already mostly completed lol. I was really worried early on, but you do a great job blending this with a really smooth transition to the rest of the land and keeping it all feeling cohesive.​
  • A faster paced shooter ride (But not unrealistically fast) is a great pitch and the arm canons really help set it apart. This might be a longer write up, but it never felt long reading it. It is definitely a darker ride, but I don't think it quuuiiiittteee ever crosses the line to being too dark for Disney/Nintendo, but it definitely pushes the line and creates a really unique and intense experience. You manage to go big without ever being unrealistic and created something truly special here.​
This is all I wanted to hear. Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! 💜

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Star Fox: Warfare On Corneria is a great ride but it needs more. Having the story fleshed out and longer would’ve really helped show the ride at its full potential.
Okay So I’m Gonna Try To Justify This, In The SA6 Round Where Team Tomorrow Made Kirby One Of The Critiques Was That It Wasn’t Open Enough To Newcomers To The Franchise, So I Thought That I’d Keep To A Very Base Level Star Fox Story That Doesn’t Rely On Every Guest Either Having To Have Knowledge Of The Game Series Already Or Having To Listen To Peppy Hare Explain The Entire Plot Of The Franchise In The Pre-Show, But Instead A Ride That’s Set-Up Is A Basic “Good Guys Fight Bad Guys In Space”, Which Will Be More Enjoyable If You’re A Star Fox Fan, BUT Will Still Be Enjoyable To Everyone Else Anyway.

Tegan pilots a chicken

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  •!!!! What an incredible, thought out ride!
  • I was a bit worried when Metroid came up as I didn’t think it was the most reasonable pick for Jungle of Pixels. However, you proved me as I think it fits perfectly!
Thanks, Nate! That was the challenging part but luckily the environments of the games lend themselves well to a “jungle” themed area!


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Stanza V Results


Team Power

There were some great concepts and amazing plusses, however some of the rides fell a little flat and needed more detail

Team Mind

This was a great land with so many great concepts! There just needed to be a little more detail and plusses that would've made this project even better

Team Soul

There were so many things to love about this project! The music, the rides, everything! One of your best projects by far! Great work!

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