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The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Season 7: Fantasmic Journeys [CONCLUDED!]

Pi on my Cake

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Hello, I'm Mr. Snrub, someone that you've totally never met before. Here's my completely original and unique Scott Pilgrim project.

My review:
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Coming to Universal Studios Florida in 2012
An Epic of Epic Epicness
Scott Pilgrim Vs the Universe: A Punk Rock Opera


"I call this punk rock opera based on my life: Scott Pilgrim Vs the Universe" - Scott
*Everyone groans*
"Vs the Universe? Really, Scott? It was like 7 people but every time you tell the story you make it bigger. First it was Vs the League. Then vs the country. Then the world. And now Universe?" - Stephen Stills
"Scott, if your life had a face I would punch it" - Kim Pine

There will be more details on the individual songs later, but here is the full Original Cast Album to listen to while reading through the Playbill.

Enjoy the Playbill for the production!

Here is a detailed look at the Soundtrack!

"Hug Bomb?"

  1. Scott is Dating a High Schooler - Ensemble
    • A fun opening number that jumps between his dates with Knives and his friends teasing him. Introducing the cast and the tone well.
  2. Dreaming of a Dreamy Dream Girl - Scott Pilgrim
    • A Short, simple song of Scott zoned out talking about his dream of Ramona unaware of everything else going on.
  3. Bread Makes you Fat? - Scott & Ramona
    • A quirky, fun, simple song that is dialogue heavy with simple instrumentation showing Scott and Ramona on their first date. Including a bridge where Ramona lists all the types of tea to a shocked Scott Pilgrim who thought there was only one type of tea and is positive she is making them up.
  4. Knives is Fine - Knives Chau
    • A short song that is mostly just a bass solo showing Knives cutting and dying her hair, arming herself, and dressing for battle. A clear sign that she isn’t “fine” like Scott thinks.
  5. Ballad of the Evil Exes - Ensemble
    • A long song with a few different styles throughout mostly focused on fun fight scenes and effects.
  6. Her? - Scott, Ramona, Roxie
    • This song is the battle between Scott & Ramona vs Roxie. It eventually leads into a bit of an argument between Scott & Ramona over how little about herself she tells Scott.
  7. Battle of the Bands - Hug Bomb (Legal made use change it)
    • This song is the battle against the twins and is more or less just the band battling through music.
  8. The Power of Love - Scott, Ramona, Knives, Gideon
    • Scott uses the Power of Love to fight Gideon in this upbeat action song that quickly turns dark and somber when the way he mistreated Knives/Ramona by not breaking up with Knives before dating Ramona comes out. And then Gideon kills him.
  9. The Power of Respect - Scott, Ramona, Knives, Gideon
    • Scott uses the Power of Respect to fight Gideon in this upbeat action song that turns triumphant as he finally learns to respect himself and respect the people in his life. Owning up to his mistakes and apologizing.


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