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Team Supers
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First of all, thank you for putting your image at the top as it made it easy for me to find while making the reviews :p

Let's start off with the elephant in the room: activity. This project consisted mostly of work from @spacemt354 and @TwilightZone with little to no work done by the rest of the team. Two people should not be doing the workload of seven people. That being said, the two people made an incredible project.

I really like how you started off your proposal with the three priorities of what to focus on. I think all three priorities are very reasonable and realistic with the enhanced capacity the one that I think would make the land refurbishment the most successful.

I love the classic Spacemt354 map that I've grown to know over the last 18 months. It's a simple map, yet very effective in getting the point across!

Perfect Park Acres
The simple little entrance area here. On the map, it is called the New Entrance Plaza so I am guessing the name just changed but I understand that could've just got mixed up in the confusion that is so few of you working on the final product. I like the idea of the Viewliner second floor to increase the capacity of the area. I like the idea of the open picnic areas up there but not 100% how I feel about the Food & Wine Festival carts. Are they futuristic themed? DCA has it's own mini-version of the Food & Wine festival so would it be moving to a more temporary spot up here?

Lastly, I love the name of the Viewliner as a small reference to one of, if not the, shortest-lived attractions in Disneyland history!

The Progress Pavilion
My first problem comes with the height. 67 feet is about 20.5 metres. With Sleeping Beauty's Castle and Space Mountain right there at 23 metres I am not sure how I feel about three buildings so close together similar in height. Pass that, I love the idea of re-using the original Land Pavilion design (I am pro-Tony Baxter so anything with that is a win) and I feel like it fits best in Tomorrowland if not for the Land Pavilion.

I really enjoyed the story behind the Rendevous River but am a little confused as a lot of time and effort was put into the "past" events of the attraction, but the present and future were just skipped entirely for attraction statistics (although I do love those).

Nothing fancy to say about Percival's Potables as it's just a simple quick service to round out the pavilion. Overall, a solid pavilion I just would've liked a bit more when it came to the Rendevous River details.

The Institute of Technology
Needs more, know you ran out of time with only two of you.

Gardens of Innovation
Ran out of time here in a few places including "The tea from the flowers can be enjoyed at the Big Hero 6 restaurant (name not final). " but overall I think this is a very good project. Works perfectly replacing Pixie Hollow. I like the idea of the fibre optics as they step and I imagine almost what happens in Pandora at night and that would be absolutely beautiful. A small little detail that definitely goes a long way!

A quick little write-up for something that I was hoping would be so much more! It's definitely bold to use an IP from 12 years ago that a lot of people might not recognize right away and I am not sure how I feel about it. I like the idea of tweaking the Space Mountain story to be more "action-packed" and I think "The Future" Inserted" just takes us back to Innoventions. I was hoping for a bit more than a M&G with the characters of the film too.

I thought this section had some potential early on and then just fell flat.

Festival of the Future
Simple nighttime event, love the idea and think it could be really successful!

Renovating The Classics
Thank you for not doing the obvious here and making the sponsor Tesla. I am a big fan of all of the references to past attractions on the ride and the controllable aspects such as the Phantom boats in the queue. It's the little details that add up for sure!

I find it interesting to bring back the original subs but it makes sense when you explain it as designing new double-decker subs to increase capacity.

I knew as soon as the bench got snapped you would try and bring it back and I am glad you wasted no time there!

I think there were some very good aspects of this refurbishment, but I also know it could've been better with more than just two of you doing a majority of the work. If this team stays around, more work will need to be done by other players.​


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Team Princes
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Thank you again for including your logo! You are spoiling me! I already love that you included reading music as it is the best way to do reviews (although longer than 3:05 would've been appreciated ;)).

First of all, I open the site and WOW! It is the Disneyland website. This is amazing! I love that the first thing I see when I enter into Tomorrowland is the map. Allows me to visualize the land as I am reading through it. I wish at the bottom of the intro page there was a "continue" button to easily move on to the city tab but I digress.

Time to restart the reading music

The City
I like how you break down the map to include all of just this area. It is very helpful for me to understand the exact area we are talking about when it's all I can see.

I'll be honest, I am confused about how Dreamflight fits into all of this. I get it's fun to have the attraction replace what replaced it in WDW all those years ago but it just feels out of place. You describe how Tomorrowland as "In this bustling spaceport, rockets launch to space regularly, and time travel is as easy as regular travel. You can explore undersea cities, try out hovercars and UFOs, and even join the fight against fearsome foes unlike anything ever seen before at Disneyland!". Then the first attraction you read is about aviation from the 20th century. While I love the attraction stand-alone, in your description of Tomorrowland it just feels out of place.

I like the name of the Trimaxion Transportation Authority as so wittingly abbreviated to TTA. But I am conflicted on the rest of it. I really like the idea of the attraction, I feel like it is an odd IP that works perfectly for the land, and the theme you were going for. But more effort was put into the queue than the attraction itself. Don't get me wrong, I love queues and you definitely need queue details in a D/E-Ticket queue, but you need the ride details to match that. The ride description just felt rushed to me.

Crazily enough, The Mysterious Galaxy is my favourite attraction in The City. I love the idea of having this be a way for people to experience Space Mountain who might not be quite ready (or able) to experience it otherwise. It's a smart use of a space that otherwise can be wasteful and allows for guests of all ages to experience it. This attraction was very video heavy (nothing wrong with that) but a minor note is one video further down covered about half of the paragraph.

Both Club Cosmic and the Starliner look like great replacements for the current dining options and I would definitely be going to the Starliner if it existed. That being said, the last paragraph about how the restaurant looked would have been much more useful at the beginning of the write-up as I was very confused if this restaurant was indoors or outdoors.

Two Simple gift shops, nothing fancy to write here!

I find the idea of the TRON canopy quite interesting. It definitely makes a clear cut at where the "Expo" section of Tomorrowland is. Again, like that the map only shows the "Expo" part to make it clear.

For the Gigantic Garden Breakout, there's a large tree that has broken through the top of a building that is more sleek and modern? While being under a canopy? I don't know how that'd look and if it'd keep the theme or look too busy. Getting into the attraction itself, I quite enjoy the Forest Floor Chamber and the "Forget-Me-Knotholes". It definitely had me laughing up a storm over here. I also loved the giant Venus Flytrap plant from Piranhax in the Alpha Centauri but was disappointed its name was Gertrude and not Audrey II ;)

I know we said to go all out with this project but I am kind of having a problem with two massive AA's in one ride (especially an Omnimover) in Gertrude and George. That just doesn't feel realistic to me in a "blue sky" way. I am also confused by George's escape as that is a very E-ticket Dark Ride like escape and not one that would be easily looped through on an Omnimover.

Overall, I liked the attraction and the touching moment at the end with the final tree being George I just feel this was an E-ticket attraction that was forced down to a C-Ticket Omnimover and kind of hurt the overall attraction because of it. Because it was clear that the "Expo" section of Tomorrowland focused on research, this fits the land quite nicely!

I love this hover car idea! It's a great way to replace Autopia without going the obvious route. But you mentioned something even more important than that: the PeopleMover tracks would be rebuilt, not replaced. It is SO important that you mentioned it as that is a huge bonus in realism for this project! (It is such an important detail you mentioned it twice ;) )

It is very bold to remove the Monorail track from going around the Matterhorn as that is such an iconic photograph...

For the Synthetic Scientist I feel like a paragraph is missing. It starts off with "On the inside, it is a whole new experience." making it feel like we are missing the description of the outside. Nevertheless, I quite enjoy the idea of this attraction. I think that Black Holes are still very dangerous and unknown and an attraction like this teaches gusts what is known about black holes and how research is still going on to figure out more information.

I feel like the Aqua Inc. Seabase had great potential I just needed a little bit more there. So I am taking a sub underwater but then once I get to a certain point I get out of the sub into a hidden underground play area? Where do they get out? How is it a seamless transfer out of the sub without having massive backups?

In the Expo Dining, it is mentioned that the Coral Reef is being added but I don't see it anywhere on the map. Is it going to be above the water? Is it in the Seabase?

Simple gift shops, nothing more to say!


Air and Space safety defence. A very nice addition that I admittedly had not thought of as a direction this could go but I quite like how you did it.

Makes sense to mover the Astro Orbiter out of the previous spot and here makes sense! Much more sense than the City or Expo section so great choice!

The Hovercycles is a good attraction! I like that it is going to use a similar style of Flight of Passage considering how successful FoP is, it makes sense to duplicate it elsewhere. The attraction itself took a turn I wasn't expecting when it came to who guests would see along the way but I wouldn't want it to be anybody else! I think they are great characters to use! It'd be a great attraction if done properly and it definitely started off on the right foot going the FoP way.

The Junior Rangers Playground is a great touch to make sure that attractions for younger guests can be found throughout all of Tomorrowland.

I like the "Space Rangers Need You" show as it feels like a nice update to the "Jedi Training Academy" show and who doesn't want to be a Space Ranger???

The UFO experience feels like a nice flat ride to round out the rest of the land. Some repetition happened in back to back paragraphs about how many people can sit in one vehicle but otherwise it was a simple, and clear, write-up.

Last thoughts about this page include the fact that a couple of images cover parts of paragraphs so one last scroll though would've help the final image.

Cadet Canteen looks good! Can never go wrong with a futuristic milkshake!

Love the idea of offering unique pieces of merchandise in the Trasure from beyond store as you know if it is the right item, people will pay crazy amounts of money for it!

Map/ Construction Timeline
The map as the last page is a beautiful way to end the project as it's a nice little refresher of how the whole land looks together. Having a construction timeline as well was very helpful as it added to that realism sense to know that it would open in phases, and phases that made sense!

All in all, this was a very good project with just a couple of formatting issues and design choices that could pull this project back. This is a very good project but you always have to be ready with your A game and it may, or may not be enough.


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Team Warriors
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Team logo at the start here as well! Love having veterans who know better than I did and included the team logos :hilarious:

To start off, the team dynamic. The best way I can describe this as is organized chaos. It worked this round (although became very tight towards the end) but you may not be as lucky in the future. Just because you hit 50+ pages of messages doesn't mean anything if the final product doesn't match that. I think this team has a lot of potentials to go quite far but to be as successful as you possibly can, the communication needs to improve so there is not as much confusion later on.

Moving into the project now, I love the letter to Iger (makes sense since you can no longer Tweet him...) as it reminds me of Team Brava's Challenge 1 last season with the letter leading to the website. It's a clean way to present it and is very effective in my opinion.

And then we open the PDF to be instantly wowed by @MonorailRed 's amazing map!!! It looks incredible! And then we see that the PDf has 39 pages (better than the 74 from Team Castle) :bookworm: and no reading music!

I like the information in the overview of why you went the way you did. It is very nice to see the thought process you had on why Discoveryland worked and why Tomorrowland: Gateway to our Future (TGtoF) will work.

I think doing a full closure of Tomorrowland make sense in this case but one of the sentences in the logistics page is really standing out to me. "In fact the scale of the project is so large that only three of the Original Tomorrowland Attractions will survive the remodel: Space Mountain, Disneyland Monorail, and the Disneyland Railroad." Of those three, only the Disneyland Railroad was an original Tomorrowland attraction. But more great art by @MonorailRed :jawdrop:

Rocket Prams
@englanddg got into your head here. But I must say, even with that, I love this so much! Stroller parking in Tomorrowland is a big pain in the butt and having underground "storage" is an amazing solution to that problem. I have never been sold on something so "small" like this before!

Before getting any further I realized there is one key thing missing that would push this over the top" labels on the map. It's an absolutely beautiful map but without the labels, I have no idea what any of these new buildings are.

Atomic Lounge
"Over its forty year life span, the Tomorrowland Spaceport as server as a vital lifeline Tomorrowland Space Port has served as a vital lifeline for the City." Some extra time at the end to re-read over somethings would've been handy for sentences like this. The sudden mention of the lounge being located on the second floor had thrown me off until I realized where exactly you meant and then the entire lounge made more sense. That being said, I love the inclusion of the menu right into the PDF!

Astro Orbiters
I LOVE the location that was chosen for where the Astro Orbiter is moving to. Had I been playing instead of hosting, this is where I would've moved it as well. I enjoy the updates to the loading of the attraction as well but that being said, the queue for the attraction seems extremely complex for a basic flat ride. The queue for the Astro Orbiter is simple currently because it never gets long enough that it needs to be anything more.

Time Machine!
Another team with a TTA reference? Still, I love it! The introduction scene feels very much like a re-use of the opening Star Tours scene where we are flying away while being shot at for having a Rebel Spy, in this case, it's just an unsafe time machine. Of the first four possibilities, I like the Age of the Dinosaurs the most. It feels like a classic time travel destination. On the flip side, I am not sure how I feel about the Greece destination. It started off strong to then fall flat with the "time machine is no longer working due to being underwater but now that we just got saved it's working again so we can escape". Of the second four possibilities, I think all are very strong! They all have great stories and include nice details from that time (The enlightenment not sure about God so it could be from nature instead). I think I would have to go with Chicago though because with that baseball reference it was such an iconic decade for baseball in Chicago. Such a harsh third jump here. You get WWI or robot alien takeovers. I'll take neither, please o_O Lastly, the conclusion jump. A nice, Utopian future ending. The perfect ending and a great place to jump to from the rough previous spot. Really gives it a nice night and day contrast. Overall, a very fun attraction even though it is just a Star Tours re-theme.

Robot Factory
I love this idea. I would definitely be there the first day if something like this existed. A build-your-own lightsaber, but better? Sign me up! There is really nothing more to say here other than I definitely want this to happen.

Always an easy blurb to bring back this attraction. Like I mentioned in Team Princes review, something they did that was really nice is emphasized that the track would have to be rebuilt since it 100% does. I wasn't expecting it, but it is certainly a nice detail that they noticed to add in.

All out Monster Attack!
I'll be honest, off the bat I am not sure how I feel about this attraction. The little introduction on why the 50's B-movies are so important, however, instantly sold me. And then I instantly got lost again. There is a lot happening here. Is it a simulator ride or a dark ride or something in between? Are all of these monsters screens, AA's, a mix of both? I imagine ones like Godzilla are going to be an AA but to get his true height how big is this show building going to be? Using so many large monsters instantly through off the scale of the attraction for me.

The Gardens
Love the idea of an eco-friendly restaurant and that is something that was wanted in the '50s and seen now so it works on both fronts!

Big Hero 6 Inventarium
Love the idea of a Hiro and Baymax 4D show! This is a really fun and simple attraction that could be a lot of fun for people of all ages! I mean, who doesn't love a few cheap 3D tricks here and there?

World of Tomorrow
The big boy attraction. All the marbles are on this. Taking out The Subs and Autopia is bold. But with both of those being removed, the supports for the Monorail would've needed to be moved as well to be better supported and I believe @Voxel mentioned that so it was definitely a known issue by the team. I love the idea of bringing back the House of the Future as in the '50s, the WAS the future. From there, I like the name of the ride vehicles be a tribute to the legendary EPCOT attraction (just after the 20th anniversary of being closed). I'm assuming the image of the vehicle and the Matterhorn way back up in "Logistics" is the Horizons 3000 ride vehicle? It would've been helpful to have a reference image here as the whole dome concept gets mention out of nowhere as if it was a known thing. With the attraction starting, I do like that it starts with Walt Disney's dedication speech of Tomorrowland. It is the perfect way to start the attraction.

As I got deeper into the attraction it was feeling really familiar to me... Future farming, underwater exploration... It was the first half of Horizons just re-done nowadays. I'll admit there were other parts added to it such as the beach scene or the whale, or the forest but calling the vehicles Horizons 3000 and then starting with the future farming just felt very Horizons-heavy to me.

The Shop of Tomorrow
Beautifully themed shop. Nothing wrong with always being on time!

This team has a lot of potential. I think they can be even better than Team brava was last year. But you NEED to communicate more. It can't be 50 pages with 10 of those being "are we doing x or y? I thought x. I thought y.". That'll just drain out your entire team. Having more time at the end to do a final read-through for grammar/ spelling errors would also be a huge step for this team.


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D Hindley
Team Supers


One thing I’d like to say upfront about Team Supers’submission: 90% of it is the creation of two players. That might be low-balling it. @spacemt354 and @TwilightZone created the vast, vast majority of this proposal, from brainstorming to final presentation. I’m not sure exactly what kept your teammates from contributing more – ennui, intimidation, schedule conflicts – but you need to communicate these problems with your fellow Supers. When 2-3 people are handling a challenge workload intended for 7, that’s gonna burn them out. You can’t coast on others’ work in this game. Let this be a HUGE wake up call to Supers’ less-active players!

That being said…the work on display here is very impressive. That credit goes to the players I’ve already name-dropped. Well done! Curiously, there’s an advantage to fewer active players – it’s easier to create a cohesive Tomorrowland. Disneyland’s real Tomorrowland really suffers from a lack of vision, trying to be a sci-fi Fantasyland, a retro future, and true futurism all at once. I love your attempt to hone in on utopian futurism. That approach is nicely aware of Walt’s history with Disneyland, and your ideas restore Tomorrowland to its original intentions while making it feel updated. Kudos on the cohesion. Opening with a clear mission statement colors everything to come.

There’s a lot of EPCOT Center in this redo, which fits the Utopian tone. It is a wise choice given Disneyland’s unique history and Galaxy’s Edge nearby. A few bits of Florida nostalgia might not play as strongly in California. Still, Disney likes to clone, and a successful Anaheim Tomorrowland could even later benefit Epcot.

Perfect Park Acres – Good call on bringing more green space to Tomorrowland. Compared to the rest of this mature park, the east side sure feels sterile. The international venues are neat, though this present day World Showcase touch feels a little random in an area which is more Future World.

I’d like to know a little more about the ViewLiner. Is this a walkway created from the old PeopleMover platforms? Something else? With more players constantly active, details like this can be spotted and developed.

I love the Progress Pavilion! It’s my favorite thing in this proposal. The greenhouse structure would be iconic and inviting, a far cry from the flat featureless buildings there now. Hopefully the greenhouse interior wouldn’t heat up too much in the sun.

Looking at the pavilion’s features…Down to Earth is a good use of IP (WALL-E) to complement the land’s themes rather than distract from them. I question how popular a 15-minute AA show would prove with locals; Disneyland’s guests tire of shows more quickly than guests at the other resorts. (I’ve even heard real Imagineers confirm this truism.) There’s a reason DCA’s Bugs Life show became a permanent preview space before getting shuttered.

Tomorrowland is notorious for awful food. Verde sounds like a strong step in the right direction! So too does Percival’s Potables.

For me, The Rendezvous River is the slamdunk of this proposal. You can never go wrong with long, slow boat rides! Putting one in Tomorrowland is a bold move. All the show scenes whet my appetite, particularly the look-in on the Railroad’s dino diorama. Yes, Space! Made just for me? You know I’m an outspoken fan of Disneyland’s dinosaurs. I am intrigued about how the scene would appear from the boats, how the boats would appear from the train. Handled with care, this could be a great way to “plus” an old school Disneyland touch. Though I’d like to see a layout to understand how the boats are getting out there.

Institute of Technology. Better ask your professor for an extension. Incomplete. (Though I’m still unsure of how the Japanese facades would look across from the Progress Pavilion. The Institute of Technology aesthetic seems a far more natural fit for Tomorrowland.)


I think the Gardens of Innovation section could’ve been joined with the Perfect Park Acres description, as they both cover Tomorrowland’s landscaping.

Todayland feels underdeveloped. From the brainstorming, I had reservations about wholly devoting so much of Tomorrowland to the books of William Joyce (though most guests would see it simply as a reference to a one-off gag from Meet the Robinsons). You needed a really careful writeup to “sell” this concept. Claims that the Rocket Jets are “unchanged” are odd considering they are changed – the Astro Orbiter is relocated, rethemed, renamed. The team’s brainstorm included deeper thoughts and justifications for this approach, and they’re missing from the official presentation. You should write assuming we don’t already know your project. That will clarify intentions.

Festival of the Future is a cute dance party thing. Additional details like these are fun.

With so much of the “urban” Tomorrowland thoroughly gutted and remade (an approach I wholeheartedly endorse), I appreciate your minimalist touches to the land’s “green” area. With Renovating the Classics, you’re basically restoring Autopia and Voyage Thru Liquid Space (love that title!) to their Walt-era forms. The modifications help modernize them. I’d like to think this reconstructive approach could work in real life, that the subs could lose Nemo (and any IP) and be embraced by fans. Chapek or Iger would disagree, but luckily they both refused to cohost this season.

Oh hai Majestic Point!

Sorcerer’s Apprentice has a history of elaborate proposal formats. Running against that trend, you stuck with a simple forum post. It’s easy to read, and the simplicity matches the intents of your Tomorrowland. The visuals are a great way to immerse us in your land. I strongly recommend to all players that you use images wisely in the challenges to come, be they homemade artworks or perfect pics found via Google.

The writing is generally simple and unassuming, but not dull. Like Hemmingway, you make your point succinctly and move on. Very easy to read.

Knowing what was discussed in the team PM, this is sadly an incomplete proposal. There were sections other players meant to develop, and they were barely handled. Again, that can’t be the sole responsibility of a few stand-out champions. Next time, inactive players (if there is a next time…), your involvement will be crucial for fleshing things out.​

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Team Princes


The New Tomorrowland

As a team, you are professional and calm. Like, everyone communicated brainstorming ideas clearly without any additional craziness, which lead to a very clean Imagineering process. Everyone was involved, and folks all brought different talents and passions.

Nice simulacrum of the Disneyland website! That grabs the reader’s attention right away. It led to good teamwork too, since everyone completed their write-ups early enough (one day in advance) to allow time for formatting. As Project Manager, @DisneyManOne delineated tasks clearly – with some help from seasoned legends like @Disney Dad 3000 – and that organization shows. I’m aware that you guys worked hard on formatting (I read it on laptop); pictures still cover text on occasion. Other than that, this website’s layout helps me understand the project at a glimpse.

Now, Tomorrowland is a challenging land. You can go sci-fi, retro, Utopian futurist…what matters to me is that your idea is cohesive. Yours is. You’ve gone the sci-fi route, with a bit of the “city of the future” conceit seen in Magic Kingdom. It’s not my favorite approach to the land, but it’s undoubtedly a valid route and it’s something Disney might actually do. You’ve mostly rethemed existing ride systems. Dividing Tomorrowland into districts helps organize thoughts clearly.

Dang, there is a lot of detail to go through! There are multiple complete attraction write-ups, so I’ll only give general impressions. This undersells the effort and quality put into every facet of this project, so don’t worry if I gloss over something you worked hard on. All you Princes among men should stand proud about the quality you’ve delivered right out of the gate! :D

Now let’s proceed to rip these attractions to shreds…


Dreamflight – I know this was a real Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland ride, but I still don’t see how it fits. This ride banks on Magic Kingdom nostalgia, which you’ll find in short supply in Anaheim. Speaking as a Disneyland local, an updated Adventures Thru Inner Space would’ve filled this space better. (BTW, I’m a little saddened that no team attempted Inner Space. :cry:)

Flight of the Navigator

Wow, what an obscure IP! Neat reuse of the Star Tours ride system. There’s a lot of crazy specific stuff in here, like flying past other Tomorrowland attractions or into the Star Wars universe. Seems a little like a grab bag. What is this ride about? Preferably it should have a simple, universal idea like so many Disneyland classics.

Space Mountain is mostly unchanged…which is the correct choice.

The Mysterious Galaxy
Exploring the cosmos, scored by Holst’s Planets? Sold! It’s like an all-access alternative to Space Mountain nearby. A top notch concept slightly hampered by website formatting.

You make no mention of the Disneyland Railroad, nor does your map show any access to the Tomorrowland Station. What gives?


Gigantic Garden Outbreak
This is my favorite thing in your proposal! It’s a totally original idea, totally IP-free and perfectly designed for a goofy sci-fi Tomorrowland. Killer plants is a topic I haven’t seen explored in this format before. It’s universal, distinct, graspable, elaborately detailed, all things I would call a classic like Pirates of the Caribbean. Bravo!

Hover Car Circuit
Take care when replacing Autopia! It’s a 1955 original, its removal would create riots in Anaheim. I mean, it needs improving, certainly! I fear you’re duplicating the conceptual mistake of Rocket Rods, replacing a casual sightseeing ride with a frantic Test Track clone – which would never fit inside the existing PeopleMover building clearances, even with new track. The X-S Tech references seem extraneous.

Changing the Monorail’s route is another potentially controversial move. However, in this case you’ve justified the changes by citing improved kinetics.

The Synthetic Scientist
The Innoventions building is prime real estate for an E-ticket (or part of one). I’m a bit confused that you’re using a Star Tours-style ride system here, with Flight of the Navigator just down the boulevard. Their on-ride stories feel very similar.

Aqua Inc. Seabase
The submarines are hard! Seems you’re reworking them into a variant on Epcot’s Seas Pavilion, complete with a similar restaurant. I suspect using the low-capacity subs as transport could prove unrealistic. I’m reminded of how they planned to use Jungle Cruise to shuttle guests into Indiana Jones Adventure. A neat idea, but impractical.


Astro Orbiter
You’ve addressed every problem with the existing Astro Orbiter. Well done.

Another flight sim? Seems once again we start by flying through Tomorrowland, like the others. Isn’t Flight of Passage a ginormous ride? You’re giving it a fraction of Autopia’s old acreage. I’d like to see some consideration for scale. Prove to your readers that FOP could fit in this spot.

Junior Rangers Playground
This sounds like fun for the younglings. With Pixar Pier in DCA, Buzz feels out-of-place now in Tomorrowland.

UFO Experience
Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree doesn’t need to be cloned into Disneyland.

Dining and retail across the board show more imagination than Tomorrowland’s current offerings. There’s a good balance between ritzy themed dining and Tomorrowland’s traditional unacceptable hamburgers.

I wish there was more careful balance with your attractions. It seems like you threw everything at the wall, cramming Tomorrowland full of as many things as possible. That Autopia area became a whole sub-land (Base), when alternately it could house a single massive E-ticket. There are by my count 3 separate flying simulators, none which really distinguishes itself. There’s thematic redundancy and ride system redundancy. And there’re a lot of height requirements for Disney. My recommendation: List out your attraction menu earlier on and prune it into your best ideas, then develop those.

It seems like I’ve spent my time mostly pointing out flaws. Despite this, your project is staggeringly created. You’re all just capable of more! Take any critiques I make constructively and bring even greater awesomeness next time!​

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Team Warriors


Ah, the crazy team! We’ve seen this brand of barely-contained insanity in Sorcerer’s Apprentice before. I have fond memories of Team Brava triumphing last year with a similar style. (There are some ex-Bravas on Warriors.) It took us a little while to truly gel, and right now you’re undergoing those same growing pains. Your team is filled with stubborn, opinionated iconoclasts, and it’ll take some time to start seeing eye-to-eye. For Tomorrowland, which needs a strong central concept, this scattershot style was sometimes counterproductive. A few players got confused about the team’s goals (as did I), then they did their own thing. In the future, having someone fashion a Mission Statement early on would do wonders to direct your freewheeling nature.

That being said, the only thing that matters is the end result. Your proposal is – to my great delight and shock – the most cohesive of the bunch! Nearly everything feels very deliberately part of a greater unified whole.

Let’s praise the premise first. Brilliant opening statement! You’ve amazingly done two types of Tomorrowland at once, simultaneously reviving Walt’s original mid-century vision while also doing a Discoveryland retro future. This hits my personal sweet spot for what Disneyland’s Tomorrowland ought to be. That 1950s Googie futurism is felt throughout. It’s ironic that the Tomorrowland 1998 revamp was designed specifically to destroy this aesthetic – which was considered outdated at the time – yet today Southern Californian culture as a whole exudes tremendous nostalgia for the Atompunk, Raygun Gothic era. I’m a big fan of details like reviving the Clock of the World! Everything old is new again!

The quality of the writing throughout is excellent. Everyone managed to be evocative, to make me truly feel the texture of this Tomorrowland. @MonorailRed’s artwork somehow is getting more beautiful than ever. I’m jealous. The balance of visuals and verbiage is spot on.

There is only one significant problem with this proposal: I don’t know where some attractions are located. The map is gorgeous, but it isn’t labeled. I’m not sure where the Atomic Lounge goes, for example. It left me slightly befuddled.

However, nice attention to realism with the Logistics section. This wasn’t really needed for this challenge, but it strengthens your ideas.

Rocket Prams
This rose out of a silly joke (a proud Sorcerer’s Apprentice tradition), but it’s actually a really great idea. Tomorrowland is swarming with strollers (er, prams), and any solution is welcome.

Atomic Lounge
The spaceport concept is common in several Tomorrowlands, and you’ve handled it well. I’m reminded of the old Encounters restaurant they had at the LAX Theme Building – it was actually designed by Imagineering. It had a really cool 60s lounge vibe.


Astro Orbiter
Top marks for relocating @AceAstro Orbiter back to its original elevated position. That would’ve been enough, but your queue is just phenomenal. You’ve really evoked the mystique of spaceflight with this pre-mission briefing. I can just imagine walking through the underground tunnel and riding the elevator to the launch platform, dramatic theremin music playing in the background! Wonderful!

Time Machine
This is a wise repurposing of Star Tours. (Incidentally, I love the pure simplicity of your names.) Time travel might be more “sci-fi” than hard science, but it certainly fits your new retro-futuristic vision. The ride-through is thorough and engaging. The randomization is well implemented.

Robot Factory
Build-a-Bot Workshop. This is a cute little thing.

The classic ride has returned. Simple as that. And that’s all we need, this is what locals have missed the most ever since 1998. Whether it’s realistic with modern ADA standards and whatnot, I’ll ignore. I’m just glad it’s back!

All Out Monster Attack!
This was the element of your project I feared the most. There was some confusion over the land’s setting, whether it was set in Walt’s historic 1950s or rather set in the 50’s concept of the future. A dark ride channeling the spirit of cheesy old B-movies is a great idea. This feels like an ambitious misfire. Using all the real vintage movies could be a licensing nightmare, and I think it’d be more fun to spoof them indirectly.

The Gardens
It’s better burgers than Tomorrowland has now. You’ll still find me getting blitzed in the Atomic Lounge.

Big Hero 6 Inventorium
I was looking forward to the expected “Turtle Talk with Baymax” concept. This 4D show is nice as well, it’s a nicely told 4D show, but that’s an attraction type without repeat value. Big Hero 6 feels a bit out-of-place in this Atom Age metropolis, though it would fit a generic Tomorrowland.

World of Tomorrow
And here it is! Tomorrowland 202X’s big cornerstone E-ticket! Every major refurb needs one. It is a bold move to axe Autopia and the subs, but by covering a very Walt-like, EPCOTy topic, you’ve effectively replaced them with something even more fitting. And you’ve maintained their scenic beauty, like the lagoon before the Matterhorn or the rolling green hills. On top of that, the Monsanto House of the Future is back. I approve of this wholeheartedly.

A few topics like the Monorail and Space Mountain are glazed over. You mention that they’re staying. I assume they’ll be getting some minor upgrades.

Re: Format – This PDF feels like a nice step up from the familiar Google Docs. It’s easier to scroll through, and you have better control over design elements like font. The table of contents early on is much appreciated, as is Red’s lovely map. (Map needs labels.)

There are a few attractions which feel a little left field (Big Hero 6, B-movies), but for the most part this is a very coherent and inviting Tomorrowland. I want to go to it. Your largest challenge right now is fine-tuning your teamwork dynamic. The craziness is entertaining, but it’ll tire you out. Fix that, and Team Warriors will be a powerhouse.​


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Tasked with renovating Disneyland's Tomorrowland, Team Supers decided to focus on three priorities in order to assimilate the best possible proposal for the new land.

1. Longevity: Tomorrowland since its inception has been a land destined for constant change. This renovation ensures long-term cohesiveness, with core themes that can be passed on to future generations and iterations.

2. Contemporary Relevance: A healthy dose of nostalgia helps in Walt's park, however making sure this land speaks to the modern day guest is a paramount goal as well.

3. Enhanced Capacity: With the addition of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, a Tomorrowland renovation focused on added capacity to the eastern side of the park, could help facilitate overall crowd dispersion towards an equilibrium.

It's a warm and wonderful California morning in June, as thousands of Disneyland guests, squished in like sardines around the now ominous and foreboding Partners statue, are filled with feverish anticipation for the re-dedication of Tomorrowland.

"I almost canceled my annual pass once they brought out Emperor Zurg at the 2021 D23 convention to tell us Tomorrowland would become Toy Story Land." stated one frustrated guest "however I'm glad they decided otherwise, and I can't wait to see what is in store."

Peaking over the dedication podium and reveal curtain, guests can see the tops of eclectic and colorful facades, towering over the symbolic Disney message: "keep moving forward"

"Here you enter a place where the hopes for a great big beautiful tomorrow are just a dream away. Tomorrowland envisions a global neighborhood of innovation and destinations that unite humanity as we keep moving forward into the future"

With the core values inspired by Walt Disney futurism, the hopeful message that we keep moving forward, and an accessible global community - Tomorrowland has a vision of the future that is relevant to today. With technology and innovation, the world has shrunk and become more accessible to all, and it's our job and the future generations to ensure that the world becomes a better and safer place for all of humankind.

A world of invention, exploration, and discovery.
A world that encourages the pursuit of new technologies and venturing to the far reaches of space or the deepest crevasses of the ocean.
A world of monorails, breezeways, efficient transportation.
A world of connected cultures and cuisines.

All of these aspects contribute to the message of a great big beautiful tomorrow and a new horizon to pursue.


(two outdoor 'picnic' areas along Perfect Park Acres, located by Voyage to Liquid Space and the entrance to the Disneyland Monorail)

As guests veer off the hub and traverse over a quaint bridge built over serene ponds and greenery, you enter the 'Green Belt' of Tomorrowland, dubbed Perfect Park Acres. This title, inspired by previous backstory of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, is a garden belt of that stretches throughout all the walkways of the land.

Gardens bring more life and vibrancy to the land. Disneyland is a 'park' and with Perfect Park Acres we now have a Tomorrowland that seamlessly blends in with the natural aesthetics of Disneyland. A chromatic sign with retrofuturistic lettering welcomes guests into this world of Tomorrow. As soon as guests pass under the sign, an escalator invites them to choose between walking on the ground level and perhaps visiting one of the nearby attraction, or take the scenic Viewliner route, where they can walk on Tomorrowland's 2nd level paths, and get 360 panoramic views of the park.

The Viewliner is also wide enough for open-air benches, and photo-opportunities with Space Mountain and Rocket Jets or the monorail/Matterhorn Disneyland classic image. The multi-level paths down the central spine of Tomorrowland and to its eastern attractions assists in providing added foot traffic for the land and Disneyland as a whole, all while providing a view of the park that hasn't been accessible to guests since the early 2000s.

As mentioned in the image above, rather than having designated shops and eateries along Perfect Park Acres, Tomorrowland will have open breezeways and walk-up internationally themed venues throughout, as well as open picnic areas among the greenery on the ground level. They will provide both shade and sun, as well as some naturalistic D-Zones for capacity throughout the day for the family to come and enjoy a meal from one of the variety of venues. Inspired by the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot, these international venues will rotate through the seasons and include up to 10 nations including cuisine from Japan, Thailand, Greece, France, China, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Switzerland, with up to 3 carts being present per day depending on seasonal crowd volume.​


Entering under the Tomorrowland arch and meandering down the eastern path, guests see an elegant 67 foot tall greenhouse structure on their right side, where Star Tours previously resided. Inside this see-through pavilion, you're teased at the multiple experiences that await inside The Progress Pavilion.

Inspired by the architectural design of Tony Baxter's original EPCOT Center Land Pavilion, The Progress Pavilion is an ever evolving hub of human innovation on earth. From pioneering environmental technology, to the wonders of the human body, to the figment of your imagination, scientists and visionaries alike bring their designs to this ubiquitous symposium of knowledge and share their dreams with all of Tomorrowland.

The Progress Pavilion is accessed via the ground level of Tomorrowland through continuously open glass doors providing an open-air environment, taking advantage of the California sun. As you trek into the pavilion, you gaze up at the five-story atrium in the center of the pavilion, and the varied activities that guests can encounter surrounding this open environment. Hints of instrumental versions of 'Now is the Time', 'Nation on Wheels', among other songs can be heard echoing throughout the atrium. A centralized map directs guests to the various levels of edutainment the pavilion provides.

1st Floor
On the ground floor, guests can experience Down to Earth - a 15 minute animatronic show in a 320 seat capacity theater, inspired by events after the Disney*Pixar film Wall-E.

Turning earth back into a paradise doesn't happen overnight, and in this show you'll see how advances from Tomorrowland have shaped how the future humans and robots have learned to grow plants in eco-friendly ways, harvest crops, and a variety of other endeavors showing how if we as a society work together, we can change the world. Less in the spirit of the film, and more in the spirit of classic Disney animatronic shows, this show involves a bit of humor and levity to it as the humans learn in this new environment, making it a family-friendly hidden gem in Tomorrowland.

Adjacent to 'Down to Earth' is a vibrant quick service cafe on the corner of the pavilion, Verde.
It is equipped with a 1st floor indoor/outdoor seating area, as well as a 2nd floor 'rooftop' locale.

Verde (green in Spanish) specializes in organic offerings, including vegetarian sandwiches, salads, vegan offerings, halal cuisine, and much more (even organic coffee, beers, and wines!) It's focus on healthy eating coincides with other health themes throughout the pavilion, and its global menu contributes to the omnipresent theme of global travel that Tomorrowland embodies.

At night, especially during times of the Festival of the Future or Disneyland fireworks, the cafe lounge furniture glows with neon colors creating an immersive dark light environment.

2nd-4th Floors

Contributing to three floors, but queued and boarded on the 2nd floor, is the pavilion's signature attraction with a ride system unique in Tomorrowland. The Rendezvous River is a slow moving D-Ticket boat ride hosted by Dr. Percival Pearlbottom, who through complex hydraulics and telecommunications, has created a 'river of time' - allowing historians to view past, present, and future events along the river.

Meandering through his laboratory set up in the progress pavilion, guests board boats with a capacity of 15 guests (5 rows of 3) for a journey down the river. As the boats launch from the dock, they swoop down a 12 foot drop and descend into a hot, humid, tropical environment. They have traveled back to the age of the dinosaurs!

*As a note, on the Disneyland Railroad, after ventruing from the Tomorrowland Station, guests see two scenes from the 1964 World's Fair, and those scenes were the last changes to Disneyland before Walt passed away. Now, with the addition of the Rendezous River, the dinosaur scene in particular serves a dual purpose as a tribute to Walt Disney, as well as a sneak peak at a Tomorrowland attraction. That sneak peak narration is added to the Railroad in this renovation.

After trekking past Jurassic period dinosaur animatronics, guests arrive in the stone age, as Percival narrates the journey showing how man discovered fire. The entire 7 minute journey continues through several inventions that humankind has happened upon overtime, and the purpose of the journey is to realize that many of the greatest inventions happen by accident, and as we sail on into the future, the most meaningful discovery can come from the most unpredictable of places. The attraction concludes with the hopeful convocation that anyone can have an impact on the future. Anyone is capable of achieving their goals, or helping to shape the future, but the power of conviction to do these actions comes from within.

*Later on, after months of speculation through hidden symbols in the queue and attraction, DisneyParksBlog will announce that Dr. Pearlbottom is actually a time-traveler from 1899, and a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventures himself.

The Rendezvous River - Attraction Statistics
Ticket: D-Ticket
Length: 7 minutes
Boat Capacity: 15 guests
Number of Boats: 20
Theoretical Hourly Capacity: 2,100 guests
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Fastpass: No
Average Expected Wait-Time: 20-30 minutes

After leaving the attraction down the exit queue you arrive at a quaint attraction gift shop featuring Disneyland and Progress Pavilion merchandise. Rounding the corner and up a set of stairs, or elevator, to the 3rd floor where there is an indoor quick service drink venue, Percival's Potables, overlooking the pavilion's atrium. Here there are drink creations by some of the inventors in Tomorrowland. Some hidden easter eggs to various characters throughout Tomorrowland such as Hero, Cornelius Robinson, and Dr. Percival Pearlbottom. This shop also makes specialty milkshakes and ice cream swirls as well.

Aside from the easter eggs to other characters within the menu, on one of the walls you can gaze at an advertisement for San Fransokyo teasing another location in the land and connecting the global neighborhood together...


A multi-level dark ride and interactive area inspired by Disney's Big Hero 6 - replacing Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.


The Gardens of Innovation represent the agricultural future, symbolizing how man has improved their relationship with nature.

The main highlight of the Gardens of Innovation is striking, familiar waterfalls that drips down into a pool with colorful dancing fountains. The fountains are synced to the music that plays around the land, making for a beautiful show.

The plants all around come in various varieties, but what makes the Gardens of Innovation unique is that all of the plants either are edible or grow edible materials. The bushes grow cherries, the flowers are used for tea, the trees grow apples, etc. The tea from the flowers can be enjoyed at the Big Hero 6 restaurant (name not final). The apples and cherries are used for snacks exclusive to Tomorrowland food carts: Apple Pi and Cherry Pinwheels.​

The Gardens of Innovation are surrounded by a winding concrete path, that during night time, will glow up with interactive fiber optics that lead the way once stepped on. During the walk, there will be various benches for guests to sit at and enjoy nature or their meals.


Todayland is unlike anything guests visiting Disneyland has ever experienced. Inspired by the world of “Meet the Robinsons”, Todayland brings guests into tomorrow, today!

Instantly guests will recognize the same building facades that were featured in the film. By using forced perspective techniques that Disney is known for, guests will instantly be blown away by this little tidbit at Tomorrowland. Featured inside this area is the legendary Space Mountain and Rocket Jets attractions. Both attractions will remain untouched, however, little tweaks in the story of Space Mountain has changed. In Space Mountain, guests will be treated as residents of Todayland that board the space station (Space Mountain) for a free tour of the stars. Little does everyone know a meteor shower is due, making it one fast-pace yet rocky ride!

Over in the former Star Wars Launch Bay building is “The Future: Inserted”. Here guests will encounter exhibits of all Cornelius Lewis Robinson’s inventions over the years including the infamous time machine in which guests can climb aboard and choose exactly where in time of history they would like to venture off to.

A few notable nods to former Disney films that featured inventors such as Wayne Szalinski’s shrink-ray and Artemus Bradford’s invention of the robotic foot. Guests will also be invited to meet the entire cast of characters from Meet the Robinsons.

On most nights during the calendar year, the center of Tomorrowland will become a vibrant and exciting place for the whole family, but in particular pre-teens, teens, and young adults who want to dance the night away.

As a special nighttime event listed on the park times guides, the Festival of the Future takes place after the nighttime parade, and before the fireworks. This 25 minute music festival plays some of the best contemporary hits with a Disney flare from your favorite bands. Adding a bit of nuance to the typical 'dance party' here there will be a more mature vibe with digital projects on the surrounding pavilions enhancing the viewing experience. The Disney flare to the songs comes from their relevance to sci-fi Disney films, such as Meet the Robinsons, Ralph Wrecks The Internet, and much more. On your smartphones you can also request songs and send them to DJ Digital atop the Viewliner walkway hub where the music projects from.



Autopia sponsored by Honda will give guests both young and old a look into the future of the raceway. Guests ride sleek, modern Honda racecars from an old school raceway into a tunnel leading to the raceway of the future. Before going into the tunnel, guests pass by two past autopia vehicles, representing the rich history of the attraction. The tunnel is lit up by rotating stars,. It’s the tunnel from Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster, re-purposed for outdoor use.

The first thing guests see on the raceway of the future is a statue of a Tomorrowland rocket, both representing the past of Disneyland's Tomorrowland and the future of space travel. After going around the rocket, guests can see waving fans before moving forward. After that, guests drive under a mini peoplemover. To the right is another small racetrack with racing rocket rods. The racecar will then turn right where there will be an advertisement billboard for burgers featuring two dinosaurs. A reference to Ford’s Magic Highway and Dinoland U.S.A.

Past the billboard, there will be a river with a boat race. The race has small Phantom Boats that guests waiting in line can control. The small peoplemover follows the path of the guests when it suddenly pulls apart, a reference to Journey into Imagination’s unique ride system. Guests pass by another billboard referencing Soarin’ before continuing onward. A few more statue rockets are on display, one being an old rocket from Astro Orbitor and the other two being recreations of an Astro Jets rocket and a Rocket Jets rocket. Right next to these statues is a radio building with a fully functioning Observatron on top, now redesigned to fit the rest of the area better. This radio building signifies the race is almost over, but not before a picture!

Voyage Thru Liquid Space

Replacing the Finding Nemo theme of the Submarine Voyage, the attraction closed along with the rest of Tomorrowland in order to revive it to some of its former glory. With a fixed capacity given the current subs, and with the addition of Pixar Pier, Finding Nemo was moved to Disney California Adventure and the more teen/adult oriented 'Voyage Thru Liquid Space' replaced it.

Throughout the queue, infomative reels play about how much we don't know about the ocean, and trivia facts pop up throughout making the more condensed and former boring queue, a more enjoyable experience.

While following the same duration and track as the former renditions, the subs have been completely redesigned and fitting to enhance the capacity by roughly 200 guests per hour, via a 'double-deck' sub, with additional seating. The premise of the attraction follows an explorer Isabel George, who has developed this new submarine technology to reach the deepest part of the ocean known to man, the Mariana Trench. Sail with her as you dive down to explore the creatures of the deep, and see for yourself what lies beyond the unknown.​

Majestic Point - A Symbol of Imagination

Bob Sled's bench at Majestic Point across from the Matterhorn was tragically wiped away from existence when Maleficent snapped her fingers with the Sorcerer's Hat. Nevertheless, the imagineers re-installed the bench overlooking one of the most iconic shots in Disneyland history of the Monorail passing over the subs. The bench also had charge ports in it with facilitate the themes of picturesque locations throughout Tomorrowland and the inclusion of new-age technology as a part of the experience.

To connect the 'Tomorrowland track' of the Matterhorn with the rest of the land, you can see an attraction poster near the exit to Voyage Thru Liquid Space.

Overall, this enhancement to Tomorrowland will increase its capacity in the wake of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, providing much needed room for guest enjoyment, as well as a unified vision of the land inspired by Walt futurism but established enough to continue on into the future.​

What can I say? This is a brilliant take on Tomorrowland. Using the thesis of “Keep moving forward” is a way to constantly let Tomorrowland feel fresh and opens up the vista of how Tomorrowland can work. This light Meet the Robinsons theme also brings in a very interesting and strong retro-futurism vibe that works so well in Walt's Tomorrowland.

Perfect Park Acres is the perfect way to start. A beautiful park for Disneyland that allows people to sit and relax that could also be a popular viewing area for parades and fireworks if you advertised it right. The Viewliner is nostalgia done right. It brings a smart alternative to the PeopleMover while also adding an active and energetic feel to this city of the future. This really feels like the meeting place of the city and with the addition of a quasi-Food and Wine festival, you add a smart revenue source to the area that still fits.

The Progress Pavilion adds some edutainment to the area. I like how it’s split up and it feels very smart for Tomorrowland to have a high soaring building to balance out the park skyline between Big Thunder Mountain and Sleeping Beauty Castle. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how that WALL-E show would work, showing a sequel hundreds of years after the movie. I’d like to see more detail to really get a taste of what you mean when you say that it’s less based on the movie and more in the spirit of the classic AA show. Verde is fine, but I’m very much in the camp of Disneyland should not have alcohol in the park outside of a table service restaurant.The Rendezvous River, I love this name. A time traveling boat ride makes for a very subtle pun that most shouldn’t even notice until days after riding, which is very classic Disney. Overall, a strong, high-capacity boat ride that will likely become a fun hidden gem in the park.

Big Hero 6 is probably your biggest new attraction and yeah. It needs more detail, even a quick summary.

The Gardens of Innovation feel like a nice mirror for Perfect Park Acres. Here you have another nice open area to soak up crowds, but this is far more of a walkthrough. In my head, I’m almost picturing a Japanese garden. Festival of the Future is smart new twist on the typical dance party and I like that you’ve branded it for the older guests. A brief note, I said that I’m not a fan of alcohol in Disneyland outside of table service. I think it would actually kind of work here.

Todayland is just an awkward name. What lie within is very nice and all welcome, but it’s hard to get past the name. I’m a huge proponent for meet and greets as minor capacity boosters, but it would have been much smarter to make that meet and greet mentioned at the end a more general “Tomorrowland character” Meet and Greet.

I liked the updates to classic Tomorrowland. Autopia was a nice little tour of the history of Tomorrowland and Voyage Through Liquid Space is, I’m sure, an extreme improvement to the current Nemo rendition of the subs and I would love to see more detail on it. Kudos for putting the bench back in as well. Overall a very strong update and a guns out entry to the competition held back from blazing in by a couple missing details.


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Team Supers logo trans.png

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. The team activity in here was sad, especially because we expected a lot more from the people here - you’re all great imagineers and people. As revealed by the other two hosts, @spacemt354 and @TwilightZone did most of the finished work. That shouldn’t be happening in this competition. We understand real-world always comes before the game, but we would still like communication, and I am sure that your team would like it to. After all, we can’t help or account for it if you don’t share.

But building on that - what was turned in is incredible. Especially because the work was all done by two people. So let’s get to that :D.

Perfect Park Acres

This seems perfect for lack of a better word. Adding a spot to just unwind seems like the perfect idea for Tomorrowland, especially because all of the times that I have been there it seems like the land is just so crowded. The way you described it sounded relaxing.

The idea of repurposing the PeopleMover track for a walkway in Viewfinder is just awesome. Definitely not something I would have thought. It is both realistic (Disney is doing nothing with it right now, so its not like it is generating money. This option is cheap and it improves walking spaces throughout the lands). Viewfinder is, in my mind, one of the highlights of your proposals, as it is SUPER unique.

Heh. I'm so funny.

The Progress Pavilion

More ideas after my own heart. I’m getting serious EPCOT vibes from this part of the project, which I am sure was the intent. Even your word choices here emphasize the optimistic vision of tomorrow that EPCOT represents to so many. Down to Earth and Verde felt like they could be real places in the Land pavilion and they determined the aesthetic of the pavilion.

When I first read your project, I thought the Rendezvous River would not fit the rest of the pavilion. I mean a high concept sci-fi ride about time travel in a pavilion about the natural world? Preposterous! Boy was I wrong! The idea for this attraction is phenomenal, and I loved the way you described the exterior. I do wish there was more detail in in, because I would love to know where you planned to take the time travelers on their 7 minute journey. Like I have genuine curiosity about this ride and want it to be real so bad. I understand the whole teammates and time constraints, however.

Institute of Technology

When I looked at the map of Tomorrowland this attraction just felt weird. The asian architecture didn’t seem to match the other exteriors of the land. Should that architecture have existed in the ride? Of course. Outside? Ehhh…. Big Hero 6 has a ton of cool architectural designs, but I don’t think that this fit with the rest of the land in its current vision.

Garden of Innovation

While this did sound very aesthetically pleasing and would fit Tomorrowland, I have mixed feelings about this. The thing is I am confused. Was this a part of Perfect Park Acres? Maybe I’m reading this wrong, my initial impression was no. Upon looking at the map, I thought yes? My current understanding is that it is like an exhibit in Perfect Park Acres. If that is true, I. feel like it is out of place in the post. Either way, some clarification for how it related to Perfect Park Acres would be nice.

But “Apple Pi”s. Me gusta. :p


Space Mountain is one of the few attractions which I feel like shouldn’t be touched. It doesn’t really need a story, and I am kind of confused on how this story would be conveyed. If in the line, that would be somewhat acceptable, but if in the ride through? Adding show stops would ruin some of it. Part of the whole thrill of it is everyone gets to make their own story. For why they are zooming through space. It leaves it up to the guest’s imagination which is one of the staples of Tomorrowland.

The Future Inserted seems quaint. Not much to say, besides for I was confused by this line: “ the infamous time machine in which guests can climb aboard and choose exactly where in time of history they would like to venture off to.” Does this mean there is a simulator ride there? I feel like this was deserving of at least an extra sentence. Or a name,

Festival of the Future
Viewing the festival from the Viewliner is the perfect thing ever. Nuff said.

Renovating the Classics

As a whole this section was flawless. Unlike Ace, I do like Tesla (I do compete on a Hyperloop team in college, so I am biased), but that’s just personal preference, not anything that really matters. I love all the easter eggs in Autopia. Also, the name for Liquid Space is the ultimate, perfect easter egg. Well done!

The bench! I thought we snapped you away! :D


Great ideas, would’ve been a great execution if there was more team work.

As for presentation, it was perfect. Someone (sorry can’t remember who) said that google docs can be lost, which is true. Plus, they provide the exact same reading experience as a forum post, so theres no real advantage to using one presentation wise.

If I were to describe your post in three words it would be. Simple Yet Elegant.​


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Team Warriors logo trans.png

Not going to lie, following your guy’s PM was chaotic. I got lost so many times. So many ideas were brainstormed and so many people had their own visions for the land. I was surprised by how cohesive it was.

Let’s start with presentation. I know I just smack-talked google docs in Supers presentation, but your PDF and letter to Iger are the exception to that rule. That 100% added meaning to your presentation, and made it feel like a story. The banners in the document are beautiful and the fact that you made it a PDF is so much better than a google doc, because it is so much cleaner to read.

Also, I love the signatures. Reminds me of how @Pi on my Cake used to put our avatars on a group photo.

Onto the content!

Your introduction is perfect. The question What if Walt Disney’s vision for the future came true? is genius and so elegantly written. Whoever wrote that gets an imaginary gold star from me. The logistics section is also very well done.

Rocket Prams
I know this started as a meme (I think?), but the way it was executed was phenomenal. I laughed while I read the description. I believe that was @Voxel? Kudos to you. Also, the idea itself is great, and will help the land a lot. Much like super’s Viewfinder will help crowd flow, I love this was also.

Atomic Lounge
Very nice introduction - I am loving the story that you are telling for Tomorrowland. Its very cohesive and fits well. As for the restaurant itself, I wish you provided more logistics on it. Prices, capacity - that sort of thing. The food and menu items imply a signature dining restaurant, but I think that should’ve been stated.

Astro Orbiters
While you didn’t change much, what you did change makes the ride 10x better. Integrating it to the story of Tomorrowland, adding a nice (air-conditioned) and fun queue is perfect. The whole aesthetic of the ride. Well done!

Time Machine!
The weakest part about this attraction is the name. I feel like there could’ve been a better choice - like Time Tours or something. Time Machine! just seems boring and lazy. It reminds me of Dinosaur!, which in my opinion is a great ride with a sh*tty name. Onto the positives.

Again, I love integrating the TTA into this story. Actually, I love everything about this ride. While most hate simulators, I think they’re great as they allow for so many new storytelling methods. You guys nailed it with this ride. It has so much diversity in its different scenes that it is easily something I would re-ride again and again. My only question was why World War One for the finale? It seems so vastly different than the dystopian future, and not right for the finale. While I agree on World War One’s moral and historical significance, it didn’t feel right for a ride about time travel.

Then I realized - World War One represents some of the lowest points in human history. No clear bad guy, etc. I had to think about this to understand. I love it.

Robot Factory
This is so cute! I love it! :D

Also, the detail put into this is incredible (although the prices seem a little low for Disney prices I think :p)

Love the idea of restoring it to its former glory. Not much to say.

All Out Monster Attack!
If it wasn’t for that introduction I would’ve probably not been so keen on this ride. I am still not 100% sure that it fits with your mission statement. Overall, it seems like a fun ride, but I imagine a lot of the behind the scenes work would be a lot to handle and it wouldn’t be as well received by Tomorrowland purists.

The Gardens

Big Hero 6 Iventarium
I think the idea of Big Hero 6 fits well, but in this form its sketchy. The entire plot of the show doesn’t fit with the movie’s story as Callaghan is known to be evil. (After all, I am him :p)

As a 4D show, it's probably exactly what the land needs, but not what it deserves. Kids seem like they would love it.

World of Tomorrow

This is the headliner I was waiting for! The ride this land deserves and needs. I’ve never ridden Horizons, but from what I read about it, your attraction seems very similar. It is the attraction this land needs and deserves. The description is elegant and beautiful. Perfect ride 10/10 for me.

Though it took some time, Team Warriors really did it in my opinion. They set the bar high for the next round!

My three words for this project and: cohesive, story-driven worlds

Pi on my Cake

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In the Parks
The Synthetic Scientist
The Innoventions building is prime real estate for an E-ticket (or part of one). I’m a bit confused that you’re using a Star Tours-style ride system here, with Flight of the Navigator just down the boulevard. Their on-ride stories feel very similar.​
That's my bad! I must've not written it clearly. This isn't meant to be a similator. It is a mix of circelvision show and carousel show. Done with an animatronic, a circle vision screen, and some lighting/projection effects in the theater. I'll have to be more careful to be clear in my descriptions.


Well-Known Member

Team Princes logo tran.png

In terms of teamwork, this team was the best of both worlds. It had the clear, unchaotic vision for the land that supers had, and it had everyone actively participating like Warriors. It was like a well-oiled machine already. Great job for that.

Presentation-wise - I thought the website was really well done and a fun spoof we’ve seen before in this competition. Overall, I thought the presentation added a level of realism to the proposal.

Final thing before I go land by land is Pi’s map - in my opinion, your maps are some of the best on these boards. The fact that these maps exist in every section is so helpful to allowing me to visualize your land. Massive props to you!

The City - DreamFlight and Flight of the Navigator
Both of these attractions just felt off to me. DreamFlight felt like it conflicted with your vision for the land - a city. It felt kind of shoe-horned in just to be there. Flight of the Navigator was confusing to read, for me at least. While the ride has tons of easter eggs and sounds fun, it also seems way to plot-heavy for the average guests to understand what is going on during their 20 minutes in the queue/attraction. Both of these attractions seem to overcomplicated your land’s background, and make it hard to swe the vision for it.

The City - Space Mountain and the Mysterious Galaxy
Good call on space mountain. Your re-theme works, simple as it is.

The Mysterious Galaxy is an awesome idea! I love Holst’s Planets suite, ever since we played them in concert band. Beautiful music. Beautiful imagery. And what a creative problem to solve - allowing guests to experience the beauty of space mountain in a new way. Its not a problem that I have ever thought about, but it is definitely one that exists.

The City - Miscellanous
Your shopping and dining all seem pretty standard. They fit the theme heavily, serve better food than what is currently present. Overall, nice work and your level of detail is nice.

Expo - Gigantic Garden Outbreak
This attraction was hilarious - definitely the highlight of this team’s work. Unfortunately, the formatting on the site made it hard to read without copying it into pages on my laptop. The dialogue in this ride was perfect -witty and sensible. It all flowed nicely. Also the aesthetic of the ride fits so beautifully with your ideas. Tomorrowland definitely needs more green space and you guys had a really creative way to solve that!

Expo - Hover Car Circuit
While I don’t think my cohosts were too fond of this idea, I think its fun! Rocket Rods was a fun idea execute poorly (at least to the untrained eye, like mine). Your attractions pre-show give the ride a fun story, which seems like it will be great for the whole family.

Expo - Synthetic Scientist
While I am not opposed to the idea of screens, I don’t see the point of making the attraction a carousel theater if you are just going to use screens. Yeah, you’re moving, but it doesn’t really add anything, besides for slight nostalgia. And I think every transition will break the immersion. I feel like you picked the wrong ride system here.

Expo - Aqua Seabase
I’m not sure how realistic this is, but its a super duper cool idea! I love the idea of using the subs as transportation, as the Nemo ride is a bit of a bore. I think this plan (if it could work) will make everyone - Disney purists and casuals alike - super happy and excited.

Expo - Coral Reef
My dad loves this restaurant, so thats a yes from me.

Base - Overview
Does the military training center fit with the rest of the land? Typically they imply a dystopian society (not a social commentary or anything, just utopias always seem to have achieved complete peace).

Base - Rides
Hover cycles - Another screen based ride in Tomorrowland seems excessive at this point.

The two attractions for the younger guests seem perfect. I love Buzz Lightyear after all, lol.

I think your land needed another flat ride, and UFO experience did just that. Simple, not narrative heavy. Exactly what the land needed.

Overall, your team work led to a great product. I think some of your attractions had stories that would be too complicated to convey in a short time. As a whole, great work princes!

Three words: Huge storytelling screez. :p


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proudly presents...

New Tomorrowland

First of all, congratulations to the team! You were all very smart and straight forward while thinking about this remodel, even with very different ideas being put on the table. That’s true team work.
Now, to the project. I really liked the idea of breaking up Tomorrowland into three different (but cohesive) areas.
The City section seems like a nice entry point to the land, tying it altogether. I loved the way you incorporated Dreamflight through the Metro-Retro Historical Society. Not only it makes sense thematically, it’s a nice nod to Tomorrowland’s original premise: to inspire. I also really liked the Starliner concept. It fits very well. I would’ve liked to see some renderings of what this whole area would look like, simple sketches would go a long way.
The Expo is also a very well thought-out area. The Gigantic Garden Breakout and the Aqua Inc. Seabase both seem like great attractions, and the addition of the Hover Car Circuit is a very nice one. My biggest problem with this area is how it would look. I’m not sure the canopy is enough to make it look like an actual Expo, instead of some randomly scattered buildings. Also, per your design, The Synthetic Scientist (another great great attraction) doesn’t seem fully integrated into the Expo area, being much closer to the City.
The Base is great. The addition of a FoP-style ride is a very nice one, as is the addidtion of a children’s playground. The Space Ranger Need You concept is brilliant, specially considering it replaces Jedi Training Academy (which, lets be honest, never fit Tomorrowland) with something much more appropriate. My only criticism would be UFO Experience. For such a well-themed little area, this ride seems a bit randomly thrown in, without any real backstory.
As a whole, I loved this new Tomorrowland concept. My only suggestion would be for more drawings or sketches showing the overall look of some of these areas, almost as pieces of concept art. And although I really liked the Disneyland website mockup, I would be extra-careful with the “picture overlapping text” problem and the really long ride descriptions. In this context, IMO, less is more.
Once again, congratulations team! You did amazing!

D Hulk

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Original Poster

First off, a big thanks goes to all our players and observers. While more Guest Reviewer reviews shall be appearing throughout the day, your trio of villainous cohosts has come to a decision.

There were wonderful ideas in all three teams' presentations. However, only one can win. Our rankings were unanimous.

Team Supers
What Supers did well: A simple, minimalist proposal with a unified message.
What Supers did poorly: Poor involvement from a majority of players resulting in an incomplete proposal.

Team Princes
What Princes did well: Clean conversations as a team, and project components which are individually very strong.
What Princes did poorly: The overall project felt scattershot, like a collection of individual solo projects.

Team Warriors
What Warriors did well: Cohesive land with good details that are responsive to Disneyland’s history and fan base.
What Warriors did poorly: Tangled communication as a team.

Congratulations go to the victors! You are one star closer to completing Yen Sid’s hat!


Congratulations to all our heroes for finally defeating Zurg!


As a reward for coming in first in Stanza I, the winning team shall be receiving the Stanza II prompt in advance. In addition, their Project Manager is now in possession of Buzzy the Immunity Idol. Should they lose in the next round, he cannot be sent to the Cursed Courtroom.


The second place team will receive the Stanza II prompt later today.

As for our last place team, the Cursed Courtroom is now officially in session. If you are mentioned in that thread, you will have 24 hours to plead your case. Elimination is on the line, and someone IS going home!

Welcome to ENDGAME.
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Warriors! Great job you did it!!!! You took the task head-on and applied a well-executed vision for your Tomorrowland.

The question of how to keep Tommrowland current was something I personally wanted to see realized and you did it by looking to the past for inspiration. Kudos! For the most part the land achieves that with clear visual identity through the use of returned structures, a sense of nostalgia, revisiting beloved past attractions (Peoplemover yay!) and by utilizing 1950s/60s retro themes. Overall, this is a great land refresh that feels whole.

There's a lot to do here!

Great use of space and great attraction ideas! I particularly like Time Machine! concept with the randomizer to keep it interesting for repeat visits and the Robot Builder shop for the kiddos. "Bubble Car" as the fans will surely call it, is the pseudo-nostalgic Tomorowland style ride that Tomorrowland should have had from it's inception. What a spectacular concept! It's like Horizon's big brother! As Martha Stewart would say, "That's a good thing"

The "Rocket Prams" lol was a fun and somewhat unexpected add-on but it fits the land to a T; a smart and practical addition though maybe somewhat unnecessary considering most of the land appears to be oriented best for ages 10+ to adult. In that regard I personally thought the Turtle Talk experience geared more toward the little kids would have been the better option for BH6 and a great way to "sell" the show and tell expo concept. The 4D show however is a great idea and a good people-eater so it works, just not what I would have expected as that particular project progressed.
The biggest surprise to me is how well "B-movie" came out. I was unjustly vocal on this one in the reviewer thread. Very hesitant... but it works! It's a bit extreme in contrast to the rest of the land's offerings but it still fits and is definitely unique! The concept of marrying topical 1950's monster B-movies with the "mission statement" of Team Warror's Tomorowland proved challenging but you accomplished the task by making it a satire of 1950s futurism. It's "Alien Encounter" by way of the 1950s. Fun fun!

Overall I would have liked for there to be more collaboration between the team, insuring all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and I definitely want to see more descriptive detail brought to the synopsis of each ride and attraction. A lot was left on the table with regard to how things visually look and function. I'm a visual person. While I appreciate and enjoyed seeing the concept art for each attraction... I wasn't exactly sold on what made this 1950s by the descriptions and concept art alone so expanding on that would have been preferable.

But it did come together in the end and what an end it was! Great job everyone! Can't wait to see what you guys will do in Stanza II!

Magic Feather

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Congrats on 2nd Team Princes. Nonetheless, here is my guest review with some constructive feedback that will hopefully skyrocket you to first for Stanza II.

Within the chat, this team was full of order, which is a very good thing. Everyone had a similar set of goals. While things got a smidgen hectic on the penultimate day, it ultimately came out clean and organized. That said, in a point made by your own teammates, the website was far from mobile friendly, hence my delayed review.
And, for the record, the map issues I was hinting towards was the railroad (missed it), monorail (caught it), and Magic Eye (barely caught it).
Now, On to the Content:

The City - DreamFlight and Flight of the Navigator
Dreamflight felt like a nostalgia grab for the wrong audience. Additionally, the speed tunnel you described was not present in Disneyland's Incarnation.
FotN was a fun way to retheme Star Tours, but it seemed a bit too "meta" for the premise.
Ultimately, both were cute, if not slightly out of place attractions, that act as a decent opening act for Tomorrowland.

The City - Space Mountain and the Mysterious Galaxy
Easily the best parts of the project. Space Mountain was given a slight refresh to clarify theme, and
The City - Shopping and Dining
All seemed to fit well with what was immediately next to it, but felt disjointed on the whole.

Expo - Gigantic Garden Outbreak
This attraction was fantastic, except for two main issues. Firstly, while others have disagreed, I felt this belonged somewhere other than Tomorrowland. In fact the only things tying this to the future were "research" and "futuristic growth serum." Secondly, the pacing was not akin to that of an omnimover. Omnimovers are meant to be atmospheric, while this involved big effects with long reset times that were impractical as an omnimover.

Expo - Hover Car Circuit
A Fun idea, although my major concern is how the mechanics would be visible to non-riders. This would likely break some theme.

Expo - Synthetic Scientist
This is something that made me feel like none of you have never been to Disneyland's Tomorrowland. This seems like it would be unable to work given the space's capabilities. When you first started on this, I was hoping for another "Symphony of the Strange" esque surprise, but ended up with something a bit different.

Expo - Aqua Seabase
This is a great idea from an imaginative standpoint, but tough to swallow for logistical reasons. Guests have to go through two different attractions to enter the facility and the same two to exit? Imagine having a Coral Reef reservation, and having to wait 60 min for a "Sub Ride" to get there. Wish more ways to access the base were provided.

Expo - Coral Reef
Cute concept, but the aforementioned logistics got in the way.

Base - Overall
This area felt like a "we have a great Hovercycle ride that doesn't fit into the other two sections" miniland. While Hovercycle was great (my 2nd favorite part of the project), the rest felt like an awkward replacement for Toontown, with a well relocated ride, cute show, and unnecessary flat ride that is present less across the Esplanade.
Overall, you wound up with a clean product. Some aspects felt a little too separate from the land, but it nonetheless came together at the end.


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Team Supers! So, I don't want to beat a dead horse- but I do want to give some feedback to encourage you in your future projects. Overall, I think you did a REALLY good job. @spacemt354 and @TwilightZone- way to step up and lead your team. I think you crafted a beautiful vision for a revamped tomorrowland. The rest of the team, as has been said, I was really hoping to hear more from you. I know it can be intimidating sometimes and you are not sure how your ideas will be perceived but just go for it. You have WONDERFUL ideas I am sure, you just need to find your voice.

Perfect Park Acres-

I thought this was cute. And I agree with your rationale- Disneyland is a theme park and it should feel like a park in many places. I think this will be a great transition too from the central hub. Tomorrowland (in my opinion) suffers in WDW and DL from too much concrete and rockwork. I like the softening of the land- and I especially love how it transitions so nicely into your Progress Pavilion.
The Progress Pavilion

Wow- this was a home-run. From the design to the attractions- excellent. I really enjoyed the inclusion of WallE as I feel he is often overlooked in a land that is screaming for his inclusion. I wish we knew a little more about the movie, but overall it was a cute addition. The Rendezvous River- classic attraction that would be timeless (see what I did there?) and I think it is a clever nod to the dinosaur displays already featured in Tomorrowland (which always struck me as odd). At every turn, I felt like your group tried to tell a cohesive story in a land that lacks a story- and that is why I loved your ambitious project.

Institute of Technology
Can't really judge what was not finished....

Garden of Innovation
Not sure I follow this thread. Is it to add more lush green space or is part of the larger story? I think guests may see this as uninspired and keep walking....

I think, sadly, this is where your project took a turn for the worst. It's not a bad idea, but it needed more development to keep it from being a sad cousin to the progress pavilion you talked about earlier. Each attraction and ride should serve a different purpose while adding to the whole. What does this add that was not already addressed by the progress pavilion? And staking it all on the "Meet the Robsinson's" is a risky move- although I adore parts of that movie (mainly the idea that your family of the future is waiting for you- and that your future child can be your best friend you've been longing for-I'm not crying....) I think the general public has forgotten this little gem. Not sure how much cohesion this IP brings to the land if it is mostly forgotten.

Festival of the Future
Sorry- I did not love this. It just feels like filler of the worst kind. We know Disney loves their dance parties, and at times, I can too- but given the fact that this is your dream of Tomorrowland revamped, I hate to see you stick to what Disney does at its most uninspired.

Renovating the Classics

I liked this idea. Keep the classics but add a new twist. I think a picture or two would have helped me understand it better, but a solid addition.

Final Thoughts:

You did it! You have a lot to be PROUD of team! Silent team members- time to step up and find your voice. Space and TwilightZone- get some rest. You deserve it! =)

D Hulk

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Original Poster
The Stanza I session of the Cursed Courtroom has officially ended.

Of the 5 players on trial, only one responded. Congratulations to @ChampDisney! You get to stay in the game.

As for the other 4 players...
@Poe Dameron

They are all officially eliminated.

And with only 3 players remaining, Team Supers is disbanded.


So what happens next?


The surviving Supers will be folded into the other teams.

Team Princes, please welcome @spacemt354!

Team Warriors, please welcome @TwilightZone and @ChampDisney!

Now onward to Stanza II!

D Hulk

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Original Poster
Where to Next?

The gang stands backstage at Disneyland, inside the parade warehouse.

@Voxel stands triumphantly over Zurg, holding a star in his hands. “Victory is ours!”

Mr. Incredible grabs the star, saying "Even though my team lost, I believe that I can keep this safe from harm."

“So now what?” @nated1226 asks. “Did we win? Did we defeat Maleficent?”

“No. We still have to acquire 11 more stars and a moon,” Philip says.

“But for now,” declares @Zootopia Dude excitedly, “LET’S PARTY!”

Everyone randomly dances to Kenny Loggins music like at the end of Caddyshack. They leap up onto a parade float decorated for Sorcerer’s Apprentice Season 5.


The gang parades down Main Street with crowds cheering for them. “I could get used to this,” @TwilightZone smiles.

Suddenly a shadow looms over the group. A great army of 50 cats covers the Main Street Emporium. @Evilgidgit snarls at them.

“Uh oh,” Prince Philip says. “The infamous Disneyland feral cats. No one knows where their loyalties lie.”


“Let me handle this, @James G. says triumphantly. “I can speak ‘cat.’”

Before James can begin his parlay, the feline horde turns tail and races towards Adventureland. “After them!” screams @PerGronStudio.

The group pursues the cats! A merry chase proceeds towards the queue for Indiana Jones Adventure, cats and cast both barreling through a sea of strollers.

Upon reaching the ride's loading platform, the cats are nowhere to be found. "Lost them! What do we do now?" asks @Disneylover152.

@FireMountain responds. “As long as we’re here, we might as well enjoy one of Disneyland’s best and most unique rides.”


All agree, and soon all 17 players are loaded into a single jeep and barreling through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Upon entering the Chamber of Destiny, the group’s jeep passes through the door on the right…an effect which hasn’t worked in decades.

The ride proceeds more or less normally, though a few riders notice how the usual Cambodian temple feels strangely Egyptian now.

These suspicions are further confirmed as the group exits into a vast Ancient Egyptian world. Beyond this is a central Wonders Lake, and further lands dedicated to topics like Ancient China or Ancient Greece.


“What in tarnations is this?!” asks @Brer Oswald.

“I know what this is,” explains @spacemt354, expert on all things Sorcerer’s Apprentice. “That was a Warp Zone. We’ve been magically transported across the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Universe to Walt Disney World. This is their fifth gate, Inventus, a park of mythology and legend.”

“And this” declares Mr. Incredible “must be the sight of our next challenge!”

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