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Tasked with renovating Disneyland's Tomorrowland, Team Supers decided to focus on three priorities in order to assimilate the best possible proposal for the new land.

1. Longevity: Tomorrowland since its inception has been a land destined for constant change. This renovation ensures long-term cohesiveness, with core themes that can be passed on to future generations and iterations.

2. Contemporary Relevance: A healthy dose of nostalgia helps in Walt's park, however making sure this land speaks to the modern day guest is a paramount goal as well.

3. Enhanced Capacity: With the addition of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, a Tomorrowland renovation focused on added capacity to the eastern side of the park, could help facilitate overall crowd dispersion towards an equilibrium.

It's a warm and wonderful California morning in June, as thousands of Disneyland guests, squished in like sardines around the now ominous and foreboding Partners statue, are filled with feverish anticipation for the re-dedication of Tomorrowland.

"I almost canceled my annual pass once they brought out Emperor Zurg at the 2021 D23 convention to tell us Tomorrowland would become Toy Story Land." stated one frustrated guest "however I'm glad they decided otherwise, and I can't wait to see what is in store."

Peaking over the dedication podium and reveal curtain, guests can see the tops of eclectic and colorful facades, towering over the symbolic Disney message: "keep moving forward"

"Here you enter a place where the hopes for a great big beautiful tomorrow are just a dream away. Tomorrowland envisions a global neighborhood of innovation and destinations that unite humanity as we keep moving forward into the future"

With the core values inspired by Walt Disney futurism, the hopeful message that we keep moving forward, and an accessible global community - Tomorrowland has a vision of the future that is relevant to today. With technology and innovation, the world has shrunk and become more accessible to all, and it's our job and the future generations to ensure that the world becomes a better and safer place for all of humankind.

A world of invention, exploration, and discovery.
A world that encourages the pursuit of new technologies and venturing to the far reaches of space or the deepest crevasses of the ocean.
A world of monorails, breezeways, efficient transportation.
A world of connected cultures and cuisines.

All of these aspects contribute to the message of a great big beautiful tomorrow and a new horizon to pursue.


(two outdoor 'picnic' areas along Perfect Park Acres, located by Voyage to Liquid Space and the entrance to the Disneyland Monorail)

As guests veer off the hub and traverse over a quaint bridge built over serene ponds and greenery, you enter the 'Green Belt' of Tomorrowland, dubbed Perfect Park Acres. This title, inspired by previous backstory of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, is a garden belt of that stretches throughout all the walkways of the land.

Gardens bring more life and vibrancy to the land. Disneyland is a 'park' and with Perfect Park Acres we now have a Tomorrowland that seamlessly blends in with the natural aesthetics of Disneyland. A chromatic sign with retrofuturistic lettering welcomes guests into this world of Tomorrow. As soon as guests pass under the sign, an escalator invites them to choose between walking on the ground level and perhaps visiting one of the nearby attraction, or take the scenic Viewliner route, where they can walk on Tomorrowland's 2nd level paths, and get 360 panoramic views of the park.

The Viewliner is also wide enough for open-air benches, and photo-opportunities with Space Mountain and Rocket Jets or the monorail/Matterhorn Disneyland classic image. The multi-level paths down the central spine of Tomorrowland and to its eastern attractions assists in providing added foot traffic for the land and Disneyland as a whole, all while providing a view of the park that hasn't been accessible to guests since the early 2000s.

As mentioned in the image above, rather than having designated shops and eateries along Perfect Park Acres, Tomorrowland will have open breezeways and walk-up internationally themed venues throughout, as well as open picnic areas among the greenery on the ground level. They will provide both shade and sun, as well as some naturalistic D-Zones for capacity throughout the day for the family to come and enjoy a meal from one of the variety of venues. Inspired by the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot, these international venues will rotate through the seasons and include up to 10 nations including cuisine from Japan, Thailand, Greece, France, China, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Switzerland, with up to 3 carts being present per day depending on seasonal crowd volume.​


Entering under the Tomorrowland arch and meandering down the eastern path, guests see an elegant 67 foot tall greenhouse structure on their right side, where Star Tours previously resided. Inside this see-through pavilion, you're teased at the multiple experiences that await inside The Progress Pavilion.

Inspired by the architectural design of Tony Baxter's original EPCOT Center Land Pavilion, The Progress Pavilion is an ever evolving hub of human innovation on earth. From pioneering environmental technology, to the wonders of the human body, to the figment of your imagination, scientists and visionaries alike bring their designs to this ubiquitous symposium of knowledge and share their dreams with all of Tomorrowland.

The Progress Pavilion is accessed via the ground level of Tomorrowland through continuously open glass doors providing an open-air environment, taking advantage of the California sun. As you trek into the pavilion, you gaze up at the five-story atrium in the center of the pavilion, and the varied activities that guests can encounter surrounding this open environment. Hints of instrumental versions of 'Now is the Time', 'Nation on Wheels', among other songs can be heard echoing throughout the atrium. A centralized map directs guests to the various levels of edutainment the pavilion provides.

1st Floor
On the ground floor, guests can experience Down to Earth - a 15 minute animatronic show in a 320 seat capacity theater, inspired by events after the Disney*Pixar film Wall-E.

Turning earth back into a paradise doesn't happen overnight, and in this show you'll see how advances from Tomorrowland have shaped how the future humans and robots have learned to grow plants in eco-friendly ways, harvest crops, and a variety of other endeavors showing how if we as a society work together, we can change the world. Less in the spirit of the film, and more in the spirit of classic Disney animatronic shows, this show involves a bit of humor and levity to it as the humans learn in this new environment, making it a family-friendly hidden gem in Tomorrowland.

Adjacent to 'Down to Earth' is a vibrant quick service cafe on the corner of the pavilion, Verde.
It is equipped with a 1st floor indoor/outdoor seating area, as well as a 2nd floor 'rooftop' locale.

Verde (green in Spanish) specializes in organic offerings, including vegetarian sandwiches, salads, vegan offerings, halal cuisine, and much more (even organic coffee, beers, and wines!) It's focus on healthy eating coincides with other health themes throughout the pavilion, and its global menu contributes to the omnipresent theme of global travel that Tomorrowland embodies.

At night, especially during times of the Festival of the Future or Disneyland fireworks, the cafe lounge furniture glows with neon colors creating an immersive dark light environment.

2nd-4th Floors

Contributing to three floors, but queued and boarded on the 2nd floor, is the pavilion's signature attraction with a ride system unique in Tomorrowland. The Rendezvous River is a slow moving D-Ticket boat ride hosted by Dr. Percival Pearlbottom, who through complex hydraulics and telecommunications, has created a 'river of time' - allowing historians to view past, present, and future events along the river.

Meandering through his laboratory set up in the progress pavilion, guests board boats with a capacity of 15 guests (5 rows of 3) for a journey down the river. As the boats launch from the dock, they swoop down a 12 foot drop and descend into a hot, humid, tropical environment. They have traveled back to the age of the dinosaurs!

*As a note, on the Disneyland Railroad, after ventruing from the Tomorrowland Station, guests see two scenes from the 1964 World's Fair, and those scenes were the last changes to Disneyland before Walt passed away. Now, with the addition of the Rendezous River, the dinosaur scene in particular serves a dual purpose as a tribute to Walt Disney, as well as a sneak peak at a Tomorrowland attraction. That sneak peak narration is added to the Railroad in this renovation.

After trekking past Jurassic period dinosaur animatronics, guests arrive in the stone age, as Percival narrates the journey showing how man discovered fire. The entire 7 minute journey continues through several inventions that humankind has happened upon overtime, and the purpose of the journey is to realize that many of the greatest inventions happen by accident, and as we sail on into the future, the most meaningful discovery can come from the most unpredictable of places. The attraction concludes with the hopeful convocation that anyone can have an impact on the future. Anyone is capable of achieving their goals, or helping to shape the future, but the power of conviction to do these actions comes from within.

*Later on, after months of speculation through hidden symbols in the queue and attraction, DisneyParksBlog will announce that Dr. Pearlbottom is actually a time-traveler from 1899, and a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventures himself.

The Rendezvous River - Attraction Statistics
Ticket: D-Ticket
Length: 7 minutes
Boat Capacity: 15 guests
Number of Boats: 20
Theoretical Hourly Capacity: 2,100 guests
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Fastpass: No
Average Expected Wait-Time: 20-30 minutes

After leaving the attraction down the exit queue you arrive at a quaint attraction gift shop featuring Disneyland and Progress Pavilion merchandise. Rounding the corner and up a set of stairs, or elevator, to the 3rd floor where there is an indoor quick service drink venue, Percival's Potables, overlooking the pavilion's atrium. Here there are drink creations by some of the inventors in Tomorrowland. Some hidden easter eggs to various characters throughout Tomorrowland such as Hero, Cornelius Robinson, and Dr. Percival Pearlbottom. This shop also makes specialty milkshakes and ice cream swirls as well.

Aside from the easter eggs to other characters within the menu, on one of the walls you can gaze at an advertisement for San Fransokyo teasing another location in the land and connecting the global neighborhood together...


A multi-level dark ride and interactive area inspired by Disney's Big Hero 6 - replacing Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.


The Gardens of Innovation represent the agricultural future, symbolizing how man has improved their relationship with nature.

The main highlight of the Gardens of Innovation is striking, familiar waterfalls that drips down into a pool with colorful dancing fountains. The fountains are synced to the music that plays around the land, making for a beautiful show.

The plants all around come in various varieties, but what makes the Gardens of Innovation unique is that all of the plants either are edible or grow edible materials. The bushes grow cherries, the flowers are used for tea, the trees grow apples, etc. The tea from the flowers can be enjoyed at the Big Hero 6 restaurant (name not final). The apples and cherries are used for snacks exclusive to Tomorrowland food carts: Apple Pi and Cherry Pinwheels.​

The Gardens of Innovation are surrounded by a winding concrete path, that during night time, will glow up with interactive fiber optics that lead the way once stepped on. During the walk, there will be various benches for guests to sit at and enjoy nature or their meals.


Todayland is unlike anything guests visiting Disneyland has ever experienced. Inspired by the world of “Meet the Robinsons”, Todayland brings guests into tomorrow, today!

Instantly guests will recognize the same building facades that were featured in the film. By using forced perspective techniques that Disney is known for, guests will instantly be blown away by this little tidbit at Tomorrowland. Featured inside this area is the legendary Space Mountain and Rocket Jets attractions. Both attractions will remain untouched, however, little tweaks in the story of Space Mountain has changed. In Space Mountain, guests will be treated as residents of Todayland that board the space station (Space Mountain) for a free tour of the stars. Little does everyone know a meteor shower is due, making it one fast-pace yet rocky ride!

Over in the former Star Wars Launch Bay building is “The Future: Inserted”. Here guests will encounter exhibits of all Cornelius Lewis Robinson’s inventions over the years including the infamous time machine in which guests can climb aboard and choose exactly where in time of history they would like to venture off to.

A few notable nods to former Disney films that featured inventors such as Wayne Szalinski’s shrink-ray and Artemus Bradford’s invention of the robotic foot. Guests will also be invited to meet the entire cast of characters from Meet the Robinsons.

On most nights during the calendar year, the center of Tomorrowland will become a vibrant and exciting place for the whole family, but in particular pre-teens, teens, and young adults who want to dance the night away.

As a special nighttime event listed on the park times guides, the Festival of the Future takes place after the nighttime parade, and before the fireworks. This 25 minute music festival plays some of the best contemporary hits with a Disney flare from your favorite bands. Adding a bit of nuance to the typical 'dance party' here there will be a more mature vibe with digital projects on the surrounding pavilions enhancing the viewing experience. The Disney flare to the songs comes from their relevance to sci-fi Disney films, such as Meet the Robinsons, Ralph Wrecks The Internet, and much more. On your smartphones you can also request songs and send them to DJ Digital atop the Viewliner walkway hub where the music projects from.



Autopia sponsored by Honda will give guests both young and old a look into the future of the raceway. Guests ride sleek, modern Honda racecars from an old school raceway into a tunnel leading to the raceway of the future. Before going into the tunnel, guests pass by two past autopia vehicles, representing the rich history of the attraction. The tunnel is lit up by rotating stars,. It’s the tunnel from Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster, re-purposed for outdoor use.

The first thing guests see on the raceway of the future is a statue of a Tomorrowland rocket, both representing the past of Disneyland's Tomorrowland and the future of space travel. After going around the rocket, guests can see waving fans before moving forward. After that, guests drive under a mini peoplemover. To the right is another small racetrack with racing rocket rods. The racecar will then turn right where there will be an advertisement billboard for burgers featuring two dinosaurs. A reference to Ford’s Magic Highway and Dinoland U.S.A.

Past the billboard, there will be a river with a boat race. The race has small Phantom Boats that guests waiting in line can control. The small peoplemover follows the path of the guests when it suddenly pulls apart, a reference to Journey into Imagination’s unique ride system. Guests pass by another billboard referencing Soarin’ before continuing onward. A few more statue rockets are on display, one being an old rocket from Astro Orbitor and the other two being recreations of an Astro Jets rocket and a Rocket Jets rocket. Right next to these statues is a radio building with a fully functioning Observatron on top, now redesigned to fit the rest of the area better. This radio building signifies the race is almost over, but not before a picture!

Voyage Thru Liquid Space

Replacing the Finding Nemo theme of the Submarine Voyage, the attraction closed along with the rest of Tomorrowland in order to revive it to some of its former glory. With a fixed capacity given the current subs, and with the addition of Pixar Pier, Finding Nemo was moved to Disney California Adventure and the more teen/adult oriented 'Voyage Thru Liquid Space' replaced it.

Throughout the queue, infomative reels play about how much we don't know about the ocean, and trivia facts pop up throughout making the more condensed and former boring queue, a more enjoyable experience.

While following the same duration and track as the former renditions, the subs have been completely redesigned and fitting to enhance the capacity by roughly 200 guests per hour, via a 'double-deck' sub, with additional seating. The premise of the attraction follows an explorer Isabel George, who has developed this new submarine technology to reach the deepest part of the ocean known to man, the Mariana Trench. Sail with her as you dive down to explore the creatures of the deep, and see for yourself what lies beyond the unknown.​

Majestic Point - A Symbol of Imagination

Bob Sled's bench at Majestic Point across from the Matterhorn was tragically wiped away from existence when Maleficent snapped her fingers with the Sorcerer's Hat. Nevertheless, the imagineers re-installed the bench overlooking one of the most iconic shots in Disneyland history of the Monorail passing over the subs. The bench also had charge ports in it with facilitate the themes of picturesque locations throughout Tomorrowland and the inclusion of new-age technology as a part of the experience.

To connect the 'Tomorrowland track' of the Matterhorn with the rest of the land, you can see an attraction poster near the exit to Voyage Thru Liquid Space.

Overall, this enhancement to Tomorrowland will increase its capacity in the wake of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, providing much needed room for guest enjoyment, as well as a unified vision of the land inspired by Walt futurism but established enough to continue on into the future.​
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