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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition


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This is a Team challenge...you win as a team and you lose as a team.

Season 2 I was on Team Sea and lost 3 out of the first 4 challenges (last place out of 3 teams) but we learned from it and got better and better until a brick wall in the semi-finals @Voxel :hilarious:

This game is competitive, but that's what makes it special! Regardless of ranking by the end of the game if you enjoy it and strive to do new things, everyone improves as an imagineer and that's all that really counts.:)


President of Progress City
This is a Team challenge...you win as a team and you lose as a team.

Season 2 I was on Team Sea and lost 3 out of the first 4 challenges (last place out of 3 teams) but we learned from it and got better and better until a brick wall in the semi-finals @Voxel :hilarious:

This game is competitive, but that's what makes it special! Regardless of ranking by the end of the game if you enjoy it and strive to do new things, everyone improves as an imagineer and that's all that really counts.:)
I still hate Cruise ships to this day. I don't know how Eng pulled that out. (Or was that the Weltch challenge? I think it was the cruise ship)


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Hiya... Team Castle guest reviewer here:

Love the idea and concept as presented of a weather & space-related pavilion. Would very much want to take a ride on Storm Chasers, sounds like a great blend of cutting-edge coaster tech (for the time) with dark-ride elements. Wonders of Beyond — you had me at the Grand Elevator pre-show "room." Plus the theater show sounds like it hits the sweet spot of being informational and a little bit thrilling as well. The Expo looks like it will do the lion's share of heavy lifting in terms of education, plus it has the advantage of being able to be updated and plussed with new exhibits from time to time. The shops and food options all make sense with the overall theme of the pavilion.

As for the Greece pavilion... I'm sure this would be one of the more iconic-looking places in WS, due to the use of the Parthenon and other signature greek architecture. I'd also imagine that both Piraeus and the Odyssey would become favorite food destinations. I'll admit I was a bit bummed that Curse of the Minotaur was just a walk-through instead of a ride-type attraction; the description of the attraction, while interesting, wasn't quite enough to get me enthused about it. The thought of a thrilling confrontation with The Minotaur (sort of like the Yeti in DAK) could make for a fun dark ride or coaster. Appreciate the staging and theatre of Legends of Olympus; but wonder if it is one or two "gods" too lengthy. Perhaps that will all depend on how the script plays out. Last, I could imagine spending a lot of time in The Museum and especially the Library - very ambitious for a gift shop!

All told, these are two pavilions that I'd love to have seen in an alternative timeline. Great work!


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Team Brava Review:

Overall: Very impressed with your Microverse FW pavilion concept. I like the architectural design of the pavilion, ramp entry and above ground/underground layout. This concept hit the "edutainment" nail right on the head. I felt like I was reading about an actual Epcot Center pavilion, not a fan creation. Interior design & lighting ideas also are very fitting to this time period. I love the multiple levels (each with it's own purpose), the reflecting ponds, recessed lighting etc.. All these are design elements which were featured at one place or another in the real Epcot Center and all worked well together. Both attractions seem fun and somewhat thrilling while retaining that edutainment feel. Particle Accelerator is an awesome idea for a dark coaster. I really like all the hard work that went into designing each segment of this ride, nice work on the renderings, however I hope the ride's effects will be good enough to make each microverse interaction throughout the coaster a unique experience and not feel redundant. Power of Ten is also a fantastic attraction concept. I feel both these attractions balance themselves well and both would be "must do" experiences for 1980s Epcot Center. I feel like part of the success of Power of Ten will rely on good acting/writing to pull off the transitions well and really retain the audiences' attention to the story throughout all the changing scenes.
Hall of Small is probably my favorite aspect of this pavilion as it unites both attractions and the pavilion's core theme all together in an interactive space fun for folks of all ages. As for the eateries: I really like both concepts here. However, I must admit, I'm not too excited about the menu items at Curie's. And for it to be a TS restaurant, I think the menu will need to be more elaborate with more savory dishes. I will say Curie's sounds like a really cool place to dine and I like the design/decor as well as the view from up there. Periodic Table is just a fantastic idea for a QS food joint! I like the science-y twist to naming the basic food items like burgers and nachos. This seems very well executed to me, as a QS really doesn't need to be any more complicated than this. Design points here are also spot-on to the concept.

Fantastic choice of Turkey to join the other countries in World Showcase. I really like the concept art for the pavilion and the old school map. I can tell lots of work has gone into executing this pavilion well and I appreciate that a lot. The bazaar is a little familiar to the shopping area in Morocco, but I feel this can be unique in it's own right. I'm running out of time here so I'll just hit some quick points about the rest of this pavilion: 1)The balloon ride. I loved this concept back at the original Land Pavilion model and am happy to see it here. I really appreciate the use of physical sets vs a Soarin'-style screen setup as well as the selection of landmarks to fly over. 2)Both restaurants (QS &TS) look pretty good to me! 3)Nice old school graphic at the end!

Final thoughts: Great choices for pavilions. Both mesh well into the park overall. Love the individual pavilion stats, the incusion of VIP lounges and the overall Epcot Center feel that I got while reading about these pavilions. Very well done fellas.


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:: WowFactor's Team Green Review - Stanza 2 ::
Creating yesterday's future, today!

Yes! The Imagineers at TEAM VERDE quickly reset their route and brought to us a more interactive presentation for this Stanza. I liked the introduction and the video but I think you could have given a little highlight to the attractions you were proposing, they were a bit lost on the map. The links to the concepts were evident and the site was very easy to navigate.

About the concepts presented I was satisfied - not surprised.
Honestly during the brainstorming I saw much more innovative ideas that could be carried forward being discarded quickly (UN Pavilion, Arts, TTA among others). You guys have to challenge yourselves! I believe that the anxiety about having the job done has somewhat undermined the creative process of one team that has great potential.

I was very happy to see the so mystic INDIA to finally be portrayed in WS and felt transported as soon as I played the BGM loop (great!). The TALL TALES would surely be beautiful and, about the FESTIVAL OF WONDERS, I literally got myself wondering if the idea of the two dancers throwing dust against the glass + smoke effects would really work. That was cool, thinking about the project even after you left the project…

At first I didn’t much believe in THE DEPTHS because I found it to be somewhat conflicting with THE LAND pavilion, I changed my mind as soon as I saw the combination with the ride and the show about the seas. I also was very impressed with the design of the CRYSTAL GARDENS. Really looked beautiful, IMO one of the highlights of the Stanza. Being a perfectionist I would put in the images gallery as the first, the Img# 3 that has much more sex appeal than the Img# 1

Overall I would like to see a few more real references that you had in mind. I mean the renders that you use are incredible (they really are and give the impression that this is really going to be built) but it could be complemented by colors, textures, objects, aromas... This could enrich the descriptions of shops, restaurants and cafes.

I'm excited to see what's coming. With just two teams this next Stanzas will be challenging.


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Fox&Hound Team Verde Review:

Well, I am sure am cutting it late with this review :) talk about a crazy day...Anyway, so much I had to say that has already been said so I will keep it brief.

The good- I really enjoyed The Depths pavillion and all that went with it. I thought it was very creative and complimented Future World nicely. The one ride did remind me too much of Dinosaur, even down to the narration, so I wish that was a bit different. To me, classic epcot is about education and our very small place in this very big world so the action hero/escape the time crunch dilemma did not fit for me. Sometimes, less is more. I loved the picture you added and could just marvel at the caverns and views from the “center of the earth”- just focus on that. Cause wow- that right there is a homerun.

The not as good- The India pavillion. Sorry. It just didn’t do it for me. While I loved the festival of wonders show (awesome job), the tall tales felt unnecessary to me. I know many people lament IP everywhere, and I don’t even think it was that, but this small-world/Mary Blair inspired ride just felt....cold....to me. Not sure I would ride and repeat it. Now, was it because of the story beig told? Lack of recognizable characters? Maybe, but India is such a beautiful country with a rich heritage and so I can appreciate the source of the material. I think where the India write up went south, for me, was that it was soooooo much text. I think pictures would have gone a long way to help me visualize this ride, the restaurant, the market, etc.

If I had any advice for the team members going forward- allow visuals and hand-drawn art to flesh out your projects. Sometimes with so much text it just feels overwhelming.

Overall, I thought there were a lot of really good moments in this presentation. And when you stop and consider that everyone is either a full-time student or full time employee with lives and bills and demands of life- well, I’d say kudos to all involved :) thank you for your work for allowing us to dream and imagine together!!!!!
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Just a general message to all teams remember to proofread your projects as throughout the projects there were various spelling, grammatical, and continuity errors.

Verde's Verdict
Tcool's Reviews

To start off, I love the opening of your project. It feels very playful, and me tripping has happened before on disney property. So me tripping is very much in character. The World Key was a nice touch, and I'm glad to hear background music for each pavilion. The music really set the mood for everything, and got me ready to embark on a wondrous journey through India and the Depths.

The queue for Tall Tales is simple, but also engaging as it works in the ideas of edutainment Epcot is known for. I wish that the ride would have avoided being another boat ride for the sake of diversity. Additionally I think as far as the fow of the story it would have been better to have the animals working together before/after the pace section of the ride. I do these reviews as I read, and at first I thought the placement of the first scene was odd, but it ties together overall. As such I think it was clever ride through.

Bay of Bengal is an interesting way to bring in the British while never truly acknowledging the fact India was one a colony it does make light of it. The two restaurants sound nice, but further elaboration would have been nice to see. Such as a more detailed menu. Ustav Theater sounds like the main draw of the pavilion as it seamlessly incorporates performers and special effects. I absolutely love this show, and all the details that went into it.

Overall India sounds like a great addition to Epcot adding in a new family friendly ride, and an engaging show that simply just the thought wows me. With that said I do feel that while Ustav Theater was strong the rest of the area paled in comparison which could have been helped by extra details. Now onto The Depths!

The Depths for me was a misfire. As your team was brainstorming I became overjoyed with the idea of an Arts based pavilion, and then nope we received The Depths, a hybrid of the Land and the Seas. Additionally I don't think The Depths messes well with the Future World, but the designs are nice nonetheless.

Expedition from the Deep has a fun and interesting premise. The first scene is informative, the second is beautiful and memorable, the rest of the scenes are fast paced and action packed. Overall this ride is unique for the time, and definitely something that would be popular in Epcot. With that said it does read like a proto Dinosaur, and there's nothing with that, but it does give me that Dinosaur vibe.

The Great Seas is an odd fit in my opinion as I'm not sure how it truly fits in with the Deep as a whole. I have one questions what's an LMF? You mentioned it to be in your ride, but I can't really seem to figure out what it is supposed to be/mean. Overall The Seas feels like a redo of the The Seas with Nemo and Friends, and could be separated from the pavilion as its own and be fine. While the Living Seas show acts an extension of the Great Seas, and in all honesty both could have been incorporated into another to make a stronger more memorable attraction. These two attractions are just odd fits for The Depths of Earth since it has to do with the ocean itself.

Overall this project was a mixture of some really good ideas, and then some more questionable decisions. For example the India Pavilion is great, and everything within that land works together forming a cohesive experience. While The Depths are an odd mixture of subterranean goodness and ocean oddities, and as such form a weird mix in which the two ideas clash against each other both trying to be its own pavilion.

Castle's Conclusion
Tcool's Reviews

Another fun opening for a project, and I'm extra happy to see that this project is not even over 30 pages! Now that's progress :p

Starting off with the World Above, I like the concept of the pavilion. It plays opposite to the Land, but is distinct enough to stand on its own. Also I like that effort put forth into making an original song very adventurous, and definitely a fun addition, and hey a fun pavillion loop too! The first track has given me chills, or that could be my cold. One of the two ;)

Storm Chasers continues the innovative streak Disney is often for having in roller coasters, anyone want to gues the first tubular steel coaster was? Twas Matterhorn! The backstory is lighthearted and quite fun, and Nimbus seems to be quite the mischief maker like a similar purple dragon :p
Overall I love this ride, and think it is very comedic ala Marc Davis littered with plenty of sight gags. I'm not sure why it's a rollercoaster, but overall this ride is great. As a side note this is much better than the other Storm Riders ride formerly at Tokyo. Let's hope that this ride won't fall to a similar demise.

Overall Wonders of Beyond is a planetarium on steroids. It's educational and engaging as it travels through the our universe, and educates about various celestial bodies that lay out there waiting to be explored. While the Sky Frontier Expo is fun and engaging. I like the idea of Chef Nimbus', but I do wish more detail were put into it. I also like the descriptions of the stores, and how they evolve throughout time. Now onto Greece!

The Labyrinth attraction is "kinda" spooky ;) The scenes selected seem to tell the story well, and since this is a maze it's bound to have repeatability. While the pantheon based show and is a great work of edutainment. On their own neither attraction are huge, but together they become a powerful duo. They are examples of a classic Epcot attraction for World Showcase. Nothing too extravagant, but a bonus for those that do stay to participate. Even the gift shop acts an attraction, and the restaurants enhance the experience.

Overall I loved both pavilions, and liked how a timeline was included to see how the pavilions evolved throughout time. However do proofread your proposal as you mentioned Windbreakers a couple of times, and I had an issue finding such attraction. Additionally I liked you background music for a World Beyond, but I do wish that there was more of it for Greece.

Brava's Breview
Tcool's Reviews
First off I love your opening I thought it was clever and well done. The art throughout the presentation was beautiful, and at times was highly realistic looking like actual concept art from Imagineering. I also like the Google Slides I feel as if they were professional, and easy to navigate. Finally in terms of presentation I would've loved to have heard some background music provided, but alas there was none. Now onto the content of the project itself!

For the Microverse I like how you took time to set up the backstory of the pavilion, and why Monsanto is the sponsor. I feel like this is a pretty realistic move. I love the established aesthetic that will be used within the pavilion, and I think it will be very futuristic for years to come. The maps were a bit confusing as some of the colors bled into each other, and would've been helped by creating a clearer key.

While this was probably a typo it did create a funny image in my head. When using meters to describe time you implied it would go from 10 to 50 meters per second or 22 to 111 miles per hour, and quickly added it would be a fun family adventure. On the flip side it would be the fastest ride built to this day in Florida. I love the models that were used for the coaster, and it goes it a nice touch! Overall the coaster is nice, and I feel like it gives a nod towards Adventures in Inner Space. Definitely sounds like a fun ride, and a popular one at that too. Overall I wish there was more detail, but I do see the effort that was invested into aspects of the ride.

For Powers of Ten at first I was a bit confused with the whole premise as it saw guests travelling into pace, but this was soon corrected as the ride travelled back towards the microscopic fields of Earth. As a whole this attraction is nice, and a compliment to to the nearby coaster. I feel that Powers of Ten is a good family friendly alternative.

The Hall of Small sounds like a fun distraction, and will likely be attention grabbing for many. Especially the touchscreens as those were still a fun novelty that most have not used yet. Curie's sounds like it will be an exciting restaurant to eat at, and somewhere I would love to go to. As for the other restaurant I love the name. Also love how Dippin' Dots gets a little wink here. Finally love all the information provided a the end felt very realistic.

Overall the Microverse was an interesting pavilion, but I feel like there details lacking throughout the pavilion. It was definitely a bolder choice for a pavilion as well. Now onto Turkey!

Unlike some other judges I love the idea of Turkey coming to World Showcase. It's aesthetically similar to Greece/Rome and the Middle East, but also unique enough to stand on its own. Plus it was home to one of the most important Ancient World cities, Constantinople. Bonus points for including the Hagia Sophia!

The bazaar and entertainment really liven up Turkey, and make the country much more energetic. While the restaurants promise to bring in unique tastes to Epcot along with unique dining locales. Overall I like the concept of the Hot Air Balloon flight, but it may be too similar in concept and execution to whatever version of IF You Had Wings was in Tomorrowland at the time. With that said it is a nice ride, and will definitely attract guests to the back of the world showcase.

Overall, Brava you guys had two interesting ideas. Moreover, your concept art was gorgeous and realistic, your presentation was an interesting one, and I loved the little facts sheet at the end of each slide. However some areas lacked detail, and of course the background music was nowhere to be found.


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Stanza II Results

Special thanks to all the reviewers and guest judges -- a bit of a delay but it was to ensure that the rankings were reviewed thoroughly and double checked before posting. Let's get to it!

Tie! Team Castle and Team Verde
These two teams were incredibly difficult to distinguish, and neither had enough points for or against it coming in last place. In terms of Project Managers, TheOriginalTiki was a stronger leader in this round for Team Verde than MA Screamin' for Castle (not a knock on MA but I think even he would concede that he had a busy week). However, while the project manager guided Verde more effectively, we thought the pavilions of Castle were a bit better...but which do you reward? Better leadership or slightly better pavilions? Because both are critical to an overall project. So...why not award both!
Continuing...while Team Castle had an incredible custom soundtrack, they had little to no custom artwork and while Team Verde had Sketch-Up designs and an elegant website presentation, there was nothing else 'stand out'...both are great in their own right. Again...a wash is most respects.
In the end, we thought that both 'classic' Team Castle and 'classic' Team Verde deserved a bit of a reward (not 'losing' in 3rd place) to end on before heading into the new chapter of the competition!

Team Brava
The passion. Effort is hard to quantify at times, but when you open up an 80s VHS and the first thing you see and hear 'Eastern Airlines presents a flight of imagination to Walt Disney World EPCOT Center....this team truly made it a goal to be as 'EPCOT-y' as possible. Immersed the readers. While everything was not a home run, and some details were missed, for every detail missed you added 5 more we weren't expecting. VIP Lounges, The 3 year plan, blueprints and Sketch-UP, the attempt to go above and beyond with hours on Planet Coaster, hours of editing to make sure it looks exactly like the Swiss proposal, and so on...it felt as if we were reading an EPCOT Center proposal from 1985. Great job.

You made it through Stanza II -- Congratulations everyone! Be proud of what you accomplish and know what you hope to achieve going into Stanza III...let's begin!​


Original Poster

The River of Time
The new teams gazed at both Future World and World Showcase one last time to see the winning creations, before following a sign that led the players toward the Mexico Pavilion. Walking inside and towards the entrance to El Rio Del Tiempo, the players boarding the floating vessel and proceeded down the dimly lit river.

As they floated along the River of Time, the players could hear the classic cultural music shift through the years, as the River of Time acted as a time traveling portal to return the players back to the current day. At the end of the journey a faint instrumental piece could be heard, perhaps as a hint for what is to come of the Mexico Pavilion.

After exiting the attraction and back in present day, the players got notified of their express check-out from the resorts, and the check-in time for the new resorts.

"Oh geez how are we getting to California and back so soon? We're also being summoned by Yen Sid" @DisneyFan18 exclaimed

"Not to worry" pronounced @D Hindley "While this is my first time in EPCOT, Volcano Bat, my good friend and companion, mentioned to me that the Carthay Circle theater may act as another portal between WDW and DCA


As they traveled inside the Boardwalk Resort they noticed one of the pictures of Coney Island on the wall with New York City in the background. They went through a shortcut through the Boardwalk Resort and ended up at Disney's Hollywood Studios, on Sunset Boulevard, and walked through the DHS version of the Carthay Circle Theater.

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The Comp That Never Sleeps (Part 1)
Immediately they were transported to Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort.

"Woo! We're here!" @pixie_princess said "I'm not playing, just a reviewer, but I thought it would be fun to go through the portal! Look there's Soarin' Around The World!"

Once they departed, the teams went to complete their check-ins at the Disneyland resort hotels, and walked back through the portal from DCA to DHS.

"Okay where to now?" asked @Brer Oswald "Let's get to the challenge! The notification from Yen Sid was read once again and it mentioned that they were to report to the Peoplemover promptly.

"Oh heck yes! Another Peoplemover ride" @Skipper2 said.


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The Plaza

Yen Sid traveled to the land of tomorrow
To cast a spell with tides to sow
The teams will be headed to a brand new place
With a unique challenge they must face
Aboard the Peoplemover they will reach their location

They'll take a bite out of the Big Apple once they're done.

The Comp That Never Sleeps (Part 2)
As the teams entered the Peoplemover and traveled around the promenade and into the attractions of Tomorrowland, they completed the trip wondering why they were summoned to the Peoplemover

"Maybe Yen Sid is just a fan of the Peoplemover?" @Pionmycake suggested

However their questions were answered shortly as the booming announcer stated "Now approaching Rockefeller Plaza Station"

"Isn't it Rockettower Plaza?" @DisneyManOne asked but suddenly they exited into one of the bustling hubs of Midtown Manhattan in New York City, as they entered Rockefeller Plaza, and pointed in the direction of a Disney shareholders meeting on Wall Street.


Original Poster


Welcome home! Beginning in 1991 with what was known at the time as the Disney Vacation Club Resort (now known as the Old Key West Resort) the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) has grown exponentially in recent years to offer a variety of accommodations and locations not just in Walt Disney World, but in Disneyland as well as areas around the U.S. With that in mind, you've been sent to New York City to a Walt Disney Company shareholders meeting regarding the Disney Vacation Club.

Your task is to pitch a new Disney Vacation Club Resort to the shareholders.

- From prior meetings we have had with these shareholders, they want to push DVC resorts to destinations outside of US Disney Resorts, either in popular tourist cities of the United States, or even better, global tourist cities and/or international Disney Resorts.
- It could be a stand-alone DVC resort similar to Disney's Vero Beach Resort or a partial DVC Resort similar to Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa.
- Whatever you choose, your focus should be on the resort's story, the purpose of the location choice, as well as the various amenities of the resort.
- Ensure that you emphasize the economic value that the shareholders might gain from broadening the horizon of DVC Resorts to your new location.

Project Managers
Castle - @Pionmycake
Brava - @DisneyFan18

Individual Reviewers
Castle - michmousefan, pixie_princess, WowFactor, Poe Dameron, FireMountain
Brava - v_k, P_Radden, WDW Guru, WED Imagineering, Fox&Hound

This Project is due Tuesday April 17th at 11:59PM EST

Time Zones
Pacific Standard Time - 8:59 PM
Eastern Standard Time - 11:59 PM
Greenwich Mean Time - 3:59 AM
Central European Time - 4:59 AM

Any specific questions feel free to ask in your brainstorming PMs or below. Thank you, best of luck to everyone, and enjoy!​


Original Poster

Program Guide
Disney's Best Kept Secret Revealed
This could help for people who might not be as familiar with, or need a refresher on, DVC Resorts!

Use the Program Guide to your team's benefit!! That is what it's there for.

Timon & Pumbaa's Wild About Brainstorming Tip #3

Stanza III - Sound Trivia
Sound #1 - Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
Sound #2 - Disney's Beach Club Resort
Sound #3 - Animal Kingdom Lodge
Sound #4 - Polynesian Village Resort
Sound #5 - Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort
Sound #6 - Disney's Beach Club Resort
Sound #7 - Disney's Old Key West Resort
Sound #8 - Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Sound #9 - Disney's Contemporary Resort
Sound #10 - Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa


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What about a Walt Disney History DVC to tie into the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco? I know for a fact the museum has literal warehouses of Walt memorabilia they could use to decorate a resort. Now the museum and the Disney company aren't one in the same so they'd have to come to some kind of partnership, but I still think it's a super cool idea.

Some other ideas...
-A campground resort near Yosemite
-A beachfront resort connected to and somewhat affiliated with the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Can you tell I really want to do something in Northern California ;)

San Francisco would be a really good spot with or without the tie in to the museum.

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