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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition


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Program Guide
Disney's Best Kept Secret Revealed
This could help for people who might not be as familiar with, or need a refresher on, DVC Resorts!

Use the Program Guide to your team's benefit!! That is what it's there for.

Timon & Pumbaa's Wild About Brainstorming Tip #3

Timon & Pumbaa's Wild About Brainstorming Tip #3.5
Don’t hire Drake and Josh for construction.


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What about a Walt Disney History DVC to tie into the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco? I know for a fact the museum has literal warehouses of Walt memorabilia they could use to decorate a resort. Now the museum and the Disney company aren't one in the same so they'd have to come to some kind of partnership, but I still think it's a super cool idea.

Some other ideas...
-A campground resort near Yosemite
-A beachfront resort connected to and somewhat affiliated with the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Can you tell I really want to do something in Northern California ;)

San Francisco would be a really good spot with or without the tie in to the museum.
Hey tiki this is the main competition thread ;)

Just a heads up :p


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Pleased to announced a new segment that we are introducing into The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition!

With all the great creativity going on with the teams, we'd like to add a little extra imagineering spark to it as well, following along with the Stanza locations but focusing on places that aren't covered in the challenges.
(and some that are rarely, if ever, touched on in the Imagineer forum)


Fantasmic! 2000 will be a new thread coming soon in conjunction with the competition that will contain auxiliary projects and ideas, mostly done by the hosts, and typically geared towards places surrounding where the Stanza is located. In this case - New York City! It will also be a place for any eliminated members to continue on with the Stanzas and be able to design their own Stanza location-based projects and hone their imagineering skills if they would like to.

As we have established that Time Travel exists in the SAU... so therefore this Stanza we will visit some historical Disney and other amusement park sites in and around NYC from the past, present, and future!

A quick tease at some of the projects to be released over the course of Stanza III to Fantasmic! 2000

Palisades Amusement Park Retrospective

A New WED 1964 World's Fair Pavilion

Six Flags Great Adventure Expansion

Disney Xanadu Meadowlands Mall Concept

(Side-Note this was the first non-competition project @MonorailRed and I worked on back in 2015 -- it was never finished and the name ended up inspiring the Xanadu project in The Sole Imagineer Season 2. This Stanza -- it will finally be complete!)
Look for this thread in the coming days and hope you enjoy!


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Fantasmic! 2000 is live!

Thread link here

Also including within it some behind the scenes looks at how the Stanzas came to be as well as recaps/reviews of the personal projects that inspired them! And some new Stanza III related concept contributions from @FireMountain !

Today was the Palisades Retrospective and tomorrow we will travel from the turn of the century to 1964 with the new WED World's Fair attraction!

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