The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 2: International Edition

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Challenge 1 Hint:
Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber alles in der welt?

At least that picture made me instantly think of the German country side...and Hitlers Country Palace...yeah for the past few months I have been researching the Third Reich.


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Challenge 1: Ye Come Seekin' Adventure and Salty Ol' Pirates, eh? Or the Lost Ark, perhaps?

For this, our first week, our three new teams must Imagineer a brand new E-ticket for Disneyland Paris's Adventureland area. As you can see in the image below, the land is designed in a "U" shape, resulting in two extremely close dead ends. In the middle you have the Bazaar and Adventure Isle. On the left you have Indiana Jones et le Tempe du Peril and it's surrounding archaeological theming. On the right, there is the Pirates of the Caribbean area. At the top of the "U" you will recognize a large expansion plot from the picture posted earlier. Your job this week is to design a new mini-area on that plot, once deemed for the Indiana Jones Adventure. You have three options; build an Indiana Jones expansion, a Pirates expansion, or something completely original. Either way you go, though, you are required to have 1 large-scale E-ticket, 1 food option, and 1 merchandise location. Remember the intricate design that went into separating the areas of Adventureland, and pay attention to your aesthetics.


This weeks Project Managers are;

@MA Screamin'

@RMichael21 is receiving the first immunity idol, as he will be leaving for Disneyland tomorrow, and he contacted me nearly a month in advance. His proactivity earned him the idol.

This week, as usual, @BryceM will be acting as an adviser, like Trump's children and associates on the show.

Please provide at least 3 photos, but no more than 15, in order to give a good sense of your expansion and how it fits in at the Parisian park. You guys may communicate amongst your teams in a PM I will create and watch over. Ask me any questions there. Due date is Sunday, July 13th, at 9 PM EST. After you post your ideas please do not get into personal conflicts with the other team about concepts, or actions of punishment will take place. Good Luck! :)
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