The Sorcerer's Apprentice Holiday Special


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Chapter 3: Walk in the Park

Figment gazed around at the surroundings. It looked like the background of a Boomerang cartoon.


A voice cried out to Figment
"Helloooo" as it echoed through the forest. A sign read: Jellystone National Park

" @goofyyukyuk ?" Figment asked

Yogi Bear/goofyyukyuk appeared with a picnic basket
"You're just in time for lunch with my pal Nate!"

Figment took the Nintendo Switch that caused all this chaos along for the picnic. Yogi began to set up the picnic near a wooded campsite that looked oddly familiar. There was late-2000s music playing in the background.

"Hey you're just in time for lunch Figs!" a voice said walking down the path

"Nate Grey/ @NateD1226 from Camp Rock?" Figment pronounced in amazement. "Where am I?"

"Well Figment, you're in the So, You Want To Be An Imagineer realm" Yogi explained "That Nintendo Switch is key, it can unlock portals to all the seasons of the game"

"I love that game!" Figment shouted "But what is Nate doing here?"

"Well you see, Tobias Fünke/ @JokersWild is the ace musician and aspiring theatre actor here in these parts, and because musicals have become such a staple of the past few seasons of the game, having a Jonas Brother around at least provides competition"

"Oh I see...well, I need to get back to the Sorcerer's Apprentice Universe though" Figment stated "My friend Nigel needs me, I should have listened to those enemies Pi and Space when they warned me not to mess with the Switch"

"I could play you a song?" Nate suggested taking out his guitar.

Figment curtly replied getting fidgety.
"Do you all know Baby Yoda/mickeyfan?"

"All too well" Nate replied "He still bringing the sass?"

"So much sass" Figment agreed "But he said the 1986 universe was merging with other competition universes. Long story, but Waldo, the Muppet villain guy? He's been driving us crazy and sending the whole SAU into chaos!"

"Hmm" Yogi thought to himself "Well I did see Pepita randomly fly overhead that one day, do you remember that Nate?"

"Yes! The Alebrije! That was strange, I could have sworn I knew who that was"

"I think it's from another universe" Figment said "Do you know where he went?"

"He flew overhead due east Figs, not too long ago" Nate remembered.

"Thanks guys! I'm not going to stay for lunch, I gotta go!"

And with that Figment was off to find Pepita. Traveling through the forest thinking to himself how these universes are merging together, he noticed a scene taking place that @Suchomimus made famous through his infamous Aurora Borealis memes in Sorcerer's Apprentice

"Oh my..." Figment said "This is worse than I thought, I better hurry..."


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"Hmm" Yogi thought to himself "Well I did see Pepita randomly fly overhead that one day, do you remember that Nate?"

"Yes! The Alebrije! That was strange, I could have sworn I knew who that was"

"I think it's from another universe" Figment said "Do you know where he went?"

"He flew overhead due east Figs, not too long ago" Nate remembered.
That Pepita character color me intrigued, possibly the second hero to this story 👀

Whoever they are I am sure they are very modest, amazing, intelligent, charming, suave, and a family size bag of chips ;)


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Chapter 4: Twist & Spark

"Peptia!" Figment shouted getting its attention as it was flying off into the distance

"Figment, how are you? You're here too?" @tcool123 /Pepita asked

"You're from A Twist in Time right?" Figment replied

"Yes, everything is all in flux, I tried to control it with my Nintendo Switch, but to no avail. This is a power from beyond"

"You have a Switch too?"

"Oh yes - a few of the universes run by us Nintendo fans opted to control them via our Switches, looks like you have one there, is that yours?"

"I borrowed it from the Barker Bird/Tiki"

*gasp* "Well Figment you need to bring that back! That's the SYWTBAI Switch. That's why you're here, see take a look at mine"

Tcool showed Figment his screen "There's @AimYourBrent 's wonderful Mythical Mountain"

And here's @DinoInstitute 's brilliant DHS expansion project

"Oh wow there's a lot in this Twist in Time universe! or should I say the TI---

"We don't use the acronym for Twist in Time like SAU, this is a family website" Tcool interrupted "And yes and I've been on a quest to try and 'snap' it back"

"Snap it?"

"It only takes one deranged Muppet*Vision villain to ruin the whole thing. But the universes can typically be redone with a snap, like the Switch Start-up Screen, the sound acts as a snap"

"I'm guessing it hasn't been working?" Figment stated looking at Tiki's Switch

"For some reason it snap doesn't reset but either sends the user around to different universes, or moves attractions around, it's all very worrisome."

"All I wanted to do was save my friend Nigel from the Island of Misfit Characters!" Figment explained "But now I feel we have bigger problems!"

"Is there a Switch for the SAU?" tcool asked

"It would have to be at one of the Nintendo attractions" Figment thought

"Let's go on an Adventure then!" tcool stated as he starting flapping his wings "I have an idea how to get back to the SAU, we just need to get the Switch to a Nintendo Attraction, there's plenty in the SYWTBAI universe, and once we do that, a wormhole should activate through all the universes to connect with the other Nintendo attractions."

"I'm ready!" and with that the pair of flying friends set off to explore the SYWTBAI Universe for the first Nintendo attraction they could find.



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Chapter 4: Twist & Spark

Searching the SYWTBAI Universe for a Nintendo attraction, Figment and Tcool got to talking as they flew across the night sky.


"Got anything else on that Nintendo Switch there, tcool?" asked Figment

"I do in fact, you see, aside from A Twist in Time, I have been around these parts for a while. I always keep an eye out for new imagineers as well, see what they're up to"

"I'd like to see that!"

"Sure - looks like we have a lot, we have @Ludpat Mike with the Italian Disneyland @TheSquirrel with The Idea Space and @Shannoninthemagic with the Kingdom of Dreams "

"Sounds like fun!" Figment exclaimed..."what's that I see there?"

"That's @NigelChanning09 - his Ideal Universal Studios Park "

"I had no idea he felt so betrayed by Disney he'd jump to Universal" Figment sobbed "We have to get him off the Island, tcool you've won the Sorcerer's Apprentice, don't you have some magical power or something?"

"Well, yes - the winners all have a special gift, the Sorcerer's Hat, remember the item you and Yensid were supposed to protect?" That grants the user the power to change the universe, and we could bring Nigel back with that if you'd like"

"So, the Sorcerer's Hat - we need to get back to the SAU, find Waldo, get the Sorcerer's Hat...and then we -- wait, the hat is being guarded by top men"

"Top men?"

"Yes @D Hulk wonderfully illustrated this in Season 5"


"We might need some help Figment" tcool suggested

"Hey!" a voice screamed from afar "Figment, we need to talk, what did I try to warn you about that Switch!"



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Chapter 4: Twist & Spark

@Pi on my Cake flew Dreamfinder's ship towards the pair of Figment and tcool hovering above the SYWTBAI universe.

"Figment! I tried to tell you not to take that Switch"

"I'm sorry Pi, I was just trying to save my friend"

"Wait" tcool interrupted "Is this Pi from the SAU or Pi from the One Little Spark Universe?"

"There are 2 Pi's?" Figment asked

"There's 2018 Pi and 2020 Pi" 2018 Pi explained "And both of us knew you shouldn't have taken that Switch! The One Little Spark Universe has been colliding with the SAU ever since Waldo so 2020 Pi sent me to find you!"

"That's a lot of Pi" tcool acknowledged "Space must really not like this"

"We have to get to that Nintendo attraction fast!" Figment stated "Come with us 2018 Pi"

"We need to get @pix first" 2018 Pi said

"Pi, we can take photos later---"

"No not pics! I mean @pix - from Pi n' Pix - they are my partner in crime! Plus they help build the Digital Kingdom"

"We need to get back to the SAU first!" Figment explained.

The trio flew off across the SYWTBAI Universe and towards the coordinates that landed them near a Nintendo attraction.

"Right there!" tcool shouted "From Season 14, @Basketbuddy101 's winning project of Super Sunshine Soakers!"

"Okay everyone, if I calibrate my Switch ... beep boop beep"

"Are you turning into @b-wolf95 , tcool?" Figment asked

And with a vivacious whoosh, the trio was launched into a digital portal that allows them access to all competition universes via their Nintendo inspired attractions. 2018 Pi began to pull the trio towards the Digital Kingdom.

"2018 Pi causes more mischief than his 2020 self doesn't he?" Figment asked

"Well I did steal Dreamfinder's ship" He retorted "So yes!"

Suddenly 2018 Pi grabbed the trio that was on course to return to the SAU, and launched them into the Digital Kingdom of the One Little Spark Universe.


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Chapter 4: Twist & Spark

Arriving in the Digital Kingdom 2018 Pi searched for Pix while tcool and Figment observed the majesty of the park.

"Wow this concept art was designed by @TheDesignPirate - wonderful work, she should work for Disney or something!" Figment applauded

Looking at the accomplishments of others in the One Little Spark competition, Figment noticed that 'OutboundFlight' was listed as a contestant and host.

"Who is this?" Figment asked "He sounds familiar"

"I know of an Outbound" tcool commented "Are they two different people?"

"No...." a booming voice echoed throughout the Digital Kingdom


"Only Outbound exists now" @Outbound /Darth Vader explained

"I would like to come with you on your journey, I have been searching the universe for competitions for my new Empire"

"Your new Empire?" Figment asked

"Don't make me destroy you" Outbound continued "First I took over One Little Spark Season 2, then Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 6, soon all systems will be under my control"

"That sounds like a lot of work" tcool responded

"Found them!" 2018 Pi stated as Pix arrived

"Hey pix!" Figment stated "Now that the band is back together, can we get to the SAU?"

"Yes I'd just like to take a look around one last time" 2018 Pi said tearing up as he gazed over the horizon "I think I'm going to stay here for a while, you guys fix it all, say hi to One Sentence Competition Pi for me...he owes me an Ice Cream Cone from Main Street."

"Wow 2018 Pi, maybe you aren't a jerk after all" Figment rationalized

2018 Pi replied
"I'll be back to foil your plan eventually, until then I'll hang out here with Pix and OLS, till next time muhahaha" And 2018 Pi without warning launched the trio of tcool, Outbound, and Figment into the SAU.

Gathering themselves after the chaotic landing, they felt the warm air and sunny skies of Orlando Florida. Palm trees and a Volcano towered overhead.

"What's that chanting sound...this is Nintendo?" tcool asked

In the distance the trio could hear a faint chant as Outbound ignited his red lightsaber in defense...

VBB ... VBB.... VBB

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