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Trip Report The (second) ONE with enhanced cleaning and (a little less) Physical Distancing. Sept 2020

How is everyone doing out there???

A little background on this trip. This trip was origionally booked as a Food and Wine/Birthday girls getaway with two of my friends. We booked The Poly at 7 months Thursday through Sunday. (One friend’s bday was Thurs, the other was Sunday! Sooooo perfect!!!)
Buuuuut, they are both teachers and were not allowed to go. (Read that again. Not Allowed☹️)
I had the reservation and I wanted to go. My friend, R and I had a trip in April we had canceled. We had rescheduled for October to do a Halloween party (Nope!) and a DVC moonlight madness (Nope again). Then, she lost her job😞 so she came back to work with me. Her Mom, Gpa and Uncle own the business.
“Hey R, want to go to Disney in September instead?”
“Should we add a night? I still have 18 points I can use.”
“Do you think we can get the extra day off?”
She looks at me. I look at her. 😂😂😂
I mean, her Mom makes the schedule.

She booked her flight, bought her park tickets, made her park reservations and we were set.

Tuesday night, September 15th I caught the sunset and headed to bed for an early start the next morning.

Wednesday, September 16 came early. R’s Gma was flying back to Ft Lauderdale an hour before our flight. So we all went together to help her out.



We were not sitting together because our flights were booked seperately. I asked to move us together but I asked on the late side and it was a no go. It was fine. We watched movies. I love Jet Blue TV’s!


Yay! The sign said 45 minute wait. The woman who checked us in pointed out the sign and said it “could” take 45 minutes.

Overheard on the ME: “Mom, I dont want to go to the Magic Kingdom!”
“Where do you want to go?”
Lets check the weather...

Notice my phone is only at 44%🤦🏼‍♀️

Back of the bus. Not a 45 minute wait but about 20.

Too far in the back of the bus to get THE SIGN. How about the side of the road? Almost as good???

For the record, we went to Wilderness Lodge, BLT, the Contemporary and then The Polynesian.

We finally made it and were ready to let the fun begin!!


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Wednesday, September 16 cont


The park was closed but there was a PPP and we did a lengthy shoot. Just a few here folks.

Then R wanted to shop. I took her to the new, temporary Mouse Gear. After 5 minutes she declared Mouse Gear is the best store ever and pondered why she had never shopped there. I did explain the temporary part but she was too excited to listen.

We were in the store for a long time. I overheard a woman and a man talking about hub grass. There was a t-shirt that said something like “hub grass is the best or the greenest” or something like that. Well the man said, “what the heck is hub grass?!” I had to peak my head around the corner and see who this unedumicated person was. The wife caught my eye and said, “tell him.”
Am I a grass expert??
I mean, I explained it to him but....

@ajrwdwgirl , I know you remember the space mountain jacket from my last report. I think this one is worse.

What say you?
Btw, I sent a pix to AJ, he loves the skyliner, he answered me a little later. “Yes, I want it. it too late?” I, of course said, “yes, it’s too late.” (It wasn’t🤫)

We bought waaaay too much stuff. R is a bad influence when it comes to shopping.
We headed out in the dark.


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Wednesday, September 16 cont

After TT we mosied over to see Figment.
Look how empty...
View attachment 502059
View attachment 502060
View attachment 502061
View attachment 502062
Everyone must have been eating and drinking around the world.
View attachment 502063
This is when I decided, as long as I am wearing a mask I will not smile. All smiling does is make my forehead all wrinkly. It makes me look mad. I told R, if my husband asks for xmas present ideas, one word.....
View attachment 502064
View attachment 502065
View attachment 502066
Then we headed for a break in the (empty) DVC lounge.
View attachment 502067
Some much needed caffeine and I might have charged my phone😂
View attachment 502068
Haha. That is my charger in the bottom left corner. I probably charged my charger as well.
We love the DVC lounge. It's a great way to cool off in Epcot. Wish they had them in the other parks.


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Your day at Epcot sounds like a super fun day and your PP pictures are so adorable. :) Does seem strange to clean the Frozen boats that close to closing. :rolleyes: The temporary Mouse Gear shop can't even compare to the real one which will hopefully open back up soon. :)


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Wednesday September 16 cont

It seems silly to me. Perhaps someone, maybe one of you lurkers, knows why you can not take the monorail to/from Epcot right now. Is it cost prohibitive? Staffing issue? For me a big perk of staying at a “monorail resort” is actually being able to take the monorail!

We made our way to the bus. I pulled up our room number on the way to the Polynesian



We arrived to the bus stop and walked to the Great Ceremonial house and up to the Bell services desk.
Me: “Hi, we are just checking in and need our luggage.”
Bellman in the rudest voice, with the sourest look upon his face: “Do you want me to deliver it?”
(Hmmmm. Why the heck am I asking you for my luggage? I know Disney is a magic place but does the luggge deliver itself??And, not anymore thank you!)

Me , totally annoyed that this guy was NOT very nice: “No, we can manage it ourselves.”
(Translation: I am not giving YOU a tip!)
Him: “Go speak with the Valet.” -again, very rude tone and manner. Not Aloha worthy!

Here we go again!

Back outside we go to speak with the Valet.
One note here: last trip I was told that CM’s were called back based on seniority. Just because a person has been at a job for a long time, does not mean they are great at it!!! On this trip, we encountered more grumpy CM’s than I ever have in my whole life. Perhaps the seasoned veterans are just over it? Or maybe, in this case, he knew his resort was being shut down even further for refurbishment and he took it out on me?
The Valet, however was much younger and very polite and energetic.
Me: “Hi, we just arrived from the parks and need our luggage and instacart order.”
Him: “If you just go inside to bell services they can help you.”


I was tired folks...
I blurted out, “that A-whole just sent us out here!!!”
The valet, was taken aback, naturally.
He was very nice, apologized for the A-whole and retrieved our bags and groceries.
We began unloading the cart he wheeled our stuff out on and he told us to take it with us. I asked what we do with the cart when we are finished.
“Usually we ask guests to return them here but to make up for your bad experience just leave it outside.”
Thank you Mr. Valet dude whose name I did not get. Here is a huge tip and Aloha to you!!!

@Nunu you have been pretty silent around here. I took these for you😘and the rest of you room peepers.
Front door and a connecting door to the adjoining room.

Closet on the left
With a refrigerator, sink, microwave and coffee maker just after.


Bathroom number one on the right.


Bathroom number two next to number one😂😂😂 (get it? #2? #1?)

I have said it before...two bathrooms but only one toilet is just plain dumb. Especially since the room sleeps five.


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Wednesday, September 16 cont

More room pictures

queen bed



Under bed storage. So cool!
Couch that pulls out to a queen sleeper.

R playing Disney Emoji Blitz, er, I mean, table and chairs.

Cool TV and credenza thingy. Or is it?

It’s a bed!

Too dark for outside shots. I took some the next morning.

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