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Trip Report The (second) ONE with enhanced cleaning and (a little less) Physical Distancing. Sept 2020

How is everyone doing out there???

A little background on this trip. This trip was origionally booked as a Food and Wine/Birthday girls getaway with two of my friends. We booked The Poly at 7 months Thursday through Sunday. (One friend’s bday was Thurs, the other was Sunday! Sooooo perfect!!!)
Buuuuut, they are both teachers and were not allowed to go. (Read that again. Not Allowed☹️)
I had the reservation and I wanted to go. My friend, R and I had a trip in April we had canceled. We had rescheduled for October to do a Halloween party (Nope!) and a DVC moonlight madness (Nope again). Then, she lost her job😞 so she came back to work with me. Her Mom, Gpa and Uncle own the business.
“Hey R, want to go to Disney in September instead?”
“Should we add a night? I still have 18 points I can use.”
“Do you think we can get the extra day off?”
She looks at me. I look at her. 😂😂😂
I mean, her Mom makes the schedule.

She booked her flight, bought her park tickets, made her park reservations and we were set.

Tuesday night, September 15th I caught the sunset and headed to bed for an early start the next morning.

Wednesday, September 16 came early. R’s Gma was flying back to Ft Lauderdale an hour before our flight. So we all went together to help her out.



We were not sitting together because our flights were booked seperately. I asked to move us together but I asked on the late side and it was a no go. It was fine. We watched movies. I love Jet Blue TV’s!


Yay! The sign said 45 minute wait. The woman who checked us in pointed out the sign and said it “could” take 45 minutes.

Overheard on the ME: “Mom, I dont want to go to the Magic Kingdom!”
“Where do you want to go?”
Lets check the weather...

Notice my phone is only at 44%🤦🏼‍♀️

Back of the bus. Not a 45 minute wait but about 20.

Too far in the back of the bus to get THE SIGN. How about the side of the road? Almost as good???

For the record, we went to Wilderness Lodge, BLT, the Contemporary and then The Polynesian.

We finally made it and were ready to let the fun begin!!


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I'm glad you enjoyed your meal at Kona Cafe this time! The last time we ate dinner there was a disaster! The kid at the table next to us was spitting water at us through his straw, along with screaming and whining throughout a good part of the meal, until they finally left! Also, our meal was subpar so we decided that it would be a while before we return there again. :rolleyes: Glad your hubby is feeling better now! My daughter lives in Brooklyn, flew into LGA a couple weeks ago, filled out that form but checked off they could text her to check in on her. They literally texted her every hour on the hour for the first five days which said was very annoyed at! Thanks again for providing us with so many great stories and lots of laughter!🥰 I was hoping you had another trip planned soon to keep us entertained!
But it says on the form that if you check no for the texting, they will call you instead. I wouldn't want them calling me all the time, either!


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Well that was delightful! I look forward to the next one!!!!
Me too!! We were talking today, we think we have to cancel Our February trip😞
We are going with friends and she is a teacher and therefore not allowed. Plus, it was to be combined with our son’s lax games which may not happen.
I will still go, at some point...Disney owe’s me a birthday trip so perhaps mid march??? (And trying for April to meet up with the Loco😉)
Loved it! Thanks for letting us all come along for the ride.

Sad The Office GIF


In other words, thank you for following along😂


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Oh my goodness am I sad to see this over! Your smile (even behind the mask) and attitude are so infectious. That, paired with your love of Disney and beer, make me feel like a best friend would do! I hope our paths cross at some future date 🤩
That is so nice. For that you get a special gif!!

I meant especially weird 😂


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For such an entertaining TR and helping up improve my gif game! I'll be curious how X's trip goes with the GF without you around doing all of the planning. I know my boys would be beside themselves if they realized the amount of planning I do for these silly trips.
Today a Homecomin’ reservation popped up at the same time they have Beaches n Cream ADR. I texted them “decide! Quick!”
No answer.
I called. And I woke him up. It was 11:30. 🤦🏼‍♀️
Also, he broke his big toe two days ago making breakfast. Cant walk. Toe nail will come off. I told him to hope it falls off on their Epcot day so he can drink away the pain!


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But it says on the form that if you check no for the texting, they will call you instead. I wouldn't want them calling me all the time, either!
Neither is a great option. When my middle son got turned in as someone who was around a positive case, my husband got the call everyday. “How does he feel?
How does he feel? Blah blah blah”
So annoying!
One night I am making dinner and hubs phone is on full blast and ringing and ringing and ringing with an annoying ringtone!
I of course did what any sane person would do and yelled, “answer that bleepy bleep phone!”
He says, “ but it’s the tracer.”
“Then turn the ringer off so your wife doesn’t drop your phone in the sauce!”

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