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Trip Report The (second) ONE with enhanced cleaning and (a little less) Physical Distancing. Sept 2020

How is everyone doing out there???

A little background on this trip. This trip was origionally booked as a Food and Wine/Birthday girls getaway with two of my friends. We booked The Poly at 7 months Thursday through Sunday. (One friend’s bday was Thurs, the other was Sunday! Sooooo perfect!!!)
Buuuuut, they are both teachers and were not allowed to go. (Read that again. Not Allowed☹️)
I had the reservation and I wanted to go. My friend, R and I had a trip in April we had canceled. We had rescheduled for October to do a Halloween party (Nope!) and a DVC moonlight madness (Nope again). Then, she lost her job😞 so she came back to work with me. Her Mom, Gpa and Uncle own the business.
“Hey R, want to go to Disney in September instead?”
“Should we add a night? I still have 18 points I can use.”
“Do you think we can get the extra day off?”
She looks at me. I look at her. 😂😂😂
I mean, her Mom makes the schedule.

She booked her flight, bought her park tickets, made her park reservations and we were set.

Tuesday night, September 15th I caught the sunset and headed to bed for an early start the next morning.

Wednesday, September 16 came early. R’s Gma was flying back to Ft Lauderdale an hour before our flight. So we all went together to help her out.



We were not sitting together because our flights were booked seperately. I asked to move us together but I asked on the late side and it was a no go. It was fine. We watched movies. I love Jet Blue TV’s!


Yay! The sign said 45 minute wait. The woman who checked us in pointed out the sign and said it “could” take 45 minutes.

Overheard on the ME: “Mom, I dont want to go to the Magic Kingdom!”
“Where do you want to go?”
Lets check the weather...

Notice my phone is only at 44%🤦🏼‍♀️

Back of the bus. Not a 45 minute wait but about 20.

Too far in the back of the bus to get THE SIGN. How about the side of the road? Almost as good???

For the record, we went to Wilderness Lodge, BLT, the Contemporary and then The Polynesian.

We finally made it and were ready to let the fun begin!!


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I just ordered some earlier this week. Glad to hear you like it. I love the smell of the French Lavender soap and was hoping the spray lived up to it.

As for your ingenious BG plan...

View attachment 506458
My August trip I bought some for the kids. The boys got Eucalyptus mint and Sunshine and lemons for AJ’s GF. AJ liked the Sunshine and Lemon so much I went and bought him the soap😂


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Friday September 18 cont

Our new crew left Baseline and we headed for Galaxy’s Edge.
When R and I first decided on stopping at Baseline it was to be for a quick drink and snack then we were going to ride Star Tours as a consolation prize for getting shut out of the Rise 10am BG.
Plans change. We did not ride Star Tours and now we had the coveted golden, er , BG. And new friends!!! Yay us!!!

We needed a photo to commemorate this.

Photo bombed by Baby Yoda😂

I asked a stranger to take a picture of all of us. He took a billion. (I wiped the phone before handing it to him with a clorox wipe but I dont think he cared). This is roughly half of the photos he took.



“Now act excited.”

Some of us were more excited then others😇


I think he was a furloughed PPP!

Look how empty! This was me taking pictures of the ladies taking pictures. By the way, I told you we made a new friend. S was the sixth and final member of our flight crew. She was at WDW with her husband but he was in the car working😩




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Friday, September 18 cont

They never saw us coming.
But boy did they hear us!!!
Baby Yoda at it again...

Group selfie. I made our newest friend, S, send a pix to her hubby in the car in the HWS parking lot. He would never have believed her. Plus, he was missing the fun!


There were 3 or 4 guys behind us (memory is a little fuzzy-could have been two, or one really big guy?) who found us entertaining. They offered to take this picture.

It’s so bad I could have taken it😂

Some shots once we were seated.
I call this one; who’s excited? me? no

S and I were Engineers

Baby Yoda and R were Gunners



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Friday September 18 cont

Mom and Daughter were pilots. Here are some action shots. Enjoy their clarity and composition! (Look at them with the sounds of hootin’ and hollerin’ in your mind. There was a ton of both hootin’ and hollerin’!)





Once we landed I tried to get a proper picture of our pilots. I was crying from laughing so hard so this may be blurry. Shocking, I know😎

Daughter needed some IG pix. I took pix of them taking pix. 🤷‍♀️

On the way out selfie...

So much fun!!!


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Friday, September 18 cont

The ladies wanted blue milk. I wanted needed a restroom. R and I planned on doing A.S.S. then Toy Story. The ladies, minus S, whose husband finally showed up, said they were going to get their blue milk then meet us at TSMM.

I remember now, they had a reservation later for Oga’s and stopped to see if they could add us. They could not but it was ok. Who wants to sit around in a bar all day🤭
(Yes that is my thumb)

S’s hubby is real...


Mom got her blue milk and insisted I try it. INSISTED!!! Remember that woman who wasnt sure if I could sit at her table? Now she was sharing drinks with me. BTW, I had no idea blue milk came spiked. Did you all know this??? Uh oh...

R and I made it to A.S.S.

here is proof...

How about a snack? Breakfast was ages ago. Lunch was a skimpy Charcuterie platter. We needed sustenance!
We have different ideas as to what sustenance is😂


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Friday, September 18 cont

Perfect timing. We finished our snacks just as the ladies entered Toy Story Land from Galaxies Edge.

More giggles.
or should I say queue the giggles?
Sorry, won’t happen again.





Number 11 is my BIL’s number. I think I sent this to him?
Oh my gosh, while proof reading I see I was in number 34. My kids all wore 34 when they were little little. X wore it in lax until his junior year of high school. That year, an eighth grader (yes 8th), who had committed to Penn st was moved up to varsity. Everyone knew he would go to private school the following year but they kissed his butte anyway. Including the coach who gave him X’s number that he had worn since 3rd grade. Kid went to private school 9-12, decommitted from Penn st and now plays for my friend at Duke.

This CM’s name is Andy. Of course we all thought that was hysterical. He was a good sport.

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