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The Rise of Ladder


Original Poster
If you've been around the WDWMAGIC forums for a few years (or decades), you might know of the famous ladder sightings. From Mission Space construction to New Fantasyland to Galaxy's Edge and beyond...

I think it is time for a new thread documenting its travels, so feel free to add any pictures of sightings.

I'll get started with this mighty ladder at the top of Guardians of the Galaxy.


Mr Ferret 88

Thank you sir. You were an inspiration.
I can see ladders as part of the scaffolding, but I’m assuming I’m looking for a free standing ladder (which may not be actually standing). This is going to be fun! So no spoilers, please. 😛

It's to the right of the thingamabob


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I totally forgot about the ladder posts! Thanks for bringing them back! I'll have to look through my WDW photos sometime to see if I have any oldies, but goodies.

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