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Trip Report The ONE with the Sisters

Hi Magicians!

More later.

I think it might rain. Imagine that☔😞


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So while I wait for my ride and eat my breakfast…

and check the weather…


I thought I would give a little background.

My father passed away in February, then I saw a band I like was playing at Epcot so I booked a room. Well two rooms-split stay. Then I thought it would be fun to go to Disney with my sister. We grew up going to Disneyland since we lived about an hour from there but have never done a proper WDW trip together. She lives a couple hours away but never comes. She used to work for a company that made t-shirts for Disney so she used to come for business and events but has no idea about the “new and unimproved Disney”. In fact, after she purchased and we linked her park tickets she got an email hyping virtual queues. She called me and asked if she should sign up for the virtual queue thingy. I laughed and told her not to worry.

Now I am on the Sunshine Flyer heading to the Grand Floridian. First stop might be guest services to see if I can upgrade my tickets to the DVC AP. I emailed Disney twice in the last week to ask if I could do that and both times the reply was “we don’t know”. Should I be suprise by that?

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