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Trip Report The ONE with the Bowl that was not so Super 🚽 2/5-2/9, 2021*COMPLETED*


Hello everybody! I returned yesterday from a last minute long weekend to WDW.
How? Who? Why? You ask. Well my Magical friends, here is everything you want to know, and maybe some things, you don’t.

It all began a few weeks ago at work when my bff/boss suggested we go to Disney for his birthday. I took him last year and we had a great time. We looked at dates and flights and room rates and hemmed and hawed for a couple days. We decided we would go President’s weekend. But my kids would be out of school and they would want to go. Then, texting with @Tuvalu she said “you’re going president’s weekend!?!?😳😳😳

Ok, she didn’t say it like that but that is how I heard it in my mind. I said to my friend, M, “what the heck are we thinking? Let’s go the weekend before.” His sister/business partner/my other boss gave her blessing (then promptly booked a whole week in Florida for herself at the end of the month) and we started looking at rooms.
Pop was cheap with the AP discount so I booked.

We picked out our flights, then added a day and picked out new flights. Friday came, my day off and two weeks before departure and we had decided on everything. All we had to do was book the flights, which were $69 each way. Then I looked again and the flights were down to $49 each way. I texted M, “BOOK BOOK BOOK! This is not a drill!!!”

Then Saturday came and I canceled Pop and booked a studio at Saratoga Springs Resort using my DVC points. Bought M’s park ticket and made park reservations and some ADR’s. I also filled out the Magical Express request form and ordered a couple t-shirts.

13 days to go and we were all set.

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