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Day one sort of/ April 1

Why “almost live”? To give myself the loophole if I can not handle it

Truth be told, I am sitting in the airport now. It’s 5:30 and I have a 6:10 am flight to FLL. If you have “traveled” with me before you know I multi task when I am down in Florida. My son has a lacrosse game tonight. I will head up to Disney tomorrow.

Who is going on this trip? My friend K and I. We met when our oldest were in the same first grade class. We were the class moms and became fast friends. (So did the boys) She divorced some years later and moved to the north shore. (I am on the south shore). We do not see each other as often as we want but we see each other when we can.
She had a birthday in December and asked if I wanted to go to the city for the weekend. Lets see...NYC in December? NO THANK YOU! I countered with Florida in April. We took our youngest to WDW last April and had a great time
See Dre’s happy face in the back? Told you we had a great time!!!



She is a ton of fun! We will be taking it easy and enjoying the resort more than normal. She is not a huge ride/parks person but will do it for me and for the adventure.

Ok. Time to board. B8. Not too bad.


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Have a safe flight and a more than magical and marvelous trip! And off course following along!


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I landed about 9:30 but ugggh! No cell service even though I was connected to wifi. I wish I could say it was an uneventful flight but in the middle of drink service one of the flight attendants runs to the back of the plane. Runs! Full speed! Then she gets on the loud speaker and asks for a doctor or nurse. I got that pit in my stomach and put the bagel away I had just unwrapped. (I dont like bagels anyway so no biggie). It was quite some time but everything returned to normal. It seems as though a man had a seizure and his wife completely freaked out. But he was fine. They didnt land early. They didnt even make us wait for him to deplane first.

I got off the plane in FLL and saw this
Doesnt that make you want to drink???

Got my rental car and just pulled into my hotel in Boca. I will see if my room is ready. If not I will find something to do.
It’s 80. The rain hasnt figured out I left Long Island yet☔


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you are welcome..... and what you mean... up at this time? Or on this site? Time... because I am in Netherlands.... afternoon just started and site... for the PTR's and TR's..... of course also my own :)
Duh. Sorry. It was early. Brain not functioning.
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