Trip Report the last time (taylor's version)

Hi all! Guess who just came back from Disney World? Tis I! After over a year away, it was a most interesting trip. My grandma and I planned this back in June after I found out that I got into grad school (again... I'm a sucker for punishment) so it was meant to be a celebratory trip for that and also my grandma would be turning 70 shortly before it! And then the end of September rolled around and I (in Fort Myers) got to experience the delights of Hurricane Ian. I work in a first response field so it was a very busy, awful couple of weeks. After that I decided... If we were doing this trip (which was all that was keeping me going post-hurricane for a good bit), we were going to give Bob Chapek everything he wanted. That's right, we were going to cough up for Genie+. I'm a hypocrite, I know. Does it help if I say that I'm moving to West Virginia and won't get back to Orlando until after the program is over? No? I thought as much... But still... I spent A LOT OF MONEY on this trip LOL... and most of it wasn't even at Disney... Because, you see... While we were going to be in the World, Taylor Swift was going to have a presale for her tour... And I, a Swiftie to the max, knew that I would be going... come h-e-double-hockey-sticks or high water... Did I manage to get tickets? Did Grandma and I conquer our previous records regarding attraction count and step count? Stick around to find out....

We begin with DAY ONE, November 14th. Our travels would take us from Magic Kingdom to Epcot, as MK was closing early that evening for the Christmas Party (no expense spared, I say, whilst cringing away from the prices for the Christmas Party... So we didn't do that). I awoke at 6am, pulled up MDE, and....



But, I shelled out $36.22 (Grandma and I decided we would trade off each day) and got ready for the day. We had an hour and a half drive to get to WDW from my grandparents' house (which I had traveled to on Friday), so we got in the car around 6:45 and hit the road. It went well until we were about 30 minutes into the I-4 stretch... and then we hit solid red traffic. Stand still. Man, I had to pee. I kept looking down at my phone and seeing that we only had 15 miles left, 14, 13... Then 13 for an eternity... and then...

I decided to go a longer back way, because at least we would be moving. I'd rather be moving continuously for a longer stretch of time than sitting in stand still traffic. A brief stop was made at 7/11 to pee (huzzah), and then we continued on our strange, back way route to Disney property.

Meanwhile I received this

Which was a pleasant surprise! We were looking forward to dumping our belongings in the room, grabbing a bus to MK, and getting started with the day. And just like that...


We were pulling in! Huzzah!

This is where I decided to park *crowd oohs and ahhhs*. We took a very bizarre route to our room because we couldn't find the elevator, but eventually we were walking inside and were greeted by...


A room tour, you ask? No, I shan't do it. I will instead show you things that I noticed.


A crooked light fixture.

Some scum.

The shower got my seal of approval. With the room inspected and no egregious disturbances noted, we were ready to head to MK.


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Here is what you WOULD be posing in front of. It's the arches on the right and left side at the front of the castle. I chose the left side. Remarkably quiet under there.

Photography session FAILURE it's time to slink away with my tail between my legs and go to ATTRACTION #38.

Why did I take this... Why did I take this... See, that's the trouble with having COVID, moving across the country, and getting a head cold in the span of a month. I've lost the context. Could it have been because that CM was waving and smiling at everyone and I thought that was lovely? Or could it have been an opportunity for me to comment on how gross the ceiling looks? Who is to say.

I love you little sheep lamb creatures.

I love you elephant children!!! Always having fun up there.

Count Me In GIF by James Bond 007


I love you alligator/crocodile and assorted birds.

You guys creep me out.

Now on to an attraction that began as something I found bizarre but now have come to enjoy.

ATTRACTION #39! But there was like an 8 minute wait until the next show. So it was time to wait.


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Here were our seats.

These guys were clicking and clacking and pneumatic hissing.

This show is a fever dream.

Look at how attentive everyone is being.

I think a lot of this show depends on audience reception. Our audience was clapping along and cheering which made it a lot more fun.

We went here next because it was FREEEE! And I had never done it before. These guns are heavy! Or I have no upper body strength. Or both.

Next, the unthinkable.

Lightning Lane was leaving us with VERY FEW OPTIONS... You couldn't do FP Roulette because Lightning Lane was like heyyyy sooo you can ride this ride at this time and that's it. Oh, you want to ride it at a different time? I'm afraid I can only show you this one time. Sorry!

This image does not inspire confidence. Also, had we discovered a queue worse than Buzz? Quite possibly.

Coasting our way through ATTRACTION #40. Don't let the absolute coolness dripping from this image deceive you... I was a terrible driver.

Nevertheless.. Despite a harrowing circuit around the track... We made it to the disembarking area. With most of our teeth in our mouths... The others, unfortunately, had been jostled loose by the jerkiness of this ride and had been spat out along the way.


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What shall we do next?



We were willing to wait stand-by for ATTRACTION #41. What attractions at MK am I willing to wait a decent stand-by for aside from Space? Hmm... Haunted, of course. Big Thunder. Splash (within reason). Pirates. That's pretty much it.

If they ever get rid of this, catch me leaping into the dumpsters rooting around for the pieces.

They can never get rid of this video, either. Not because it's informative. But because it makes me laugh.

Back seat for the bumpiest ride in the galaxy. It most assuredly was.

This wall makes me feel like I'm standing at the check-in counter at a Marriott.

This temporary exit definitely feels temporary. The sharp U-turn is so weird lol.

Yeah, yeah just go through that door there and you'll be in the Magic Kingdom. I promise...

I do not consider this a reasonable wait for the Peoplemover. So it was time to move people (myself and my grandma) to a different activity.
Considering the weather currently, ice cream is the last thing on my mind BUT! back in warm, sunny Florida in November, I was hankering for my favorite ice cream treat (if I can't have an All American sundae, Bob...). Grandma and I created a game plan. She wanted some foul, sugar-free concoction from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. I would head to my ice cream location, she to hers, and we would reconvene at a meeting place that is a personal favorite.

Any guesses on what I want? Oh, you already know.

Yeah you already KNEW! I had to mobile order this delicious treat....

The state of my citrus swirl once I reached the meeting place on Main Street. Not bad. I booked it. Grandma was still waiting in line for her dessert!


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This side street is quiet, even when brickwork is ongoing.

Grandma arrived by now, most disappointed. They did not have her sugar-free chocolate vanilla swirl soft serve, so she settled for a raspberry sorbet she did not care for.

While eating my citrus swirl, I saw this horrific sight. I would not wait that long for that ride stand-by.

Amy Adams GIF


A tour of Main Street led us to the new Confectionary. I will admit I was tempted by those hardly pictured giant cookie things.

No mini m&ms. An outrage and an affront to mini m&ms fans.

We watched them work on these for a few moments and then moved on.

To the Firehouse! I don't think I've ever actually been inside before. Until now!

Into the abyss...

Sent this to my sister, as her favorite character is Ahsoka. You'll be seeing more of her (Ahsoka not my sister lol) when her series finally airs on Disney+.


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I was looking for a new water bottle but did not find it on this shelf. I did find it in the Emporium, though, but didn't take a picture of it! I would take a picture of it now since it's my emotional support water bottle and goes everywhere with me, but I left it in West Virginia and now it's very cold and alone.

Ohhhhh temptation... Temptation... (While wearing my Iron Man magic band...) I resisted.

I carried this tote around for like 10 minutes testing it out. And then I reminded myself that I never use tote bags, so it would be a waste. The water bottle I got is this pattern!

We checked out and followed this CM for a time as he was great at clearing the crowds lol.

ATTRACTION #42! See that stand-by wait time? Reasonable.


Does anyone else switch sides each time they ride?

will ferrell omg GIF


Borderline unreasonable line for Peoplemover but we did it anyways.

*Spongebob voice* at niiiight.

The castle.... at niiiight.


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They were testing Tron... at night.

One day I will successfully photograph this without even a hint of blur!!!

But it sure as heck wasn't tonight... teehee. Our tummies were grumbling so it was time to hit up our favorite guy, Sonny Eclipse. Umm... except... Sonny Eclipse was GONE. I was legitimately upset LOL. It wasn't a party night! What is the excuse of putting him away on non-party nights? Is it really that much of a hassle to put him away and take him out? Ugh. Now we were just going to have to have average chicken tenders and stare at nothing.

And I had to go up and ASK FOR PICKLES because the condiments bar is NOT OPERATIONAL. And the garlic ranch? Not there. Bummed me out.

They did give us full sized drinks for our kids meals, though...

Depressed, but fed, we crossed the park yet again.


A little fooling around with night mode.

Were we headed here?

Or perhaps here?

It appears a wild ride would be in store for ATTRACTION #44!


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I wouldn't tease you like that, Splash Mountain, we'd come back for you and have you be ATTRACTION #45.

Just one guy in front and an empty row between us. This did not bode well.

At least the water canons were off.

We were getting wet by this point and feeling as happy as this frog.

Ahhh I'll miss this sight.

It would be crazy to go on this again...

Ahhh, but where else would you get views like that? Only on ATTRACTION #46!

Take care to stand on the opposite side from last time, or else... Or else what? I'm not sure. Just... or else.

Suffice to say, we were flying this go round lol. It was nice to hear my grandma laughing her head off though.

In Love Hearts GIF by The Valentines


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A reasonable wait for ATTRACTION #47.

Me staring down the reality of going back to grad school in two weeks.

They want the rum, dontcha boys??? Anyways

Like I said, I didn't get to ride this as often as I'd like, but Haunted Mansion at night is magical. ATTRACTION #48. Prepare to indulge me.


Someone's gotta do something about those cobwebs.

I feel like it's getting late... Like... later than it's ever been... Like 13 o'clock or something.

I'll tell you what, guys, I'll trade spots with one of you.

Oops, silly me, I left my bedroom light on!

You can practically see the (blurry) COVID virions in the air.


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ATTRACTION #49 was my grandma's idea...

They were testing Tron still... You'd find that more interesting than Barnstormer, I'm sure. Unless you're two. In which case, welcome to the forum, but where are your parents...

This is familiar, this is safe...

And here we are at ATTRACTION #50. The most iconic and relaxing way to end a night at Magic Kingdom.

Perhaps next time, Space Mountain...

Time to make our way out, stopping by London Underground restrooms first.

Would've been nice to pop up here but alas, it wasn't in the cards. Now it is for everyone else! That was great news to see this week :)

Arrested Development Crying GIF by HULU


I think we had to wait one round for a bus, but not terrible.

Step count? 28,554.

With that, I'm off to bed before Santa gets here... I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!! I'll be back to wrap up this trip report with the last full day of our trip!


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It was bad to discover we were in Epcot the same night as you.

It was worse to discover we were in the Magic Kingdom the same night as you!

And though I am embarrassed to post proof of my caving to the Genie, it worked well for us that night.

View attachment 687614

Looking at the various times, just howclose were we?
We probably walked past each other half a dozen times


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Our final park day was Thursday, November 17th. On the docket was Animal Kingdom through lunch, as we had a reservation at Yak & Yeti at 11am (I think... Testing my memory) and DHS in the evening with a reservation at Sci-Fi Dine In at around 5:45 pm. Would any of these things actually happen? Stay tuned...


It was 9:09 am when we climbed aboard this bus. We were not making it to that AMAZING 30 minutes of EARLY ENTRY!!! this morning.

Look at everyone bundled up! I was wearing shorts, which would prove to be my undoing, as they started chafing! They were an ancient pair of shorts and ought to have been disposed of long ago. Unfortunately, this would mean a return to the hotel later on today which ate up a lot of time.

Where do you head first at Animal Kingdom? Bear in mind that I wouldn't ride Flight of Passage again...

Here's a hint.

Here is an even bigger hint.

Supposed to be documenting ATTRACTION #51 with this picture, but now I'm wondering how many times I have been photographed in a similar stance.

I didn't have long enough arms to reach my breakfast.

A smooth ride ensued. Bird on a stick was happily remaining stationary in the mid-morning sun. I hate going backwards on rides.

But I don't mind going LEFT.... RIGHT.... LEFT... RIGHT

ATTRACTION #52 looms...


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A pre-show I've appreciated even more the older I get. The humor is lost on children tbh.

Speaking of children, grandma and I were seated beside a child wayyyyy too young for this ride. She cried the entire time :( ... I'm not a parent but just because your child is tall enough to go on a ride doesn't mean they're ready for it. Dinosaur is scary!

A bathroom break at a quiet bathroom.

Getting artsy with my photography to show you some Christmas decorations with no people pictured.

Yeah... We were running out of ideas LOL... I haven't been on this in years.

I guess we were really doing this.

As a fan of musical theatre, I loved all the posters in the lobby.

We survived ATTRACTION #53. I understand why children are terrified of this lol. Just when you think you're free, the bugs crawl under you...

Kermie where ARE YOU

On our way to our late morning lunch reservation, I snapped this to show how relatively quiet Animal Kingdom was that morning!


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We checked in a few minutes before our reservation. I almost Karen'd this time. Shameful of me to say. But my patience was tested foooor sure. We also had a Fas— LIGHTNING LANE for Kilimanjaro that was going to expire by 12:15 or 12:30 (MY MEMORY IS FAILING ME), but I thought with an 11am lunch reservation we'd be in and out.

Our vantage point.

Our other vantage point. We were upstairs, which was lovely. We ordered quite quickly and occupied ourselves for the 45 minute wait it took for our food to be brought to us, watching as people were seated after us and given food before us. LOL.

But, remember those Haunted Mansion clothing items I wanted? The 80$ spirit jersey that made me briefly lose the will to live? Well, whilst I was waiting for my food becoming hangry, I took a gander on ShopDisney.

Yeah, you're coming home with me. Free shipping, too!

Here's my Lo Mein Chicken with a side of chili sauce to spice things up. This was average. Here's the description:

Lo Mein Chicken​

Lo Mein noodles, carrots, cabbage, green onions, bean sprouts... 21.99

Grandma's mostly eaten Chop Chop Chicken Salad
Chopped romaine lettuce, red and Napa cabbage, carrots, marinated grilled chicken, tossed in miso sesame dressing, crispy wontons 19.99. She was more impressed with this than I was with my meal, so success.

A bathroom pitstop, look at these neat Dyson hand dryers!

On our way to loading.

Just kidding. I drank a ton of Diet Coke at lunch and had to pee again. So I abandoned grandma in line and had to fight my way to return to her.

We made it. I knew we would. ATTRACTION #54.


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The animals were quite active this go round. Here's an assortment.

(I don't think I'd be brave enough to do this).


It was nice getting this close.

I got to see elephants!!

Trunks up and everything.


I liked this little addition.

Remember the sweatsuit my grandma wanted? We found it at Animal Kingdom. Would she be willing to drop 120$ (or something similar) on it?

After much deliberation, she purchased them! My shorts were killing my legs! We decided we would return to the hotel so that we could both change. Yes, grandma would be rocking her jumpsuit tonight.

On our way out, we discussed the new change in policy that allowed for cancelling dining reservations within 2 hours, with no charge.

Grandma looked at me.

"What do you think about going to Magic Kingdom tonight instead of DHS?"... Well, it was a party night. "Ah, but then we could go to Epcot after..." Let me take a look at what is available for dinner, then...

Yeah, time to cancel Dine In and our Lightning Lane for MMRR and head to MK! Again!


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The time for a bus to MK from the resort kept increasing. I believe we ended up waiting 25 minutes for a bus. I was pretty annoyed but what can you do if you're not willing to drive over or pay for an Uber. You are at Bob's mercy.

Eventually, a bus finally arrived.

One last trip into the Magic Kingdom was ours for the taking.

A beautiful sight!

Cutting through Casey's to evade the straggling 3 o'clock parade.

One last ride on Haunted Mansion, and we stood by for it as... ATTRACTION #55.



Whoops... why are these out of order? I shall ponder this.

Would that I were hurrying back...


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Seeing that Splash had been down for a while when we arrived, I did my little hack of booking a Lightning Lane for it and was...

Rewarded. I had booked another Haunted Mansion for 5pm, but figured we probably wouldn't make it.

Let us use our select experience F... Uhhhh. Lightning Lane.

We're in for ATTRACTION #56.


I promise I'll pull the lap bar down snugly, just for you.

See? You survived. And now we have to go to dinner. Chop chop.

Checked in and waiting. Party guests streaming in from the side entrance.

What will you order?

Here's where we shall sit and have our dinner.

While waiting for our food, we got another Select Experience FP. Oops. LL. I think I had cancelled HM and swapped it to Pirates, which was down. Except, you can't really do much with the Lightning Lane at Epcot. Truly, select experiences.

This was very grim. Is there a bottled ketchup shortage? Was there one in November?

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