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The Imaginarium: Project 1


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In the Contemporary Convention Center, all the contestants of The Imaginarium assemble for a speech to be given by the Imaginarium's creator, kermitdefrog.
Hello, everyone. Welcome to Kermit Amphibia's Imaginarium. In this journey through the mind, we will cover all walks of Disney life, ranging from rides and lands to shows and restaurants. Ever since 1955, people have been dreaming of new ways to improve the Disney parks. Those dreams continue today through site like WDWMagic, MiceChat, and Visions Fantastic. This contest is an extension of those dreams, brining to life whole new concepts for the world to enjoy. Today, I ask you to join me on this journey that will forever be remembered for its new and exciting ideas. Thank you.
Today, I will unveil the first chapter of the Imaginarium journey.

Project 1:
Create a new parade for Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's California Adventure.
  • The parade must have 8 units of 2 floats, making a total of 16 floats.
  • The parade must have a score consisting of at least 8 songs.
Due Date:
March 27th

PS; each Imaginarium project is due within a week of me posting it.


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"Muppet Madness" Parade. In DHS to replace Pixar Pals play parade. The muppets would be real muppets and not life size characters.

First Three Floats: It would start off with a few muppet whatnots and not as popular muppets in the first three floats coming down. Has Sweetums and other large Muppets walking and a float have Rowlf on the piano. Floats are themed to a theatre. MUPPET SHOW THEME playing.

Fourth Float: It would have the Snorks and Mahna Mahna in the float. Mahna Mahna pops out of different areas of the holes (like Whack-A-Mole saying Mahna Mahna) guests are encouraged to say Mahna Mahna too. MAHNA MAHNA playing.

Fifth Float: Scooter and all his production people singing. In a backstage themed float. MR. BASSMAN playing.

Sixth And Seventh Float: Muppet Babies float. It's like a really big crib. I'M GONNA ALWAYS LOVE YOU playing.

Eighth and Ninth Float: Has Pops and everybody else from the scene in "The Great Muppet Caper" of the hotel. Floats are themed to hotel. HAPPINESS HOTEL is playing

Tenth and Eleventh Float: Fozzie in a large studebeaker with Gonzo's plumbing truck following behind him. MOVING RIGHT ALONG is playing.

Twelfth Float: The Electric Mayhem bus is driving by. CAN YOU PICTURE THAT? is playing

Thirteenth and Fourteenth Float: Walter is on float that says SmallTown USA with humans of Gary and Mary. LIFE'S A HAPPY SONG is playing

Fifteenth And Sixteenth Float: All the Muppets are making their big finale. With Kermit on his banjo with Miss Piggy. RAINBOW CONNECTION is playing.


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Mickey Mouse presents
Hollywood on Parade

A Tribute to Hollywood films with each Series of floats representing popular genres of filmmaking and what makes them special, involving a one-of-a-kind interactive finale. This parade differs slightly and is unique featuring more of an emphasis on performance and audience interaction, along with setting up vignettes and little scenes, as opposed to the simple song and dance, and waving character routine usually presented in most parades. Actors will employ Improvisational skills and impersonations. Even if park guests may not always recognize the stars on display, they will no doubt make instant connections with the films they represent, proving their power of living symbols of the magic that is Hollywood.

FLOAT 1: Titles
From around the corner a Great Movie Screen in the shape of a Mickey House head, with the face being the screen, and the Ears being art deco designs that encompass it. On the screen is an animation reading “Mickey Mouse presents Hollywood on Parade!” in black and white, with stars twinkling in the background. An instrumental of Hooray for Hollywood sounds us off. Behind the float is a myriad of actors, studio execs, production assistants, directors, etc. straight from the golden age of Hollywood (The 20’s 30’s and 40’s) Their voices are the ones that now provide chorus for Hooray for Hollywood.

FLOAT 2 & 3: Leading Men and Ladies
Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Clara Bow, Judy Garland, and Ingrid Bergman are amongst those featured on an elegant Art Deco float. A similar float follows with Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Rudolph Valentino, Errol Flynn, James Dean, and James Stewart. On Each Float Both actors and actresses alike are dressed up in the roles that made them famous. The roles that made them iconic. Their Song is the iconic There's No Business Like Show Business

FLOAT 5: Fred and Ginger
A group of dancers, where the men are dressed in fine tailed tuxedos and the women in beautiful gowns dance with each other on foot. The float is behind them. A rolling dance floor made of marble. Vines grip the base of this elegant display. Old stone railings line the float. Dancing upon the floor is Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, both dressed to the nines. The Accompaniment for both group’s dances is an arraignment of Cheek to Cheek, They Can’t Take That Away From Me, and As Time Goes By.

FLOAT 6: Crime doesn’t Pay
A old truck starts puttering along. A PD wagon with two gangsters stuck inside. They barter and plead with the onlookers to help them flee. Despite the armed cops escorting the vehicle. The world of Film Noir and Gangsters is already arriving this way. The weet melodious tunes of Movie Musicals give way to the hot and jazzy tune Swing, Swing, Swing!

FLOAT 7: Speakeasy
Dancing to this new hot tune, are a group of dancers where the women are flappers, and the men dressed in zoot-suits. Behind them is a Full Speakeasy band on their own rolling band pit.

FLOAT 8: Gang Warfare
Discreetly rolling in from behind is the hub of a warehouse. Crates upon crates scattered everywhere, create the battleground between two gun-wielding gangsters. Here we see the unimaginable; Edward G. Robinson squared off against James Cagney. These two criminals even go as far to verbally insult the other. Banter and Gunfire provide this float’s spectacle.

FLOATS 9 & 10: Comedy Cavalcade
An unseen piano rings in a zany and wacky mood with the classic tune Make ‘Em Laugh. Prisoners dressed in black bars and little black burglar masks are being pursued by Keystone Cops. Their endeavors are played out before us on foot. Sight gags and slapstick are employed here for pure comedic effect. Just behind their float Are two familiar Gentlemen; Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin dressed up as his beloved “Tramp”. The two ride an old Model T Ford puttering and breaking constantly. Now and then the car will stop. Forcing Buster and Charlie to crank it back up. Once the car starts it lets out a black fume that knocks whoever is at the crank on their feet and the car begins puttering. Next comes a Hayride Truck. In the Hayride are the lovable Marx Brothers. Jokes and puns ensue for the audience, even references to whether or not their converted hayride truck even counts as an original float.

FLOAT 11 & 12: The Wild West
Breaking up the whimsical tune of Make ‘Em Laugh is a sharp Steam Whistle and the rousing theme of The Sons of Katie Elder. A Great Train Engine makes its way forward. The thief is none other than Bronco Billy Anderson of The Great Train Robbery. His lackey’s on either side of the train on foot, make pathetic attempts to rob the onlookers like spilling that they’re guns aren’t really loaded. Following them is John Wayne from the Searchers on horseback, tipping his hat to onlookers and greeting them. Not too far from him is a Great Rolling Saloon. On this rather plan looking set, 4 cowboys are playing a game of cards, one of them being, Clint Eastwood as his signature spaghetti western hero. The scene begins rather sedentary with the underlying theme being that from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. They lay down their cards, and one accuses Eastwood of cheating. A fight ensues with Eastwood as the victor.

FLOAT 13 & 14: The Spirit of Adventure
The Remains of a great Temple come rolling by; a fierce ancient temple crawling with mysterious masked natives who preform live the accompaniment. A pulsating jungle rhythm from drums strewn about them. Following the temple is a travelling jungle with a mammoth Tree at each end. Suddenly and out of the blue, Johnny Weismueler as Tarzan the Ape Man makes his signature yell, and swings from Tree to Tree

Float 15: The Big Premier
That familiar song, Hooray for Hollywood comes back, but in a grander and broader orchestration than before. Finally rolling its way out is a float Featuring Graumans Chinese theater. Complete with Searchlights and all! Even a Red Carpet, and who else donning the red carpet than those most famous stars of all! Daisy, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald are all dressed up in their finest for Premier Night! Dancers all dressed in their finest attire lead this grand float forward, making way for the Parade’s final surprise!

Float 16: Your Screen Debut!
Mickey Mouse himself, in his signature director attire and beret. Stands before a Grand Movie Screen, and armed with his own proper film camera, captures the audience of onlookers and puts their image live on the screen! His animated mask comments how they all make wonderful stars!

Goofy Kid

United Studios Parade

The United Studios Parade is unlike any Disney parade. My goal for this project was to bring the separate themes of Hollywood Studios together to one crossroad. In this parade the themes are, Pixar, Disney Animations, Sunset Boulevard, the Muppets, and Star Wars. There is not a parade at Disney that spans the over most of the park like this one.

Pixar Section

Toy Story Unit
a) Andy’s Room Float: This float would be a large-scale model of Andy’s room with some of the characters standing of the float (not Woody or Jessie). Around the float there would be dancers dressed in children’s style clothes dancing and playing with actual Toy Story character toys (Woody, Jessie, Buzz, ect.). You’ve Got A Friend In Me, by Randy Newman would be playing in the background.

b) Woody’s Round Up: This float would be based off the show featured in Toy Story 2 starring Woody. The float would be a rustic looking shack with Stinky Pete, Jesse, Woody, and Bulls Eye. Around the float would be dancers in cowboy costumes. Woody’s Round Up, by Riders in the Sky would be the song played in the background.

Cars Unit
There would not be an actual float for this section of the parade, but instead the cars from the movie would drive down the street behind the Toy Story Unit. The song Life is a Highway, by Rascal Flats would be playing.

Disney Animations Section

Hercules Unit
a) Mount Olympus: This float would have Zeus and all the other cool gods from the movie on it. Hercules would be walking around and there could be some more gods walking with him. The song I Can go the Distance, by Michael Bolton would be playing.

b) The Underworld: This float would fallow the Mount Olympus float and it would have Hades on it looking all sad, because he is not welcome on Mount Olympus.

Chicken Little Unit
a) Baseball Float: This float would have the baseball field with Chicken Little on it. Along side the float would be dancers dressed in baseball costumes dancing and such. The song Stir it Up, by Patti LaBelle & Joss Stone would be playing.

b) Space Float: This float would have the space ship on it with the little alien creatures with it.

Sunset Boulevard Section

Rockers Unit
a) Super Stretch Limo: This would not be a float, just a giant limo driving in front of the next float.

b) Band: On this float would be a “band” playing an Aerosmith mix. “Groupies” would be dancing and cheering alongside the float.

Classic Hollywood Unit
a) Camera Man and Director: This would be an unconventional float, because it would be backwards. The float would be flipped so that the camera is pointing at the next float.

b) Actors: This float would have actors miming in front of a set into the camera. Both of the floats and the people would be in period clothes. Big Band music would be playing in the background.

Muppets Section

Muppets in Space Unit
a) Ganzo the Astronaut: This float would have a rocket with Ganzo in a full space suit getting ready to get into a rocket.

b) Old Men: Statler and Waldorf would be on a float criticizing people and the parade and basically everything and anything that would be funny.

Finale Unit
a) Kermit: Kermit would be on a float with Miss Piggy having a conversation and interacting with the crowd.

b) Everybody: This float would have all of the Muppets that could be fit onto a float on it. (During the whole section whimsical Muppet music would be playing)

Star Wars Section

Dark Side Unit
a) Clones: There would not be a float, but just a load of clones in formation marching around in front of the next float.

b) Darth Vader: On this float would be Darth Vader on a throne looking boss.

Good Side Unit
a) Jedi: There would not be a float, but a bunch of Jedi in formation swinging their lightsabers.

b) Yoda: This float would have Yoda on it looking fly and that’s about it. During the whole unite the Imperial March is playing in the background.


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Results & Tiebreaker

First, I would like to say I was a very tiny bit disappointed because the assignment called for a parade that could fit the themes of BOTH Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's California Adventure. Despite that, you guys did pretty decent jobs on these.

Muppet Madness Parade (Turtle)
  • This wasn't very original because it's just Muppets traveling along the parade route on vaguely-described floats.
  • Fun is somewhat fun with some problems. Although I like how you experimented with what I thought was LCI in parades, it seems as if the fourth float was trying to stuff Muppet music down my throat.
  • If Meg Crofton is head of TDO for a while, I could easily see this happening.
  • Average=110
Hollywood on Parade (Rperason)
  • Although this parade could easily fit the themes of both Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's California Adventure, the "Magic of Hollywood" parade concept has been done to death by Disney and Universal. You also focused too much on the early days of Hollywood.
  • This parade would be very fun to see with all the crazy antics you added. I would love to see the "Gang Warfare" and "Comedy Calvacade" units come to life.
  • Had Al Weiss stayed head of TDO, I could totally see this happen.
  • Average=110
United Studios Parade (Goofy Kid)
  • Although uniting each franchise represented in Disney's Hollywood Studios is an excellent concept, the name "United Studios" sounds too much like a video game or a ragtag group of Hollywood directors that made propaganda films during World War II. Aside from that, the parade wouldn't really fit within the theme of Disney's California Adventure.
  • It would be fun to see all of Disney's Hollywood Studios's characters come together. However, I was disappointed with how you limited the Disney Animation unit to two films that nobody really remembers. The unit has so much potential. You could have also packaged Indiana Jones with your Star Wars ideas to make a Lucasfilm unit.
  • There's a 50/50 shot as to if I could see this happening.
  • Average=100
It seems as if there's a tie for first place in this round between Turtle and Rpearson. Like I said, I will post a Disney trivia question as a tiebreaker.

Which of the following Disney's Hollywood Studios attractions can trace its origins back to an abandoned concept for EPCOT Center's CommuniCore area?
a.) Superstar Television
b.) The Monster Sound Show
c.) Rockin' Roller Coaster
d.) Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

goofy donald

New Member
Which of the following Disney's Hollywood Studios attractions can trace its origins back to an abandoned concept for EPCOT Center's CommuniCore area?
a.) Superstar Television
b.) The Monster Sound Show
c.) Rockin' Roller Coaster
d.) Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

A) superstar television


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New Tiebreaker

Which of the following concepts was NOT considered for Disney's Hollywood Studios at one time or another?
a.) Manhattan Motor Mania
b.) The Great Muppet Movie Ride
c.) Baby Herman's Runaway Buggies
d.) Hotel Mel


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Rpearson is correct. Therefore, he wins the first round. Also, Manhattan Motor Mania was a concept intended for Tokyo DisneySea, not Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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