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Reviews - @RMichael21
As a preface to my reviews, I'll let y'all know I've been busy with life so I haven't had a chance to look through all of your previous entries in minute detail. Therefore, I'm going into these with a somewhat clean slate. :) And by the way, I did these backwards (starting with the last one submitted).

Also, it's great to get re-involved in the Imagineering forum community after a 6-month hiatus. I'll hopefully be hanging around until school begins again at the end of August.

Lucas Film Studios
While starting from scratch would have given you all some extra creativity brownie points, I did enjoy your take on "Space Mountain." The Space theme is really a classic Disney experience so I'm glad that'll be staying around. However, I almost feel the theme is too similar to the current iteration of the attraction. While the airport idea was pretty cool and the overall experience was changed, you still enter a Space Port on today's space mountain. I just feel you could have been a tad more creative. But, the queue was pretty cool, with the window to space and different departure gates. It all feels much more expansive and elaborate than the current Space Mountain. This brings me to the ride experience. While I thought your added effects, double seated ride vehicles and launch were cool, it still felt similar to the classic Space Mountain we know and love. The purpose of the challenge was to either create a new mountain or completely re-imagine a current one. @Disney Dad 3000 said the two iterations should be similar in name only. Now, maybe this is because there wasn't much detail and pictures were used to fill in the remaining spaces. If so, added details on what makes this attraction unique could have helped your proposal immensely. I know this is very vague, but your proposal is missing something, a wow factor of sorts. Is the attraction interactive somehow? Does it go backwards? Maybe you came up with an all new kind of coaster train or had a cool piece of original artwork.

Overall, while the general idea was solid and you all had many good ideas, the lack of details and a "wow factor" left me wanting more.

Pixar Studios
To begin, I loved the idea of kind of mixing together the two options for the prompt. Taking a non-mountain attraction (and one that is a shell of what it used to be) and making it a mountain! The concept in itself is fantastic and I LOVE that piece of concept art! Props for that. As someone who never really grew up knowing the original Epcot, I don't have the sentimental attachment to the original Imagination like others. However, I'm so glad you took this route and I'm sure this would delight fans! I liked how you kept the classic Imagination pavilion elements in a brief blurb in the 4.0 version of the dark ride. Good way to satisfy nostalgia while leaving the true innovation for the new E-Ticket attraction. Now for a little negative in my opinion. While you did mention the two-seater coaster format would allow for better views, I still have issues with nightlines. Unless a special train was manufactured with added space between each row, I find that inverted coasters offer little views of your surroundings (even two seaters, I've been on several). This is awesome for a normal coaster and increases thrill. But for a dark ride hybrid, I'm not so sure. But the ride itself was fantastic and very detailed. Well done. Furthermore, the after-ride experiences were awesome as well.

One detail I found a negative, however, was the VR. While I appreciated the added thought, VR is used mostly by Six Flags (and Sea World now too) to add extra visuals to attractions that are bare and offer little to look at (i.e. Kraken at Sea World Orlando). However, if this attraction is truly the visual feast you describes, this attraction would definitely suffer from VR. An attraction shouldn't need to rely on VR to draw in guests.

In sum, this project was fantastic and was full with detail. However, small pieces didn't add up for me, so we'll see how you do!

Marvel Studios
Let's begin! First of all, I loved the humorous opening to your projects. Brownie points! ;):D Furthermore, extra brownie points for the fantastic website! Whoever set that up, great job. To be perfectly honest, there's so much detail here, I've run out of time to read it all! So, while I most certainly enjoyed reading it all, I don't have time to comment on everything. :p So, here's some of the highlights (and low points). Iron Mountain was most certainly the highlight, it's a great idea. While the theme was a tad similar to BTM, I thought the details you provided allowed me to separate the two in my mind. Also a small gripe, Pocahontas (to my knowledge I could be wrong) takes place in Jamestown, which is in Virginia. So not exactly the frontier.

My biggest problem with the project was the submarine attraction. IMO, the submarine idea just doesn't gel with the rest of Frontierland (and your other expansion pieces as well). Maybe your vision would, but the lack of detail on this attraction just didn't allow me to get a true idea of it. I don't know, maybe that's just me. Also, the smaller amount of detail here seemed out of place compared to the main attraction (which was detail overload).

In the end, this should be a close race!
P.S. I apologize for any grammatical errors, I've had a long day.:D

Disney Dad 3000

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Scene 3 Disney dad reviews

Marvel Studios Iron Mountain
So much to absorb here. Instead of just doing a mountain attraction you start redoing an entire area of the MK. Madness I say. I have to say each week you hook me right in with your intros. The pitchforks and "news" was a nice touch. Really great look and useage of the website which is the first non traditional presentation of the short season. I won't critique too much all of the extra attractions and stuff, since they were all extra. Wasn't about sure some of the fit, but appreciated the effort to round out the empty area WDW management left behind, even if it was all going to be meet and greets. :) As RMichael noted, it did feel a little similar to BTM, but you provided a good bit of backstory and a really interesting looking ride vehicle that would be a trip to check out. Nice add ons with what looked like RCT and the Ride description itself. All in all, a lot to digest here, and obviously a great deal of thought about revamping that area of the park besides just doing a new mountain. Loved the iron mountain logo as well. You all continue to provide a ton of detail and be do thorough with your work so far.

Lucasfilm Space Mountain
You all did the bold move and started with keeping the space mountain name and trying to redo it. I liked where you were going with this. Still some remnants of the current SM, but adding some new touches. The updates to the queue and ride experience were appreciated as well. Liked the homage as well to other attractions Horizons, Alien Encounter and the original SM. If any studio tackled redoing the 3, was really hoping to see just a complete overhaul and maybe little over the top spin on it to differentiate it from the current version, that and to actually get a viewpoint from the PeopleMover instead of just darkness. Appreciate the effort just would have wanted to see a good bit more detail if you had time to really make the new idea pop.

Pixar a Studios Dream Mountain
When I first saw your initial list of Mountain ideas, didn't know what in the world you were going to do with this. If not dream, you had what I thought would have been another potential killer reverse of the topic you almost went with. But back to Dream. I loved that you went totally offscript with this, there was no MK requirement here, just a mountain attraction and again, I loved the spin you took with that. The exterior ride pic is of course amazing. Don't know what you used to dream that up, but added even more wow factor to what was a great presentation. I'm not a huge fan of the inverted coaster, but then I'm not a coaster nut or aficionado, but the ride experience itself sounded and looked super stimulating from the photos and descriptions you used which it has to be with a name like a Dream Mountain and what you were trying to do with it.Well done backstory, and adventure set up to make this attraction and pavilion really something. I know there are a lot of figment fanatics out there, and have to imagine even they could appreciate the thought that went into this idea.
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**********TRAILER TUESDAY*****

Scene 4 Hotel California
One of the great things about visiting Walt Disney World is the variety of resorts to stay at. There really is something for most everyone. From the exotic Pacific, to beaches of the US and a little wilderness in between there are a number of great choices, if you can stomach the cost. Best of all nothing bad ever happens at these resorts, right?

In homage to our film, director and challenge of the week, your Trailer Tuesday prompt will be to propose a new murder mystery film that takes place at any of the WDW resorts. Serious, funny, chilling, just go for it.

The proposed cast, style, characters/names, story, etc is entirely up to you, but obviously interesting enough to warrant possibly being green lit for production.
Similar to the 1 sentence competition, you can use 1-3 sentences to provide your pitch along with 1 stock or or original piece of artwork if you so choose. Maximum of 3 entries per studio (1 per person) so if you are strapped for time this week helping your studio with the main project. This is a great way to pitch in and have a little fun with a topic.

5 points per entry will be awarded with one film proposal being selected to head to production and earning a 10 point bonus for their studio.

Please post all entries here in the project thread and include your studio name just to help keep things straight. Entries due by 7/27 midnight EST​

D Hulk

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Pixar Studios presents...


It's Three Little Pigs meets Ten Little Indians in The Art of...Murder!, a riotously ridiculous detective pastiche set at the Art of Animation Resort during a major Disney cosplay convention, with Easter eggs aplenty. All the suspects are present, dressed as every Disney character from throughout history...and they're slowly being offed in chronological order by methods inspired by the Disney animated classics - like a poisoned apple, stabbed on a spinning wheel, King Triton's trident, squeezed into a lamp, and more. While the dimwit jocks portraying Disney's princes band together to accuse the Disney villains, two lone sleuths (clad as Basil and Eddie Valiant) together learn that it's all a harmless (yet really poorly conceived) publicity stunt by Bob Chapek...but can they convince their fellow larpers in time?


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LucasFilms presents:


A Grand Murder In Florida

Poor Charlie Baker has always been unfortunate in life, his wife has left him, he's gotten fired from a dead end job, and now, even the Grand Prize Stay at the Grand Floridian has gone wrong. Upon arrival he has a small disagreement with the Hotel Manager, and the next morning he is found dead. Everyone of course is pointing their fingers at Charlie, who now has to find the real killer on his own, before his vacation ends!


Marvel Studios presents...
Murder on the Fort Wilderness Express

The Fort Wilderness Railroad was once the crown jewel of the Fort Wilderness Resort, traveling around the resort, but in the mid-1970s --- there was...a murder, which locals believe was done from beyond the grave by supernatural spirits as the railroad line was built on an Indian burial ground. Deep in the backwoods of the resort area, on a night run through the thick foliage, the train went off the tracks after loud drum noises were heard in the distance and the train as well as all of the passengers were never seen again. The train was taken out of commission, tracks mostly torn up, and guests now hide in cabins away from the burial ground, but a young couple doesn't believe the stories, and they both wander to the site, where they see some of the tracks rotting away and hear a drum beat in the distance where the murder mystery adventure begins as they are transported back to the 1970s to find the truth about the murder on the Fort Wilderness Express.
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The Results Scene 3
Ain't no Mountain High Enough

Before we get started, a little mood music from our season soundtrack and the title track for week 3, Ain't no Mountain High Enough

Let's have the envelopes please.

For Best Cinematography and 10 points the award goes to (A new award this week to award, well, outstanding cinematography in a presentation)
Marvel Studios. The judges were very impressed by your use of the website this week and the work that went into that presentation format. The first alternate presentation style we've had so far this season. Great job!

For Best Original Screenplay and 10 points the award goes to
Pixar Studios. As great as your idea was, your descriptions of the ride and story as a whole were spot on and really helped convey an attraction that would be both visually appealing and exciting.

For Best Original Art Direction and 15 points the award goes to
Pixar Studios. Not a whole lot to say here that wasn't said in the judges reviews. The pavilion/attraction concept art was fantastic. If you are up for it, you really should share the first iteration in the discussion thread. Give everyone something to think about. ;)

For Best Picture (Best overall idea, presentation, visuals, write up, the whole kitchen sink) and 70 points for first, 40 for 2nd and 25 for 3rd
Pixar Studios. This was a tough choice for the judges again, but the overall creativity in how you approached the prompt, redoing another existing attraction, etc was really well done.
A great job this round by all Studios with some really solid mountain concepts. All worthy additions to the Mountain Brothers family.

Trailer Tuesday Results
Pixar Studios - 25 points (3 entries, 1 greenlit film)
Marvel Studios - 15 points (3 entries)

Points recap for Scene 2
Pixar Studios - 120 points (best picture, art direction, screenplay, 3 tt entries, 1tt winner)
Marvel Studios - 65 points (2nd best picture, cinematograpy, 3 tt entries)
Lucasfilm - 25 points (3rd best picture)

As I've indicated, don't get too comfortable in Tinseltown, Pixar. We've got 3 full scenes left, and scene 7 is essentially a full scene and then then an opportunity for even more season ending awards. Theres still ample time and opportunity for Lucasfilm to Strike Back, or Marvel Studios to assemble. Besides that, our last 3 films are phenomenal!

See you all at the movies!


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Pixar Studios presents...
A Study in Purple


This comedy pastiche of Sherlock Holmes takes place at Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside, where there's been... A MURDER! Sprawling through the entire resort, A Study in Purple follows Cast Members Shirley (Kate McKinnon) and John (Zac Efron) as they follow the clues to discover who killed guests Eddie Davis, Lucy Clark, and Joe Kimball. Filled to the brim with amusing references to both Disney history and Sherlock Holmes and the funniest summation on film since Clue, A Study in Purple is a new laugh out loud take on the original Sherlock Holmes story.

Disney Dad 3000

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Scene 4 - Hotel California

Thank you for joining us so far on in this trip through the movies. So far we've had a few laughs in space, enjoyed some Italian in the old west and survived one of the more deadly conflicts in the Earth's history in Europe. Unfortunately, things don't get any lighter for us this week with our movie choice, but it is an all-time classic and worth a look. It will also lead to a slightly different challenge then we've attempted so far.

The director of our film this week produced a very interesting array of films with each distinctively his own. While there are others I enjoyed more, this one has both a classic scene and set that will remain in movie lore for many years to come as evidenced in how distinctive they still are to this day, 57 years after the film's release.

Here's a little look at Alfred Hitchcock's, Psycho

Don't know how many of you have watched this before, but definitely worthy of your movie bucket list. As are many other Hitchcock films like Vertigo, North by Northwest and The Man Who Knew too Much.

So what do we do with Psycho for our Imagineering prompt this week? As with Psycho, there are many films throughout time, where it's not just the characters and people we remember, but the places, locations, buildings. They can be just as important to the story and in essence are characters themselves. For me, when I remember Psycho, I always think of the Bates Motel. The rain coming down, that simple neon sign and non descript roadside motel. I don't know how many of you have had a chance to travel the backroads of America, but you owe it to yourself at least once to stay in one of these interesting old places.

With that being said, your challenge this week is to produce a new Disney World resort that will be as iconic as the Bates Motel. Now we don't want people getting hurt or attacked at your resort, but obviously a stay they won't forget. To make this a truly memorable and desirable resort, you need to have some type of story tied to it, a way to connect it to something. In order to accomplish this, there are a few things you'll need to do:
(1) Tie in your resort to one of the rides/attractions at the Magic Kingdom. No,we aren't looking for a bunch of jumbo figurines lining the exterior of the resort, this is a nice place after all ;), but a resort that takes it's cues and theme from a MK ride. How can you continue the story and theme of that ride with your resort? How great would the Barnstormer Barracks be? My idea, so it's off limits. Ha.
(2) Plan your park with direct and adjacent park access. One of the perks of the Grand Californian at Disneyland is it's direct access to the park. In this vein, we are going to plan this for your resort as well, so you'll need to keep this in mind when planning the layout, etc. @spacemt354 had a fun Star Wars themed hotel last year I believe with private "hyperspace" access to HS to keep the story going. You don't have to go that crazy, but what kind of convenient and seamless transition do you want into the park?
(3) Don't necessarily worry about the location of the ride/attraction you use at MK. Many of them are land locked meaning you can't easily transition from your resort to say a Fantasyland or Liberty Square attraction. If you want to take the general MK size as a guide to place your resort at parks edge (or within actual confines of the park itself if you are so daring), know that in this blue sky world you can move land at will. Again don't feel you have to try and cram this into the MK now, but design your resort how you want and show how it feeds into a revamped area that your ride/attraction currently exists (not worrying about the park layout as a whole).
(4) Extra - obviously any extras you can include, dining, merch, etc. go a long way in making this the place to visit, so go for it.

Just let me know when I can book my first night's stay!

Good morning studios, hope you are all doing well. Just wanted to drop a quick note because somebody asked. You are not required to have any special transportation into the park for resort guests. I just referenced space's transport as a fun example he had used, where with GC you are just walking in which I think is great. It's entirely up to you how your guests get their private access in. Since this is something we'd imagine being with the park footprint I don't know how much walking would be entailed, but imagine there may be circumstances where your resort might be set back a little pending the attraction you use and accompanying land and maybe you'd like to do something, totally your call. Simply looking for that exclusivity and perk that GC has.


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Marvel Studios presents

The Lodge
A couple of animal lovers arrived at the Animal Kingdom lodge for a savannah view room to discover that there were no animals roaming the grounds. The couple was angry and sad because they thought all of the animals were killed off, and when they went to the front desk, the in-character cast member claimed that the animals were used for fur and wool in the winter months of Yellowstone. The couple then realized they were at the Wilderness Lodge


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Murder at the Grand
The Grand Floridian is hosting some of the elite businessmen, politicians, royalty, and lawyers - but the number of attendees is slowly dwindling.

As the Orlando police department quarantines everyone inside the hotel, tech entrepreneur Oliver Wayne, cast member Jackson Lightning, and British princess Amelia set out to discover what is the real mystery behind this hotel.

What they discover will unravel a conspiracy that has been hiding for decades as they explore secret tunnels to find Project LIFE - a project which brought Disney characters - specifically villains - to life.



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Murder at the Swan & Dolphin

It is found one morning that all of the big executives from both the Swan and Dolphin resort have been murdered!! Although intentions of this malicious attack were unclear initially, more and more evidence started to be revealed throughout. In the end, it is found that the executives from the other hotels in the area (Boardwalk, Beach Club, and Yacht Club) had all teamed up to try and take out the non-Disney hotels that were taking all of their business!


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Poe Dameron

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Nightmare on Main Street

Someone is murdered in Cinderella Castle, and the killer has hid out in the shops of Main Street late at night. A group of guests walk through the stores at the time of the murder, but are lost in the sea of clothes, and the park is on lock-down before they can leave. In the middle of the night, it is only a group of kids versus the killer in the castle in a race against time.


A Marvel Studios Production

"The theme song, `Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,' had a wonderful positiveness about it. In a way, it was Walt's theme song, because he was very positive about the future. He really felt that there was a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day."
- Richard Sherman

Approaching its 50th birthday, the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) in the Magic Kingdom Resort area is one of the oldest buildings in all of the Walt Disney World Resort. Given its age, the TTC has also been in desperate need of a refurbishment, with its antiquated 1970s design, and its uneventful introduction to the most popular park in the world in the Magic Kingdom as well as Epcot - as both theme parks can be accessed via the TTC.

With several construction permits in the works in and around World Drive and the TTC parking lot, additional permits were filed for a new Magic Kingdom Area Deluxe Resort, as the final phase of the renovation project. Keeping with Walt Disney's philosophy that things could always be better, a new deluxe resort symbolizing his passion for innovation and imagination will come to fruition for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.


Progress was something that permeated the WED Enterprises hallways, connecting to Walt's passion project for the Walt Disney World Resort - E.P.C.O.T. - the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. The idea for a Progress City blended well with attractions such as the Carousel of Progress, inviting the notion that 'there's a great big beautiful tomorrow' and even having Progress City as the background to the final scene of the show in the 1964 New York World's Fair. The connecting threads of the forward thinking philosophies binds these ideas together - which is how Disney's Progress City Resort and Spa came to be.

While the resort may not be a bustling city of the future, it adapts many of the concepts that the city had to offer, and presents them as a fusion of both visionary engineering and the chronological perspective of innovation that the Carousel of Progress depicts.

Resort Map

Designed as an extension and renovation of the TTC, the resort will on many levels enhance the 'story' of not only the transition to the Magic Kingdom, but Epcot as well. The Resort, Express, and Epcot monorail lines, the tracks themselves remain completely intact as they stand today, while the design changes occur around them.

The primary enhancements as seen on the map above are as follows:​

  • The TTC Station will for the first time receive a soundtrack while guests wait to board their Monorail towards their destination. The soundtrack features a collection of many classic Disney attraction themes to get you in the magical mood, and transition into the Magic Kingdom or Epcot entrance music loops.

  • The TTC Entrance Plaza and Station will be enclosed, with an exterior design style that blends with the neighboring Progress City Resort and Spa
  • The TTC Station itself will be modified, with the addition of a 3rd floor (above the monorail platform) for peoplemover transport to and from the parking lot.
  • With the addition of the peoplemover, the tram system will become obsolete, and removed, eliminating the tram drop off point from the TTC entrance plaza.
  • To accommodate increased demand, a new 4-floor TTC Parking Garage and TTC Bus/Taxi Depot (relocated for the resort) which will be placed in the parking lot. The first floor of the garage will be for the bus/taxi depot, while the remaining floors will be for resort guests and Magic Kingdom overflow parking.
  • The peoplemover will have 4 station 'pick-up/drop-off' points - the TTC Station, TTC Garage, Hero Parking, Villains Parking.
  • The theme of the TTC will be modified to 'Edison Square', a turn of the century town center acting as both a transition to Main Street U.S.A. as well as the lobby and themes of the resort.
Disney's Progress City Resort and Spa itself will be designed in a concentric circle format as the original was intended, with a 199 foot (17 story) resort tower in the center, with a 3 story spire flanking its right side. The tower sits in the center of the inner most circle, which is elevated above the outer circles, which connect to the TTC which allows guests to freely walk towards transportation to both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot directly.

With this luxury, the resort will be unique from the other Magic Kingdom resorts in that it is the only resort that provides Express Monorail Service to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot without stops or monorail transfers.

Transportation and Ticket Center
Edison Square Entrance

In the early conceptual phases of Disneyland, Edison Square was the name of a street that was intended to flank Main Street U.S.A. as a thematic extension of the turn of the century. Seeing as the Carousel of Progress thematically begins in the 1900s with a mention of Thomas Edison and 'snap on electric lights', Edison Square provides the perfect entrance for both the Progress City Resort as well as a proper story point for the transition to Main Street.

Now guests who park at the TTC and take the peoplemover to the station for service to the Magic Kingdom will be immersed in a thematically relevant location before they travel to Main Street U.S.A and continue the story of 'progress'

Edison Square will not be very expansive, as it will maintain the same footprint as the TTC entrance plaza today. For comparison sake, it will be similar to the International Gateway at Epcot. The International Gateway is an extension of the France Pavilion's architecture and design, with the main purpose of being a guest relations and ticket center. Edison Square will assume that role, as well as a point of entry to transportation all around the Magic Kingdom Resort area, such as the Ferry Dock, walkways, and monorails.

The blueprint above illustrates the new levels of the TTC Station. The Ground level is Edison Square, and the access points to ferry, bus, taxi, and the ramp walkways to the monorail and peoplemover. Level Two is the same as it has been, with entrance points to the Resort, Express, and Epcot monorails. Level 3 has an escalator/stairs access from Level 2, and is where guests board the peoplemover to take them to the TTC Parking lot stations. Guests of Progress City have direct access via a breezeway all Levels, with signs and directions pointing them in the directions they need to go.

Resort Lobby
Guests taking the Magic Express, transferring from the Disney Cruise line, or traveling in their own vehicles will enter ground level roadway underneath the resort proper, to the drop off/pick up location. The ground level entrance underneath the resort is reminiscent of the original Progress City design where the roadways were out of sight and underground.

Once guests depart from their vehicles they will walk into a sprawling 4-story atrium, themed to the chronological time shifts in the Carousel of Progress.

Lobby Music

Serene piano music envelops the guests, immersing them in the tranquil lobby environment.

(Conceptual drawing)

Each floor represents a different period in time, with the ground floor continuing the Edison Square 1900s 'Turn of the Century' time period, the 2nd Floor representing the roaring 20s, the 3rd floor representing the fabulous 40s, and the 4th-17th floors representing the 'future'. The conceptual art above illustrates the changing time periods as you ascend the lobby, and beyond the lobby atrium to the resort room hallways in floors 4-17.

The artwork below illustrates each of the four floors of the lobby atrium, the time periods they represent, and the locations of interest on each floor.

Essentially, the changing time periods 'theme' enables the lobby to have a more warm and relaxing vibe as well. In comparison, while the Grand Canyon Concourse in the Contemporary Resort (which will be Progress City's 'sister resort') is nice to look at - the environment doesn't invite lounging around. The chairs are 'futuristic' and uncomfortable, the architectural designs are monochromatic, and it very much feels like a bustling business resort.

The intention of the Progress City lobby is to contrast all of those notions of a 'futuristic' resort, and instead, create an environment that would be comforting, and a place where guests can soak in the ambiance by lounging in wind-breaking chairs, or cozy high back couches, surrounding by dark brown luxurious aesthetics all around the lobby. Piano players can be heard from the 1940s floor (3rd floor) echoing throughout the atrium and providing a relaxing atmosphere.

The lobby is also a place to explore. There are several easter eggs scattered throughout the lobby, such as a newspaper on a coffee table has the date of “April 6th, 1904.” Columns line the walls, and chairs sit around a large fireplace. Guests will be able to walk around all the floors and experience the shopping, dining, and accommodations that the resort has to offer. In addition, the 4th floor has an access point to the recreation deck, which circles the base of the resort tower that holds a majority of the guest rooms.

Guest Room Layouts and Amenities

There are a total of 656 guest rooms in Disney's Progress City Resort and Spa, with several categories of room rates and views.

Standard Room
Peak Season - $625 per night
Moderate Season - $450 per night
Value Season - $330 per night

Approximate Number of Rooms in this Category:
Recreation Deck View: 258
Lagoon View: 250

Maximum Number of Guests Per Room: Garden View, Lagoon View and Theme Park View: 5 guests
Number of Handicap Accessible Rooms: Recreation Deck View: 13, Lagoon View: 5
Square Footage: Garden View, Lagoon View and Theme Park View: 445 sq. ft

Club Level Room
Peak Season - $900 per night
Moderate Season - $700 per night
Value Season - $500 per night​

Approximate Number of Rooms in this Category
Standard Club: 85
1 Bedroom Honeymoon Club: 23
Progress Level (16th floor) Concierge: 10

Maximum Number of Guests Per Room: Standard Club, Progress Level: 5 guests, Honeymoon Club: 3 guests
Number of Handicap Accessible Rooms: Standard Club: 7, Honeymoon Club: 4, Progress Level: 3
Square Footage: Standard Club, 1 Bedroom Honeymoon, Progress Level: 550 sq. ft.
Club Level Amenities: Access to the Club Level exclusive Cosmopolitan Lounge on the 16th floor (named after the original name for the E.P.C.O.T hotel). The lounge offers a continental breakfast from 7am - 10am, appetizers from 11am - 3pm, an evening spread from 4pm - 7pm, desserts and cordials from 7pm - 11pm, and alcoholic beverages from 12pm -11pm . In addition, Club Level amenities include personal concierge, which can help you make dining arrangements, event planning, and more.

Villas and Suites - 16th Floor
Peak Season - $1,000 per night (1 Bedroom), $1,400 per night (2 Bedroom)
Moderate Season - $700 per night (1 Bedroom), $1,100 per night (2 Bedroom)
Value Season - $550 per night (1 Bedroom), $750 per night (2 Bedroom)

Approximate Number of Rooms in this Category
1 Bedroom Villa: 12
2 Bedroom Villa: 7
Presidential Suite: 1

Maximum Number of Guests Per Room: 1 Bedroom Villa: 5 guests, 2 Bedroom Villa: 9 guests, Presidential Suite: 10 guests
Number of Handicap Accessible Rooms: 1 Bedroom Villa: 2, 2 Bedroom Villa: 1
Square Footage: 1 Bedroom Villa: 900 sq. ft, 2 Bedroom Villa: 1,300 sq. ft, Presidential Suite: 1,400 sq. ft.
Villas and Suites Amenities: In addition to access to all Standard and Club amenities, guests are given complimentary DVDs, video games, stocked refrigerator of sodas and snacks, washer and dryer, bathrobes, and turn-down service available upon request.

And lastly, as all resorts on Walt Disney World property have, the WDW Resort TV Information Channel giving you the latest park hours and resort overviews!

Dining Options
Throughout the lobby and surrounding areas of the resort are a variety of restaurants and eateries for guests to enjoy, organized into the categories of 'Signature Dining, Table Service, and Quick Service/Lounges'

B - Breakfast, L - Lunch, D - Dinner, S - Snacks
$ - under $15, $$ - $15-30, $$$ - $30-60, $$$$ - $60 and up

Signature Dining
Sarah and John's

D - $$$$
Named after the married couple from the Carousel of Progress, Sarah and John's will be often considered the sister restaurant to Victoria and Albert's at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa across the Seven Seas Lagoon. One of the more elegant and regal restaurants on property, a shirt and tie will be required for this restaurant, located on the 1940s (3rd floor) of the lobby atrium, with views facing towards the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Contemporary Resort, and particularly Tomorrowland.

The restaurant decor is lush with marble floors, meticulously crafted sculptures using 1940s Art Deco designs authentic to the time period it is set in.

Unlike other restaurants, yet similar to Victoria and Albert's, there is a set course menu given out to the dining guests as they sit down for their meal.

Table Service
Easy Street

L, D - $$$

On the 1920s (2nd floor) of the lobby is a jazz inspired restaurant named, Easy Street, celebrating the 'cat's meow' of the 1920s - jazz music. Walk into the dimly lit ambiance of the jazz restaurant, sitting down and listening to legends such as Louis Armstrong. You might even see an ad for a movie picture starting Al Jolson...and he's going to talk, and sing! Specializing in northeast fish and seafood, this will be a unique offering for guests. For dinner, a live jazz band will come out stage to play periodic times throughout the meal.

As John says in the Carousel of Progress - 'we're really livin' on easy street these days'

WEDWay Cafe
B, L, D - $$
On the 4th floor Recreation Deck, overlooking the Transportation and Ticket Center below, is the WEDWay Cafe. Designed in a circular formation, guests who dine here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, sit and rotate around to various aesthetics during the meal. There will be four sections that make up the rotation. The first is of the New York World's Fair in 1964, including models and art of the pavilions and designs for the fair. Ford's Magic Skyway, which would eventually become the WEDWay Peoplemover, is on full display. The second is illustrations of E.P.C.O.T. and snippets of never before captured WED Enterprises designs. The third room is of Tomorrowland 1975 and Epcot Center 1982, illustrating the changes, but still keeping with the theme of Progress. The final rotation room is a model of the resort and a window peering out to the TTC and Epcot in the distance, showing how the 'Carousel of Progress' has come full circle.

Quick Service and Lounges

Pictured in clockwise order starting from top left: (Sarsparilla Soda Shop, 1966 Lounge, The Green Belt, Blue Sky Cellar)

The Green Belt
L, D, S - $$
Located near the World's Fair Pool is a quick service restaurant, The Green Belt, serving a variety of poolside delights such as cheeseburgers, nachos, and assorted drinks. Nevertheless, there is also a healthy dose (pardon the pun) of salads, greens, and gluten-free options available at this location.

Sarsaparilla Soda Shop
L, D - $
As John says 'I'm gonna go meet the boys for a cold sarsaparilla' - now you can too at a small quick service soda shop located on the 1900s floor of the lobby on the back left side coming from the ground floor entrance. Among the root beer options are other varieties of old cane sugar sodas, milkshakes, candy, and sundaes.

1966 Lounge
S - $
On the 17th floor (top floor) of the resort is the 1966 Lounge offering picturesque views of Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon from high above. This is a great stop for fireworks viewing as well, with a walking deck attached to the lounge accessible to guests approximately 175 feet above the Walt Disney World Resort.

Blue Sky Cellar
S - $
Located on the Recreation Deck near the connecting walkway to the Dream Village DVC Resort is the Blue Sky Cellar. Inspired by the dreams and ideas of imagineers, the entire lounge is themed as if you are in the clouds, with blue and white decors, as well as concept art from old and new projects for WDI on the walls.

Recreation Deck

On the 4th floor of the resort is an access point to the Recreation Deck, a sprawling green space where a variety of the resort outdoor activities, dining venues, among other amenities are located.

Pools and Recreation
World's Fair Cove
A 120,000 gallon oasis, the World's Fair Cove swimming pool is the main pool located on the Recreation Desk of the resort. Themed after the model Progressland pavilion that WED Enterprises designed for the 1964 World's Fair, this colorful and dynamic aquatic swimming pool features futuristic rock-work and shrubbery, along with one of the longest and fastest resort slides on property - the Skyway. The main pool area is also accessible to the quiet pool, tucked away from the commotion of the main pool, as well as a Jacuzzi/hot tub. The World's Fair Cove is open from 8am - 10pm daily.

Children's Play Area
Adjacent to the World's Fair Cove is a quaint pay area built into rockwork, with aquatic adventures to be explored. Run through fountains, or climb up a small 30 ft slide with a 5 ft drop off of the rocks above into the pool, or play on the water jungle gym.

Senses Spa and Salon
Adding another Senses Spa to the Walt Disney World collection, the Progress City location offers massages, body wraps, and facials. Furthermore, Senses has a sauna room that combines steam, heat, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. Some spa treatments can be reserved for children as well. Next door to the Spa is the Salon where you may receive manicures, pedicures, and haircuts. As an easter egg to the peoplemover, the woman getting her hair done in the zany, futuristic cover can be seen sitting at the front of the salon.

Progressland Health Club
Consistently going to a health club shows 'progress' - and that is what the Progressland Health Club is all about. Located adjacent to the Senses Spa and Salon, this 24-hour facility features state-of-the-art cardio and strength training equipment. Personal trainers are available upon reservation. The health club is available via MagicBand access.

Sporting Activities
In the sporting area of the 4th floor Recreation Deck, a variety of activities can be accessed by resort guests. Two clay tennis courts are available and lessons can be reserved. A basketball court parallels the tennis courts, and across from those two activities, located towards the west side of the resort tower, is a 9-hole mini-golf course called Perfect Park Acres. The courts and mini-golf course are open from 7am - 8pm daily.

New Balance Jogging Trail
All around WDW Resorts are New Balance Jogging Trails, one in particular from the Transportation and Ticket Center to the Polynesian to the Grand Floridian. Now that trail will be expanded to include Disney's Progress City Resort and Spa - running (pardon the pun) to the Contemporary Resort. The jogging trail will be extended parallel to the monorail track from the TTC to the Contemporary, before dipping underneath the breezeway between Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake, and dipping back towards the Contemporary Resort.

Horizons Beachfront and Marina
Along the shores of the Seven Seas Lagoon and parallel to the Ferry Dock from the TTC, the small strip of beachfront will be renovated and extended to become the Horizons Beachfront and Marina. At sunset, this will provide one of the best beachfront views of the western sunset on Walt Disney World property. Boat Rentals are available at the Marina for sailboats, the Boston Whaler Montauks, pontoon boats, and Sea Raycer speedboats. Rentals are by half-hour or by the hour. The Walt will be a grand yacht that will take guests on a fireworks cruise of the Seven Seas Lagoon for $450 per hour and accommodates up to 18 guests. Bass Fishing is available as well, and excursions depart from the Marina daily. Call 407-WDW-BASS for more information.

Nightlife and Entertainment
Enchanted Tiki Club
Rumors have swirled recently about the closure of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room for a more modern IP infusion into Adventureland. Yet the pessimism upon seeing another classic attraction close will be rejuvenated with the fact that the spirit of the attraction will be restored at the Enchanted Tiki Club. Given the recent success of the Trader Sam's Lounge and the overflow traffic that it causes at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, a joint, shared 'Enchanted Tiki Club' between the Polynesian and Progress City Resorts, located on the water in the Seven Seas Lagoon, will be one of the most popular nightlife stops in the Magic Kingdom Resort Area. Featuring the iconic bird animatronics from the show singing and dancing along, you're invited in for the show in a bar/dance hall type setting. The expanded story of the Enchanted Tiki Club not only connects with the Polynesian, but also the backstory for E.P.C.O.T. as tropical polynesian settings were popular in the late 60s, early 70s. So much so, that in the original design for Epcot there was a polynesian building in the green belt, which the design of the Enchanted Tiki Club is inspired by.

A sample menu is provided below:

Fountain Movies Under the Stars
While Movies Under the Stars is a commodity at most Disney Resorts on property, at Progress City they are presented a bit differently than a typical projection screen. Using fountains and water effects seen in locations such as Fantasmic!, two fountains in a grassy area of the Recreation Deck come to life, spread apart, and connect to form the projection of the video being seen.


Carousel of Mercantile
On the 1900s (ground floor) is a larger Disney shop themed similarly to the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom, with 1900s architecture and design patterns surrounding the guests. Inside, guests can shop for trading pins, paintings, custom shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, hats, and more. Old Epcot and Tomorrowland gear is also sold in this shop, with items specifically unique to this location from extinct attractions such as World of Motion, Horizons, If You Had Wings, Ford's Magic Skyway, among others.

Patricia's Clothing and Notions
On the 1920s (2nd floor) of the lobby is a quaint shop named after the daughter in Carousel of Progress, which sells assorted men's and women's clothing, themed to the resort, as well as additional Disney clothing items. As an easter egg to the Carousel of Progress, Patricia's Statue of Liberty outfit is available for purchase with a sign over it claiming that it will be sure to 'scare Theodore away'.

American Pastime
A tucked away sporting shop located on the 1920s (2nd floor) of the lobby - themed to america's pastime, baseball, and 'that new fella Babe Ruth'. Inside you will be able to browse through images of old baseball stadiums, such as Braves Stadium and Fenway Park in Boston, MA, a picture of the 1927 Murderer's Row lineup of the New York Yankees, scorecards from Shoeless Joe Jackson's final game, and much more. Playing on a loop are clips from the baseball games of the age, with a narrator giving the scores for the games played that day, as if you were there in the 1920s. It is also in this shop where you can purchase dress clothes, pants, and hats, as well as blouses, purses, and other assorted items for men and women.

Care Centers
Future Dreamers Academy
For children ages 3-12, the Future Dreamers Academy is a supervised program that's open from 4:30pm till midnight for resort guests to drop their kids off. The cost is $12 per hour for each child. Reservations are required. Activities for the child includes events held at the resort such as Movie Night, in addition to a special Pirate Adventure on the Seven Season Lagoon, held nightly, for children ages 4-12, at an additional cost of $34 per child. For more information or reservations call 407-WDW-DINE

The Dream Village at Disney's Progress City Resort and Spa

The Dream Village at Disney's Progress City Resort and Spa is themed according to the forward-thinking ideas of the resort as a whole, and is meant to represent contemporary living in a post modern, green energy world.

Influenced by the design of Building 32 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA - The Dream Village consists of two spasmodic facades, jaded and bent in irregular patterns.

Both buildings are run on completely green energy from solar panels on the roofs, to other forms of renewable energy. The lobby area at the entrance of the resort follows the unique patterns of the exterior, creating the sense of stepping into a modern painting. Disjointed stairways and archways lead to the villas above, and the chandelier in the center is markedly modern as well. Each of the 135 units at the resort separated into categories from studios to three bedroom villas that sleep anywhere from 5 to 13 guests.

Peak Season - $800 per night (Deluxe Studio), $1,000 per night (1 Bedroom), $1,400 per night (2 Bedroom), $1,700 per night (3 Bedroom)
Moderate Season - $600 per night (Deluxe Studio), $700 per night (1 Bedroom), $1,100 per night (2 Bedroom), $1,300 per night (3 Bedroom)
Value Season - $450 per night (Deluxe Studio), $550 per night (1 Bedroom), $750 per night (2 Bedroom), $1,000 per night (3 Bedroom)

Approximate Number of Rooms
Deluxe Studio: 48
1 Bedroom Villa: 45
2 Bedroom Villa: 37
3 Bedroom Grand Villa: 5

Maximum Number of Guests Per Room: Deluxe Studio: 5 guests, 1 Bedroom Villa: 5 guests, 2 Bedroom Villa: 9 guests, 3 Bedroom Grand Villa: 13 guests
Number of Handicap Accessible Rooms: Deluxe Studio: 7, 1 Bedroom Villa: 5, 2 Bedroom Villa: 1, 3 Bedroom Grand Villa: 1
Square Footage: Deluxe Studio: 725 sq. ft, 1 Bedroom Villa: 900 sq. ft, 2 Bedroom Villa: 1,300 sq. ft, 3 Bedroom Grand Villa: 2,750 sq. ft.
Villas and Suites Amenities: All Dream Village guest rooms are equipped with standard room amenities such as an alarm clock and ceiling fan, in addition to Blu-Ray player, coffee maker with coffee and tea setup, microwave, robes, pool towels, and a washer and dryer. Deluxe Studios come with a kitchenette complete with a mini fridge, microwave, sink, toaster, and wet bar. The 1,2, and 3 bedroom villas come with a full kitchen which includes a full-size refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven toaster, blender, dishwasher, glasses, flatware, plates, cookware, sink, and tea kettle.

All guests at the Dream Village will be able to access the dining, shopping, and recreation of Disney's Progress City Resort and Spa, as the resorts will be connected by a walkway over Seven Seas Drive, towards the recreation deck of the resort. In addition to the luxurious accommodations of its parent resort, the Dream Village has its own quiet pool, as well as a rose garden walk-through which offers picturesque views of the Epcot Monorail overhead, and Progress City between the two Village buildings on the horizon.

Resort Transportation and Convention Center

Diagrammed above are the transportation and access routes throughout the resort. On the Ground (1st) Floor - cars, buses, and taxis enter and either go to the resort bus stop, or continue on towards the drop off point underneath the resort infrastructure. From that point, guests can enter the lobby, or pick up and exit back out onto World Drive. Buses leaving from the stop exit out onto the Seven Seas Drive towards Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Water Parks, and Disney Springs.

Access to the convention center is available from a ramp exit off of the lobby proper, and towards the back of the resort. Below are conceptual illustrations of the transportation and convention center locations

From top left and clockwise - (Convention Center, Breezeway to Peoplemover, Bus Stop, and Ferry Dock near the Enchanted Tiki Club.)

Below is a synopsis of the various ways to get around the world from the resort:

Magic Kingdom: Monorail at the TTC (Express or Resort Line), Ferry launch at the Dock near the Enchanted Tiki Club, New Balance Jogging Trail to Contemporary (1.2 miles total)
Epcot: Monorail at the TTC (Epcot Line)
Hollywood Studios: Bus (Access via Ground Floor Bus Stop)
Animal Kingdom: Bus (Access via Ground Floor Bus Stop)
Water Parks: Bus (Access via Ground Floor Bus Stop
Note: Blizzard Beach has connection with Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon has connection with Disney Springs
Disney Springs: Bus (Access via Ground Floor Bus Stop)
Minnie-Van/taxi service is also available from the Pick-Up/Drop-Off section of the Ground Floor of the resort.

Resort-Wide Holiday Overlays

One of the most renown features of the resort is its plentiful holiday decorations. Since the Carousel of Progress attraction travels through the holidays of Valentine's Day, 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas - the resort will be decorated extensively for each of the seasons, unlike any other resort on property. There will also be special events attached to each holiday season, such as Valentine's Dinner exclusives at Sarah and John's, premium Seven Seas Lagoon cruises for the 4th of July fireworks, Halloween pumpkin carving stations, and a ton of Christmas activities including the tree lighting ceremony (30% brighter!), hidden mickey hunts, and making gingerbread houses. On the recreation deck there on the fountain movie screen, you'll be able to play the virtual reality Cyber Space Pilot video game from the finale scene in the Carousel of Progress.


Ultimately, Disney's Progress City Resort and Spa is a tribute to the man who started it all, Walt Disney. The Sherman Brothers song, There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, along with the Carousel of Progress, captures the philosophies that Walt lived by. The resort will essentially become the heart of everything in the 'Florida Project', acting as the metaphorical hub and physical transportation hub of Walt Disney World for the next 50 years and beyond. Overall, Disney's Progress City Resort and Spa will symbolize that the great big beautiful tomorrow is truly just a dream away...

"Walt Disney was the eternal optimist, and he really believed that things could be better. And Bob and Richard Sherman wrote that song as a personal ode to Walt. They really meant it.... That was Walt's anthem, and they recognized that."
- Marty Sklar
(Rest in Peace)

Thank you for reading Marvel Studios' presentation!

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Trailer Tuesday Results
Scene 4 Hotel California

Studio execs wanted to thank those of you who submitted a film proposal this week. This week you were tasked with proposing a new murder mystery film that takes place at any of the WDW resorts. I must say this was a great week of TT entries (but then I've enjoyed all of them).

So I read and re-read these a few times and have to admit I chickened out picking a lone winner this week. I kept coming back to the same 2 entries. @D Hindley for Art of Murder. First off, the title and Resort tie in was pretty spot on and great play on words. The whole idea of people dying by all those Disney Classic items was a great way to kill off characters for the story.
@QuillPenn A Grand Murder in Florida was nice and concise, but I totally pictured that film being made. I immediately had 2 actors come to mind, completely different ones mind you, and that just kept the realism of your pitch for me. For some reason I kept picturing Kevin Hart in a funnier take on the role or Nicholas Cage with his slightly more somber and serious look.
Great job both of you!

With those entries there will be 5 points for each of you (15 points each to Pixar and Marvel, and 10 points to Lucasfilm) to go towards your studios tally. Then an extra 5 for Pixar and Lucasfilm (splitting the green light prize)for getting one of their films green lit this week. Thank you again everyone!


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Pixar Studios Presents...

A Little Background
Eslta Rofd was an alien that came from humble means across the galaxy. He had to work long, hard hours just to survive. As he grew into adulthood, his planet was looking for alternative ways to get across the planet and even the world. Hover cars could not cross space and space cruisers were big, bulky and used too much energy. Being somewhat clever, Eslta pitched an idea for a transport system that could move a great many people across galaxies cheaply and with low energy usage. He called it the PeopleMover.

As his idea took off, he became quite wealthy and built a brand new company, The Tomorrowland Transit Authority to oversee his transportation empire. He even expanded his system from just the red line to the blue and green line. Life was good for Eslta until the arrival of X-S Tech and the company's chairman, L.C. Clench. Their new teleportation machine threatened to destroy all of what Eslta had accomplished.

But then, X-S Tech suffered a malfunction and Clench had disappeared. Accused of having a hand in X-S Tech’s misfortune, Eslta is about to give a news conference live on TNN (Tomorrowland News Network) in an effort to absolve his guilt.

This is where our story takes place.

Prepare For Incoming Transmission....


Tuning In To News Conference Already in Progress....

Reporter: “Mr. Eslta, did you have anything to do with the malfunction at X-S Tech? You do have the most to gain now the at the company is leaving Earth.”

Eslta: “Certainly not! I for one, welcome X-Tech and its marvelous break throughs! Healthy competition is natural and healthy for business, and the ones who benefit most are the citizens of Tomorrowland. I am sorry for what happened at X-S Tech as I looked forward to a long, competitive relationship with a like-minded rival like Clench; I do hope they find the poor man soon. But space travel can be quite hazardous for those that are…inexperienced.

However, we at the Transit Authority like to keep moving, as we always say, and that is why I am proud to announce the opening of my newest division, The Tomorrowland Housing Authority, to oversee my newest venture.”

Reporter: “And what is that, Mr. Eslta?”

Eslta: “Why the opening of my first hotel, the PeopleLodger. From here, people may rest from the rigors of space travel for the night or they can stay to enjoy all of the many wonders of Tomorrowland and beyond. We also offer transportation to Spaceprot 75, oh what do the locals call it again...ah, yes, Space Mountain, for all of your deep space travel needs.

But please, let me show you what I mean. Can you bring it up on the monitor? Ah, yes, thank you."

Eslta: "This is the marvelous PeopleLodger designed not only to fit in seamlessly with the Tommorrowland aesthetic, but it's every function from the guest rooms, dining, and other amenities were designed with movement and transportation in mind."


Guests arriving in Orlando by plane will board specialized PeopleMover-style hover-buses at the airport. (See Hotel Entertainment for more on these amazing vehicles.) With unique onboard effects and screens, guests are immersed in our retro-futuristic world from the moment they touch down, all in service of framing their grand arrival at the PeopleLodger. Bus spiel excites guests about the fabulous “Hotel of Tomorrow” where they will soon be staying, filling their heads with information about the hotel’s backstory, its fine dining, amenities, entertainment, and much more.

Guests arriving by car will park a short distance out from the hotel. Parking is near enough to be walkable, though we still recommend a quick hover-bus show experience to start a stay in style!

Transport to other parks, resorts and attractions is done via regular Walt Disney World buses. These services are shared with the Contemporary.


Upon check in, guests will immediately be taken aback by the grandeur of the lobby. Each design element from window shapes to the curve of the couches is designed to keep the eye moving, taking in new details. For those who explore the lobby further, they will see moving pictures detailing the history of Mr. Eslta from his humble beginnings, his great success with the peoplemover, and one particular newspaper clipping's headline reads: Eslta Debuts New Hotel, but clever eyed guests will note that further down the page it states that Eslta is accused of sabotaging X-S Tech.

Friendly castmembers are waiting to help new arrivals check in or escort guests and their luggage to their rooms.


As guests drop off their bags at the front desk, they will see cast members load the bags into the pneumatic tubes which take the bags up to the guest's room (in actuality they are pumped into an adjoining room where a cast member rushes them up to the guests's room before they arrive). Once guests are all checked-in, they will notice that a cast member is waiting for them in their own luxury PeopleMover cart (electric golf-cart themed to a people mover car)! Guests board the cart and are whisked away to their rooms while being given an explanation of the amenities the resort offers by the cast member. With specially built elevators and elevated hallways inside the resort, there is no fear of injury from the PeopleMover carts to those on two legs.

Speaking of elevators, guests will notice that all elevators in the resort are built with glass on all 6 sides (with the exception of one elevator for those with vertigo). As guests utilize the elevators they will see phenomenal light-shows inside the shafts, feel the kinetic energy that it takes to move an elevator car, and hear the sounds of transportation in motion.

Similar to the lobby, each hotel room is designed to move the eye whether it is a family suite or the standard double occupancy. The beds feature a built in TV that retractable and can be maneuvered to stay overhead so guests will not have to sit up to see the screen. For those needing an extra bed, a pod bed is available upon request.

All rooms come standard with a hairdryer and a shower with movable shower heads for maximum coverage or for specific body targeting. All rooms will come with a swinging closet designed to keep clothes smooth and wrinkle free.

In the family suites, a collapsible chair and table combo seats six while the standard rooms are chairs with retractable lights and hidden compartments for arm rests.



Guests at PeopleLodger can access Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland via the PeopleMover’s all-new Green Line, providing transportation between the city and the hotel’s “hover-burbs.” The elevated Green Line wends its way through the hotel grounds, providing guests with stunning views of the lobby, pools and grounds.

The Green Line loading station circles the second floor overlooking the enclosed glass lobby. Since this serves as Magic Kingdom entry, guests gain access via ticketed Magic Bands. Once onboard, narration entertains riders with backstory for the PeopleLodger hotel, in classic Tomorrowland Transit Authority style. This backstory (expounded upon elsewhere) details Eslta’s entrepreneurial relationship with Tomorrowland, his decision to expand into lodging, and the exciting new technologies coming to Tomorrowland…technologies like the Hyperloop.


The PeopleMover Green Line eventually merges with the in-park Blue Line. Both share boarding/unboarding in Tomorrowland’s Rocket Tower Plaza. Guests will recognize the Green Line cars by their distinctive green shade. A separate queue exists exclusively for Green Line transportation to the hotel, found on every sixth train.


The Green Line shares most of its track with the classic PeopleMover Blue Line. Switch tracks hidden along the interior Hyperloop route (formerly Space Mountain) allow Green Line trains to seamlessly switch to the hotel spur line. Altogether, this soothing 10 minute journey from Magic Kingdom straight to hotel lobby, with quick access to rooms, restaurants and relaxation, flawlessly combines the hotel and park experience as one!

For times when the PeopleMover unexpectedly breaks down, or for guests who simply prefer walking, additional hotel access is found upon covered moving sidewalks. An overhead canopy projects futuristic advertisements, landscape scenery, and gently rotating colors, all tied to Eslta’s enterprises. And in case the moving sidewalk breaks down, no matter! It remains walkable!



In light of management’s decision to remove Magic Kingdom’s mountains, Eslta repurposes the vacated Space Mountain dome as the hub for his revolutionary new Hyperloop transportation concept. Pressurized pneumatic tubes quietly whisk guests throughout Tomorrowland! While Eslta expects his Hyperloop tubes will eventually span the continent, he invites citizens to ride his prototype Tomorrowland model. It’s another futuristic transportation attraction subtly tied in with the hotel!

The Tomorrowland Hyperloop is, in practice, a classic bobsled coaster in the style of Knoebel’s Flying Turns. Wheeled pods glide tracklessly through a halfpipe course. The Tomorrowland Hyperloop snakes through the enclosed galactic “Hyperloop Dome” (formerly Space Mountain), out and over Tomorrowland circling the PeopleMover tracks, and even through the PeopleLodger hotel. Fully-enclosed transparent tubes keep the Hyperloop whisper-quiet and safe from rains. Pedestrians in Tomorrowland will admire the colorful whishing pods overhead. With this fun new kinetic coaster, Tomorrowland regains a cohesive identity.


Hotel guests even enjoy a unique Hyperloop perk – direct hotel roller coaster access! Much like the PeopleMover Green Line, specialized Hyperloop pods load on a sidetrack (much like disabled coaster loading). They then run the course, then travel down a hidden switch track directly into the PeopleLodger. What more exciting way to end a day at Magic Kingdom than riding a roller coaster straight back to your hotel?

(Hotel return Fastpasses may be arranged with our concierge, and do not count as one of three daily allotted Fastpasses.)



Sci-Fi Sushi


This conveyor belt sushi restaurant is nestled in the lobby of (hotel name) and serves fresh sushi inspired by Tomorrowland and the PeopleMover, while also serving simple favorites such as California Rolls and Spicy Tuna Rolls.

Space Flight - A Restaurant with Character

Experience a character meal like no other at Space Flight - A Restaurant with Character, on the second floor of the lobby at (hotel name). A buffet of international fare combines with sci-fi twists as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy roam the dining halls to meet guests. And there's a special surprise for guests as they come in...

An animatronic Wall-E greets guests at the door of the restaurant, making for a family photo like no other. At times where Wall-E is broken or is otherwise unable to be used, Buzz Lightyear or Star Lord will replace him.

The Restaurant on the Top of the World

At the very top of the resort lies The Restaurant on the Top of the World, a signature location where delicious international fare comes as the restaurant slowly rotates. And keep an eye out, you might see something in the windows of the restaurant, like alien spacecraft landing.

Sci-Fi Bites


This quick service spot dishes out tasty burgers and sandwiches for guests as roller coaster tracks deliver food directly to their tables, using the same technology as Be Our Guest's Enchanted Roses for locating guests.



This gift shop is located next to the check-in area and features sleek white walls with display cases. The store features four main areas: clothing, toys, food, and art.
The food section features several freezers and shelves where guests can purchase small food items for those who do not wish to go to one of the breakfast locations in the morning. Selections include Eggos, Milk bottles, chips, small cereal boxes, fruit, orange juice, and ice cream bars (of course this is not the entirety of the selection).

The clothing section of the store features mannequin and the basic clothing necessities. Shirts with the Walt Disney logo, Mickey ears, and pins/lanyards. However, only in this gift shop can one purchase an exclusive “Tomorrowland Transit Authority” uniform and pin. The resort will also offer a regular T-shirt with the hotel logo, and a pin with the hotel pictured. Both of these “generic” items are also available at the World of Disney Store.

The toy section of the store is smaller than the others. It features a stand where the most recent toys can be placed (which is currently occupied by Cars 3 merchandise) and timeless toys (ie: Lego Disney Castle). The resort offers a collectible Peoplemover track set, where kids can build their own elevated Peoplemover track. Kids can also purchase motorized carts, miniature Disney characters to ride in the carts, and futuristic buildings (inspired by Tomorrowland, EPCOT, and Disney Science fiction movies like Big Hero 6 and Walle) for the track to weave around or through.

The art section of the store features work based on Disney movies and attractions. It also includes an exclusive piece of concept art (by a mysterious artist calling himself D.H.) for the resort.
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Connection Established...

Late Night Comedy with Cosmic Ray!


Enjoy the comedy stylings of Cosmic Ray - proprietor of Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café! This comedy show is Disney friendly (no profanity or vulgarity), and plays Tuesdays and Thursday nights at 9:00 PM in the Tower's Cabaret lounge. Jay is a puppet/muppet very similar in appearance to 80's TV legend Alf (and, in fact, makes reference to this in his act!). With assistants and cameras, Alf's performer is able to interact with guests in this intimate setting.

The Sounds of the Future!

Zip, Zap, and Spark are three robots who want to make it to Hollywood! This animatronic trio entertains guests in the Cabaret lounge every evening from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM playing classic rock from the 50's through the 80's in 20 minute sets. However, these animatronic wonders have a special event on Friday nights from 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM where the robots interact with their audience! Using the same technology as Turtle Talk with Crush, Zip, Zap, and Spark take requests from the audience, and even invite some people on stage to sing Karaoke! Hilarity ensues as Sparky, the drummer for the group, sings a terrible, off key love ballad to a lady from the audience, much to the chagrin of Zip and Zap! The experience is different every time, as the trio is performed by improv comedians behind the scenes with cameras and special effects at their disposal to flow with the moods and the crowd.

Guests and Residents of Tomorrow!

These Cast Members hang out and around the main lobby of the PeopleLodger. The residents of Tomorrowland come from all parts of the galaxy, and interact with guests daily from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM (rotating shifts).

Rex Astro - an American astronaut with a pompous ego (think Buzz Lightyear meets Gaston). He has been trying to secure travel back to Earth, and has been stranded at the [insert resort name here] for some time now.

Valerie Venus - an alien reporter with a penchant for snooping! She is here on the hunt for famous intergalactic celebrity Mikey Mouse (not to be confused with Mickey Mouse ;) ), and she got a tip that he is staying here at the [insert resort name here]! She has "incontrovertible" proof by some photos to prove that he is here (blurred images from a distance of someone entering a door where all you see is their leg).

Mack - the alien self-proclaimed "Hotel Engineer." Mack has tentacles for arms and wanders the lobby in his trucker hat and jumpsuit strapped to the brim with wrenches and other tools. Apparently, management turned down his initial application for the job based on the fact that he had no hands; however, he was able to negotiate his way to landing the position - by working for free!

Push the Talking Trash Can - this fan favorite makes his glorious return to Walt Disney World Resort! Push wanders the lobby in search of guests with trash that he will gladly take from them, while getting in other snappy remarks and jabs.

Granny Nova - a sweet, elderly alien who is visiting her grandchildren in Tomorrowland while simultaneously celebrating her retirement at the [insert hotel name here]. She's very sweet, but don't you dare give her any sass!

XR - a robotic Space Ranger and partner of Buzz Lightyear himself from Star Command! Fans of the cartoon will love this animatronic, who functions much like Push, as he brags about his escapades with Buzz as a fellow peacekeeper of the Galaxy.

Muppets IN SPACE!


The headline attraction of [insert resort name here]! This guest-exclusive show runs from 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM in the Theater of the Stars. Similar to Muppet Vision 3D, this show takes artistic inspiration from the Muppet film "Muppets from Space!" but with a completely different plot! Dr. Honeydew has developed his very own rocket to travel to the far off Planet Z, purportedly "a lush, peaceful planet who's main export is queso!" However, the good Doctor can't go on the journey himself, mutterring excuses concerning the questionability of the spacecraft, and is requesting volunteers. Upon hearing promises of queso, Gonzo and Fozzie immediately volunteer, with Kermit reluctantly agreeing to keep Gonzo and Fozzie from killing themselves (and to advance the plot *winks to the camera*). Zany antics and hilarity ensue as our three travelers; supported by Dr. Honeydew, Beaker, Rizzo, Pepe, and Miss Piggy in Mission Control; bumble through the galaxy on a quest for queso! References to comedy films "Airplane," with a grand false finish a la "Blazing Saddles", make this 3D adventure (or fiasco if you prefer) a memorable Space Odessey of the Ages!​


After a long day enjoying the wonders of Tomorrow, the perfect way to relax and unwind is to take a dip, plunge, or splash (or all three!) into one of the PeopleLodger's futuristic pool and spa facilities! The Scrapyard Splash Zone is a whimsical Children's splash zone where all the malfunctioning robots are tossed to be repaired or repurposed as slides, sprinklers, and fountains. Kids can enjoy fun, funky space tunes as they play in the spray with broken down bots in the Scrapyard, (watch out! The bots may be leaking!) Curious guests can also explore the robot cleaning machine, akin to a car wash, this short tunnel is complete with jet sprayers from all sides that shoot out randomly, bubble dispensers, and big air jets to make sure our Junior Robots get that extra chrome shine! Finally, young guests can take a short climb to go down one of three slides perched atop the Scrap Heap! (pay attention to the walls and floor! If you listen closely, some of the scrapped robots can still talk!).

However, the premier pool amenity for guests of all ages is the TTA WaterMover. This top-of-the-line Lazy River captures the muse of the PeopleMover itself, allowing guests to relax as they travel around the pool areas letting off steam from a long day. At night, the WaterMover lights up with neon tubes along its edges for a refreshing cruise that’s out of this world! If guests truly want to enjoy the WaterMover experience, the inner tubes come equipped with Velcro straps, allowing them to be connected into a 2x2 square!
While the kids enjoy the WaterMover and the Scrapyard, Mom and Dad can take it easy in the TTA Spa Zone. This state-of-the-art facility is the epitome of luxury: laser light steam rooms, neon saunas, and massages are all complemented by the stylistic architecture of the Spa Zone.
Also located in the same area is the guest gym.


TTA Adventure Voyages

The People Lodger provides world class amenities, but no other resort has activities as unique as our TTA Adventure Voyages. A free TTA Voyage Pass is given to each party that stays at the resort, and an additional pass is provided to each party for every additional 3 nights they stay at the resort.


So now you may be wondering what do these passes give you and your party access to? Well, each pass provides your party a reservation to one of four TTA Adventure Voyages. These run at different times of the day, and last from 2-3 hours. Guests reach their destination with use of our TTA hover-bus line, buses that actually float above the road (actually just normal buses with shock dampeners below every seat, and large video screens replacing every window)!


When checking in for your tour, guests will proceed to the TTA Adventure Voyage terminal located at the side of the hotel. Guests will sit through a short safety video and meet and take pictures with Mr. Tom Morrow (a robotic AA) before boarding their hover-bus through a jetway. Between the jetway and the divider in the hover-bus between the passengers and the driver, guests will be fully immersed in the voyage experience without ever seeing the "actual" outside world. Once the hover-bus departs, the voyage begins!

Centauri Jungle Cruise: The ADVENTURE of a Lifetime


Guests learn about the far off lands that the TTA has visited and built transportation systems to during their hover-bus ride. They then learn that there has only been one opportunity when the TTA had discovered a planet that had not yet reached space-faring technology, and this lucky crew is going to get to visit one of them! Their destination is in Alpha Centauri. As the hover-bus nears the drop-off destinationit enters a muddy path in a lush jungle. Guests exit the hover-bus onto a small dock next to a flowing river (a special on-ramp at the Jungle Cruise in MK). A boat pulls up and guests carefully board, but this boat is not like the others in this attraction. There is more room for the entire group, the boat travels a little slower, and there is storage room for the included lunch or dinner. Our TTA guide will walk guests through all of scenes they pass, explaining how primitive this civilization is and how they get along. But guests will start to notice that it seems they are not wanted here (actors in some of the scenes will portray this). Guests will depart the boat at one point being taken "hostage", and think that they will be eaten alive! But once they reach the lunch.dinner site, it turns out the natural inhabitants just wanted to have lunch/dinner WITH them (in a new area behind the safari camp). After guests re-board the boat they will finish their journey through the jungle and depart, without ever seeing other guests (using clever tricks and taking advantage of the maintenance river). Back aboard the hover-bus guests will be served snacks and beverages and learn a little bit more about the planet they just visited, before getting a quick TTA commercial for the other voyages offered.

Sawyer's Adventure: A SPOOKY Exploration


Guests learn about the far off lands that the TTA has visited and built transportation systems to during their nighttime hover-bus ride. One of these is a mysterious planet that has no sun. As guests near the drop-off location they can hear scratches against the outside of the hover-bus and feel an occasional banging. Then a large bang and jolt against the bus causes it to break down, and guests will need to immediately depart the hover-bus. They exit into a hilly forest area (Tom Sawyer's Island in MK). Guests will tour through the haunted woods and caves of the alien planet and meet some of its insectoid-like inhabitants (and take pictures if they are brave enough). The island and caves are enhanced with hidden neon lights to make it look more like an alien planet. After traveling through all of the paths and caves, your guide talks to the leader of the aliens to get back the part missing from the bus. As the group travels back to the hover-bus, they are told that it was just one alien that causes all of the havoc, not the rest of them, and right before guests re-board the hover-bus they can catch a glimpse of him in the bushes. Back aboard the hover-bus guests are treated to snacks and beverages and learn a little more about the aliens (incorporating some of the lore form the old extra-terrorestrial alien encounter).

Comedy Cruisin': A Boat Full of LAUGHS


Guests learn about the far off lands that the TTA has visited and built transportation systems to during their hover-bus ride. One of these is a strange planet called Earth. The bus ride videos and introductions are filled with cheesy jokes and a few physical gags like confetti explosions. Once guests arrive at their destination they are tricked and shuffled into a room for a brief seminar about how to sell TTA passes to their friends (slap stick routine making fun of timeshares). Then they are led to the next "room" to have lunch and watch some stand-up comedy. However that hallway to the next room and the room's walls are weirdly covered in curtains. It turns out that guests are actually boarding the boat already without realizing it. Once the comedy starts, the false walls are taken down and it turns out you are already on the boat cruising on the river (guests board from a new dock at the back of the park). The boat ride will then include a couple of separate stand up comedy routines about those "crazy tourists" you can see outside the windows at this weird planet called Earth! Guests will be able to walk around the boat and grab lunch or dinner also from a buffet. After a couple of journeys around the river guests re-board the hover-bus and learn about other civilization's interpretation of comedy on their journey back to the resort.

Mission: Solar: A Thrilling EDUCATIONAL Adventure


Guests learn about the far off lands that the TTA has visited and built transportation systems to during their hover-bus ride. They are introduced to the tiny space capsules that the TTA invented, along with TTA's Space Station, and will shortly be boarding for a tour of Earth's Solar System. Guests are dropped off in the rear of Mission: Space in a new walkway that was built just for them. They board the attraction (either Orange or Green) and experience a new video/attraction which is a 20 minute tour of the solar system, with a lot of educational content (the orange side would still have high-g thrills). After the ride, guests are dropped off into in a separate attached facility themed after the TTA Space Station where they would be able to try on space suits and walk through the replica space station's corridors, along with eating "astronaut food" for lunch or dinner. Guests then board their "space" hover-bus to travel back to the resort, and are presented with a number of educational space videos (i.e. Powers of Ten, etc).

Eslta: "As you can see, this deluxe resort embodies all of what the I want for visitors to Tomorrowland, the freedom and ease of movement as first realized by my PeopleMover."

Reproter: "That does sound truly wonderful Mr. Eslta, but about X-S Tech-"

Eslta: "Yes, yes. Very terrible. I'm sure they figure out their mistake soon enough. But until then, we at TTA will be here to serve the transportation needs for all visitors as we have done for years and now we will offer even greater comfort with the new PeopleLodger."

Reproter: "But Mr. Eslta-"

Eslta: "I apologize, but that is all the time I have today. Please feel free to stop by the PeopleLodger, opening soon."

Connection Lost....

End of Transmission

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It's A Small World Moderate Resort

Welcome to the It's a small world Resort!


The attraction it's a small world will be rerouted and outdoors with the new resort. Similar to the Venice canals, it's a small world will now sail through the resort, which has premium access to the Magic Kingdom Park. The railroad will also go through the main facade and be rerouted to look similar to Disneyland in California. it's a small world will be a moderate resort that requires bus transportation to all parks, or walking through the Magic Kingdom to get to the Monorail line to Epcot.

By remodeling it's a small world, it will still be keeping the same themes of the ride, but be all outdoors and immersive in this new Fantasyland attraction. There will be three wings to start the resort, and like Pop Century, the resort will have a Phase 2 expansion plan to include three more wings to the resort based on other continents around the world.

Walking into the resort from the Magic Kingdom, guests will walk around the grand Mary Blair inspired facade, larger than any other facade in Disney Parks. Inside will be a colorful 2 story lobby with a food court, World Gifts shopping center, and a small quick service ice cream shop. Once through the lobby, guests can walk to one of three resort wings to get to their rooms.​

Europe Wing:

Welcome to the Europe Wing of our It's a Small World Resort.

Park your car in either Matterhorn Lot One or Two. Then, walk up to the entrance and enjoy the courtyard.

In the middle is the Mediterranean Pool. There is a water slide, but it is based off of monsters in the sea. On the backside of the pool is the Greece-y (Name subject to change) Cafe. Here serves Greek food in an outdoor cafe.

To the left is the Matterhorn Building, to the right is the Big Ben Building. There are two buildings in total.

The Big Ben Building will not actually be shaped like Big Ben, but it will be painted on the exterior to look like Big Ben, like AoA's Cars Area. Inside will feature paintings and colors in the style of Europe.

Each building will have a main point, which will include a sitting area and information about the continent of Europe. Each building will have 225 buildings span across five floors.

Big Ben Building will have 15 deluxe rooms which have a living space, small kitchen, full bathroom, balcony, and separate bedroom. A standard room will feature a mini-fridge, microwave, ottoman and table, 2 queens or 1 king bed/s, full bathroom, and balcony. The theme of the rooms will be old-style English buildings.

The Matterhorn Building will be like the Big Ben Building. The exterior will be a Mary Blair style Alps Mountain. The room colors will be white and blue. Again, 15 deluxe rooms featuring the same as the Big Ben.

This is just a thought, some of this will probably change, and to me, the style and coloring is seeming like a Value resort. But, comment about it and I'll revise it if needed.​

Asian Wing:

At the Asian Wing of the it's a small world resort, guests will walk through a Mary Blair inspired Nepal village, and walk through towards two identically designed Japanese gardens, which are each in front of 3 story guest buildings. The guest buildings themselves are designed similarly to the facade of it's a small world at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort, and have distinct influences from asian culture. A chinese dragon can be seen on top of one of the building rooftops, the numbers and sayings on the walls are written in Japanese, and Mongolian wildlife can be seen drawn into the facade.

Given that this is a moderate resort, the rooms sleep 4, with different views. The standard garden view, the Magic Kingdom view, and suite level. There are roughly 200 standard garden rooms, 50 Magic Kingdom view rooms, and 25 suites, for a total of 275 guest rooms in this wing.​

South America Wing:

Enter into a jungle themed region with hippo animatronics and swinging vines in a rainforest. The 300 guest rooms in this wing are themed to the countries of Chile and Argentina. In the rainforest will be a quiet pool and bird exhibit.


Themed to the south pacific, the pool will be in the center of the resort, near the main lobby. There will be a 200 foot slide attached to it.

Nighttime Effects:
At night, the small world facade will light up and dance colorfully to music and the Magic Kingdom fireworks.

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