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Trip Report That’s No Moon... ***Completed***


With so many great TRs in progress right now I am *almost* hesitant to start another. Especially since mine will have so many similarities to others.

Like @Darstarr I got a new phone.

Like @Doc Disney I needed a break from difficult year in healthcare.

Like @k8einwdw well, you’ll see...



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Congratulations! 💗

She's beautiful! Congrats on the new addition to your family.

Those pictures are perfect!! Congrats!!

Congratulations to you!!

Congratulations on the newest Disney fan!!

Great TR


Congrats!!! Those first few weeks are such a blur 🙈 . Wishing you many multi-hour stretches of sleep!

Welcome little one!!! She's just precious and I'm sure you are enjoying every moment! Thanks for the report and I can't wait for updates!

Congratulations!!! What a little sweetheart - thank you for sharing and best of luck! She's precious!

Lil BES ~ what a great name! :inlove:

Wishing the BESt to your lovely family.

Congratulations! She’s precious! I was hoping your little one would make an appearance by the end of your TR!

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! And I can't wait till you take one with all three of you!

Congratulations and thank you for taking the time to share your adventures!

Well this is probably the best thing I’ve seen on the internet all day!

This is a distant second. 😜

Seriously though, congratulations!🍾
happy for you congratulations GIF

I’m glad it was a distant second because in my sleep deprived state I said citrus swirl when I meant orange swirl. Speaking of distant seconds that’s a good way to describe citrus swirl. 😜
Well this is about the best way to end a trip report.

Congratulations and all the best!

Congrats! She has the same birthday as my daughter! (Just 4 years apart lol)

Awww.....congratulations!! Enjoy these moments. I miss having a baby to cuddle!

Loved the report and a huge congratulations on little BES!

Perfect ending to your report! Congratulations on your new addition, I hope she is a good sleeper and a Disney fan!

Congrats on the new addition! The long wait is definitely worth it. Totally hear the one handed typing. Our little one arrived a few weeks before yours. These trip reports have kept me entertained through many long nights. Thanks for writing yours!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. 🥰 Lil BES continues to be a pretty content baby and I’m enjoying every second of it.


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