News Test Track Closing for Refurbishment January 2020


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So I’m guessing that means SSE will stay up through Feb 27th, if so, thank you test track for being closed and allowing me to experience my favorite Epcot ride one last time 😎
That must be the case...they want to increase the reliability of the ride just before SSE goes down.


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Figures it's happening while I'm there:confused:...You also have to wonder how much longer the sponsership will be with GM and Disney before they IP it down the road...

Still would be surprised if it goes to a Cars themed and migrate the Lightning Mcqueen AA from DHS to Epcot and retheme it to the Rust Eze Racing Academy..

SIDE QUESTION is that show still getting the guests they were expecting or has it died down since GE opened?
You’ll miss out on SSE too :(


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Well...I’ll miss this by 3 days so that kinda sucks. At least Spaceship should be open...hopefully. Want one more ride on that.


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Really? One of the worst? I think you need a few more rides on Stitch.... In a park that lacks attractions, it’s one of the better ones IMO, but I agree it could use a few touch ups to the paint and some dusting.

Honestly, I don’t mind the projections that much, I like the various tests, and yes, it’s fun to go fast. I also enjoy making terrible cars and seeing how they measure up. I’m all about the Power at the expense of everything else, haha.

(Now if you want to get into a discussion about rides I don’t understand the popularity of... I could talk to you all day about Soarin’. To each their own! :);))
I always choose plasma burner for the engine type and then put any add on that makes the car more powerful.


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Good. Needs major help.

honestly, test track is one of the worst attractions in all of Walt Disney World. It is simply plywood cut outs painted black with neon paint outlining the set pieces. Terrible projections on flat walls, overall very poor quality dark ride. I don’t understand why it gets any praise, besides the fact that it goes fast.
Worst attraction? Far from it. If it's the worst attraction you want to talk about, that's Journey Into Imagination With Figment.


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My biggest issue with Test Track is how long it takes to get to the actual ride, if you ever want to ride it multiple times. Thus, making it a one-time-only attraction per trip. Which is sad for such a big headliner.


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I know they say this is purely a behind-the-scenes refurbishment, but it sure would be nice if they updated the GUI for the design studios and gave the show scenes the TLC they desperately need.


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1. Love the original Test Track but understood the need for an update

2. redo removed the awesome preshow and took out all the charm that existed. It’s now cold & boring

3. I literally LOATHE the design studio and post show “merge”. IP this up the wazoo and make this a worthwhile attraction again as right now it’s almost as big of a turd as the grey matter between Chapek’s ears

Tom Morrow

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Every attraction in Future World is looking a bit dire, and Test Track is no exception. I remember when the new version first premiered I was excited about it and gave it positive reviews, but now I feel that the original version would have felt less dated now with only some minor tweaks. In it's current form, it's a weird, abstract, half-baked concept at best, and weird, clunky, and frustrating at worst. Even with a Fastpass, you wait forever for it because of the dumb design room being a huge bottleneck. The cars you design are cartoony and cheesy. You're supposed to learn about the balance between the four categories, but it is not well conveyed and I don't think most people grasp it. Your designs have no impact to the ride other than how it ranks them by their already-determined stats at four points. The first few scenes look pretty cool but then you get to the rooms that were previously hot, cold, and corrosion, and I think about how much detail used to be in them, replaced with almost nothing at all. The first room's effect never even works and the third one ("hyperspectral imaging") is just a moving light behind a static image. Then the rest of the indoor portion just took what was already there and put UV paint gridlines over it. Then it makes no sense to exit the simulation grid and enter the real world.
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