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Termination Lack of hours


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Not a CP but Part Time. I started working at Disney World June 10 merchandise CM. I am still in my probationary period but two days ago I was "let go" due to lack of hours at my specific location. In other words I was terminated since my blue id was taken. I understand in terms of hours part time is at the bottom especially when my location brought on 5 new CP's last week. What I and other fellow cast members are not understanding is why I would be "let go" instead of being transferred or re-cast. My leader just told me to call casting because she was unsure if I had to wait 30 days to reapply with the company and that transferring was not a possibility. I went to casting and they are confused as well as to why my leader did not just contact the recruiter to place me elsewhere. I was given a phone number and I have spoken to at least 5 different people from casting, HR, Labor Service and everyone is confused as well. I know people that go months without being scheduled and having to pick up their own hours. Even the cast member at casting told me to contact the union but since I am in my probationary period I am unsure if they will be able to help. Also for some reason it still shows I am with the company. Has anyone been let go due to lack of hours?
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