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Epcot Pavilions change throughout time...sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. All debatably of course.

For this challenge, the teams will create a Future World Pavilion as seen at three points in Epcot’s history: the classic Epcot Center of the 1980s; the hip and modern Epcot of the 1990s and 2000s; and finally, the more timeless, more relevant, more Disney EPCOT of 2020.

- This pavilion may change as much or as little as you wish through the years
- Keep in mind what Future World already holds and the available space, as well as how the pavilions have changed through the years.
- In keeping with the spirit of So, You Want To Be An Imagineer, your brainstorming threads this round will be publicly viewable threads, not PMs.

Project Managers
Reality - @Tegan pilots a chicken

This project is due on Friday, March 26, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST

Time Zones
Orlando Time - 11:59 PM
Anaheim Time - 8:59 PM
Tokyo Time - 1:59 PM
Hong Kong Time - 12:59 PM
Paris Time - 5:59 AM

Any specific questions feel free to ask in your brainstorming threads or below.
Thank you, best of luck everyone, and enjoy The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Season 7: FANTASMIC JOURNEYS!​

Tegan pilots a chicken

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It’s 1982.

Horizons is already under construction. So the main expansion pads are where Wonders of Life/Play Pavilion would eventually go, or The Living Seas/Nemo and Friends.

I’d say go with the Seas plot to help make the area nice and even. Though it sucks to think of The Seas never existing. That’s one of my favorite EPCOT Center pavilions.

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