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Trip Report Teaching our niece about #DDTRW!


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After we exited, C-Minor told me she wouldnt need me to hold her again next time we rode but it still feels good to know the young ones still need their uncle from time to time:)
Awww . . . :inlove:

Remember how I mentioned that we had originally asked my sister about taking her boys with us but didnt get a response from her? Well, we had booked our trip and I hadnt talked to my sister at all. My brother and my parents knew about our trip but I had not talked to my sister about it. Not that I was upset, we just hadnt spoken. So, about two weeks before our trip she calls me to let me know she booked a trip too. She had spoken to my mom and learned the dates of our trip. She booked her trip to arrive the day before us. I was on the couch with C watching our favorite show (Ghost Adventures) when she called and I put it on speaker. We were excited to learn they would be there as well and we were discussing which resort they were at (Wilderness Lodge) and any dining places we should try and reserve for us all. And thats when things got a little odd.

My sister had mentioned she was so excited we would get to spend time with her boys at Disney like we originally asked (even tho she knew we wanted to have a trip with just us and the kids). So when we were talking about dining reservations I mentioned C-Minor was a picky eater so we needed to pick some places she would like. My sister was surprised to learn she was joining us, (apparently mom didnt tell her that part for some reason). She actually seemed a bit upset and paused for a few moments, then said, "I thought you wanted a trip with the boys but now your bringing her"? C and I gave each other and odd look and I reminded my sister how she completely ignored my (several) call and texts so we asked my brother about C-Minor joining us and he answered on the FIRST call and agreed. My sister went into a rant about family and spending time with her boys and she booked the trip so we could all be together, blah, blah,blah. I told her that was great so whats the difference if C-Minor (A FAMILY MEMBER) joins us as well?? The more merrier I said! She mentioned that C-Minor had just had a trip to Disney with my parents. I reminded her that her boys were on the very same trip!!! so why did it matter??!!! I was kind of upset now with my sister being a bit childish. I told her she was acting ridiculous and quite frankly she sounded jealous or ticked off that our sweet 11 year old niece was going to Disney. I told her she could call me back when she wanted to be an adult again. She gave me an insincere apology and we moved on. Then a few moments later, she said it would still be a fun trip because her boys were bringing 3 of their friends with them. What??!! Now I was just shaking my head in absolute confusion. I asked why she just ranted about family and spending time with her boys, but they are bringing not one, or two...but 3 friends? And she was upset that we are bringing our (also her) Niece? She basically avoided answering the question and said it was a last minute decision or something along those lines. I really didnt feel like continuing the conversation at this point so I told her I would call her the next day. We had several (cordial) conversations leading up to the trip and the subject didnt come up again. We just planned to keep it loose and meet up when we could. So....back to the trip

I had spoke to my sister earlier in the day and let her know we had arrived. As we were leaving ToT gift shop, my sister calls and says they want to meet up and all the boys want to ride SDD. I told her we were tired and were heading back to the hotel and did not want to wait for them to arrive from WL and plus we didnt have FP's for SDD and didnt want to wait in the line after waiting for them to arrive. She basically ignored what I said and told me they were at the bust stop and would be there soon. I repeated what I had just said (politely) and told her we were leaving so dont be upset if we were gone when they got there and that we would meet up tomorrow or they could come to AKL and swim with us if they wanted. She tried to pull the "but the boys really want to see you guys" routine. I told her then they should come to AKL and swim with us. She didnt like that idea and said dont worry we will see you later. She was definitely not happy when she hung up. I was too tired to care. Her husband (who I am very god friends with) called me to let me know she was being fussy and not to worry about it and he had told her to relax. I love my sister dearly but she is used to getting what she wants and does not like when things dont go her way. I am used to it, but she has never acted that way about Disney. It was all very weird to me.
So, all I can about the above . . . is that this is the reason why I go SOLO to WDW!!! :facepalm: :p


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Day 2

Isnt that fist nights sleep at WDW just wonderful! Knowing your adventure has just begun and that the morning will bring an entire day of excitement and attractions which allows you to sleep like a baby as you lay your head on that soft Disney pillow and dream of mickey bars, popcorn, cupcakes and beer! Well....it didnt go down that way for me o_O. Sure, I was filled with excitement and was definitely tired after a long first day and ready to fall asleep, but my body decided to entertain me with a little of its own "magic", known as nocturnal IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). It had started about three days prior before we arrived at WDW. I had been doing better and had not had any issues the night before we left and was hoping the worst was past me. Negative Ghostrider! I awoke around midnight with a feeling I can only describe as being smashed with a sledge hammer on both sides of my rib cage. It was brutal but subsided after a minute or two. I layed back down and before I could even close my eyes the pain returned. I had not experienced anything remotely related to this pain the first few days. This pattern continued for about ten minutes and then, the IBS part struck. I finally fell back asleep after 20 minutes or so. about 30 minutes later, the exact same pattern repeated itself. And this continued on and off until about 4 am. I think I was only able to stay asleep because my body simply just shut down.

Soon it was 7 am and I was up but the pain and "bathroom breaks" were gone. I could not fall back asleep and C was up shortly after. She began our normal routine of getting coffee ready and preparing a light breakfast as I got some fresh air out on the patio

but I was not allowed to partake in the joys of morning coffee, fruit and a bagel with cream cheese. Chef C prepared a special menu of Apple Cider Vinegar and a dry, toasted half slice bagel for me. Yippie!!!!


At least it had some grape-Acai flavor (not much) and I had a wonderful view so I made the best of it. C-Minor woke up and enjoyed some breakfast with C and we prepared to head out for the day. I made a quick call to my mommy to whine about my upset tummy:in pain:. Actually, I called her since she is a retired RN of 25 years and I asked what could have caused the intense pain that kept jolting me out of my sleep. She said it was most likely a stomach virus from eating or drinking something a few days prior (which caused IBS) combined with dehydration (which apparently can be quite painful). Something about electrolyte deficiency and other medical terms I cant remember, let alone spell even if I did remember. I just remember the "nocturnal IBS" part. If anyone has a family who works in the medical field, you know how it is when you ask a medical question. It starts off easy enough to understand and then they begin using words that sound Sanskrit and Latin. Mom told me to avoid greasy foods and try not to have beer,...... hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha.....ya right, Ill suffer through the pain again before I avoid beer at Disney!!!


Soon, were on the bus headed to AK!

Has anybody else noticed that they play the Halloween theme song on some of the AKL buses? Not the Disney Halloween song, the actual Michael Myers Halloween theme song (the original piano version)

They only play about the first 45 seconds of it. Unless its a Disney song that is similar, but we are big time horror movie fans and we know our Michael Myers song well! Fun fact, our first date was to see Halloween H20!

After spooky bus ride we were at AK! and straight to Everest!



@Longers status for the first ride of the day! I had said "longers status" the day before at HS and then again this morning and the girls asked me what the heck I meant. I explained it to them and they loved it. They even began using it themselves!:cool:


Next we headed to Dinosaur. Stopped for a photo along the way,


This next photo is.....proprietary,


Minor totally missed the photo, lol. But my dab is by far the coolest one I have pulled off yet!

Up next....more AK! Have a great day!


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Has anybody else noticed that they play the Halloween theme song on some of the AKL buses? Not the Disney Halloween song, the actual Michael Myers Halloween theme song (the original piano version)
I've heard it going to HS from POR quite a few times. I always thought it was kind of odd...


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I've heard it going to HS from POR quite a few times. I always thought it was kind of odd...
Glad to know we arent crazy,haha
I really feel for you! Nothing sucks worse than being sick at Disney. Hoping the pains subsided with each day and didn't get any worse before they got better.
It was only at night, hence the nocturnal part. During the day I was completely fine. It was a most odd experience.


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As we made the right turn to enter Toy Story Land it was a pretty cool site. They made the entrance walkway very wide which is nice and the actual entrance is about 50 yards away and it allows for a nice build up as you approach the land (at leas thats how we felt),
I agree.. it handles the crowds well too.

The queue is very well done IMO.
Also agree.. other than the fact that it’s outside. 😣

I have seen several complaints that you can see ToT and Star Wars Land from the coaster and it ruins the "theme"
I didn’t even notice.. I was too busy enjoying the ride. 😏🙄

My stomach and love handles were basically pouring over the waist band like a play dough factory when you would squeeze the dough through one of the holes.
😂😂😂 I’m still laughing at this. You might as well change your name on here to Puddin’.


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Can't imagine anything worse than getting sick on your WDW vacation. Any time you go through (the symptoms that you had), the next day, drink some Gatorade. Sounds odd, but it has electrolytes and can bring you back from feeling like you had just about croaked!! Amazing how sometimes a simple fix can be the most beneficial. I'm glad you finally got over whatever you had.


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I think it's great that you got to bring your niece with you - you guys get cool uncle and aunt status for that one. 😎. I'm bringing my adult niece to DLP for the second time next week (I brought her and her sister when they were visiting me three years ago) and she's given me very cool auntie status. I knew she'd be in Barcelona for an internship this summer and when my C (who is C-minor's age) and i were at DLP at Easter, I said to C: wouldn't it be fun to come back with your cousin this summer and then texted my niece with the same message. She replied "auntie don't kid about Disney" - to which I answered "Your auntie NEVER kids about going to a Disney park 😉".


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Day 2 contd....

As we exited Dinosaur we realized we had a little over 90 minutes until our FoP FP. I hopped on MDE and got us a FP for the Safari...but it was not for 2 hours. Thats when I used my Disney kung fu and within a few minutes I had the FP time down to 15 minutes from the current time. I saw a neat little trick with the app on a youtube vlog and it works great.

I had zero issues with my stomach virus and was feeling great. I did slightly heed moms warning about beer and decided I would wait until after the Safari to begin imbibing myself. We made a quick bathroom stop before we made the journey to the safari.


Hey, @Tuvalu , does Shirley status apply to restrooms?

As we left, C-Minor noticed that the Dinosaur skeleton at the entrance to Dino Land had a Donald Duck at. Is that new or has it been there? We got over to the Safari and it was getting hot. We decide that after Safari then FoP it was definitely gonna time for a dip in the pool! We had a great safari despite the heat and saw the usual animals. Ill spare you the 55 photos of the giraffes we took. I did manage to capture a photo of two wild, snarky, wise azz females. They are most dangerous and can crush you self esteem withing seconds if your bathing suit doesnt fit. Beware!!


After safari we had a little time to spare so if it was time for some refreshments of the hoppy variety!

Minor got the blue cheesecake and C and I each got an Organic Orange Blossom. It was a perfect pit stop before FoP


Soon it was time to Sivako on the ride which basically has you "move around a bit" for ten minutes in a pre ride video then you actually get to ride.


It was great ride as usual. Never gets old, at least for us.

Stopped for a picture on the way out of Pandora


Next up...pool break and getting ready for our first ADR!



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Sorry about your IBS being ill in Disney is the worst but I see you soldiered on. So happy I have a “status” now - I am famous :) nearly as famous as “Shirley status” - that just made me chuckle reading that back........


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We have never stayed Kidani but have had several rooms at Jambo that were a good hike from the main lobby. A few years ago we had a room that was 3 rooms shy of the very end of the corridor. It was such a long walk that I stopped going to get coffee in the morning when I woke up and we just got coffee when headed out for the day. We bring a small.coffe maker now. Even tho the rooms have coffee makers, we don't trust what type of weird things could have happened with them over the years, plus, C is a germaphobe and basically assumes everything is "contaminated", lol. She brings a Ziploc bag to Disney specifically to put the tv remote control in so we don't get said contamination.

if Kidani has rooms that are possibly farther than the one we stayed in, I feel for those people.
Lol, I travel with Lysol and Purell wipes. Totally understand!


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I've experienced my fair share of family drama during WDW vacations LOL. Sorry it happened to you. And I had to laugh at the bathing suit story. Before every trip, I remind my husband to try his on to make sure it still fits. You don't realize the small changes throughout the year until you put on the dreaded bathing suit. I had to go up a size. When I put my old one on, I was like "ohhhhh so that's where those extra 5 pounds went to" :banghead:


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I guess if you have to have stomach issues at Disney, it's best to have them at night? Maybe? Anyway, glad to hear you were feeling better.
Ya, it was only at night so a least the time in the parks and pool as enjoyable. And it was all gone by day three so the rest of the trip I was able to sleep:)
So happy I have a “status” now - I am famous :)
You are already a Legend with C-Minor:cool:
Lol, I travel with Lysol and Purell wipes. Totally understand!
I think C and you would get along swell!
I've experienced my fair share of family drama during WDW vacations LOL. Sorry it happened to you. And I had to laugh at the bathing suit story. Before every trip, I remind my husband to try his on to make sure it still fits. You don't realize the small changes throughout the year until you put on the dreaded bathing suit. I had to go up a size. When I put my old one on, I was like "ohhhhh so that's where those extra 5 pounds went to" :banghead:



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Day 2 contd...

One thing I forgot about FoP. In the FP queue when you pass the large window that looks into the lab area of the standby queue, we noticed three red buckets placed in the shape of a potential Hidden Mickey that were inside the lab area. We debated the legitimacy of this actually being a Hidden Mickey. The girls said tit was, but I did not agree. Here is the picture I got which is blurry since I took it thru a window

My argument was that a CM possibly placed them there in that position in an attempt to make a Hidden Mickey, but IMO, the head part of the Mickey should be larger than the ears. The girls said it doesnt matter. I agreed to label it an "abstract" Hidden Mickey but they felt compelled to convince me otherwise. We debated it as we waited in line. What do you guys and gals think?

As we headed out of AK, I made a quick stop at Island Mercantile for a fresh Fuel Rod.


I saw a few people in a thread here mention that the stopped using fuel rods because they "never" work. I have been using them for about a year now and even my mom and dad take mine when they visit and use it for exchanges. We have not experienced any problems with any fuel rods and I would guess that between my parents, C and myself that we have made well over 50 fuel rod exchanges or "swaps" as the machine call them. The only issue we have had was our last trip in April when a fuel rod only charged my phone about 10% in two hours. We swapped it out and same thing happened with the new one. I switched the cable I was using to charge it and bam! Full Power! I mentioned that in the thread to naysayers but they said they tried that and still had problems. Anyway, we are glad Disney installed these machines and they have made it easier for us to take lots of pictures and videos without or phones dying.

Soon we were back at AKL and at the pool. The girls prepared some lunch for us all and we had a little poolside picnic.



Minor made a comment about ho she loved the deluxe resort pools because the lounge chairs are not made of plastic like the ones at All Star. I have no idea what the chairs at All Star are actually made of, but we had a god laugh at her observation.

We had a nice relaxing swim after lunch and practiced our under water hand stands some more. There was a CM hosting a trivia game poolside that we played along with. We didnt actually sign in, but just answered the question amongst ourselves. But we did not like that the CM was not giving out the answers after each question but instead just moving on to the next question and the answers would be given after all questions were asked. He was also taking a lot of time in between each question to ask if he should raise or lower the difficulty and if a new player started he would repeat each question and give them time to answer. By the time he was on the fifth question, at least 25 minutes had passed. We stayed about another 40 minutes and as were hanging out there were several families that were leaving the pool an wanted to know how well they had did but his "rules" required waiting for all the questions to be asked. However, he was giving out little trinkets to each of the kids who had to leave.

The girls found a nice spot in the pool by the zero entry area and just relaxed for awhile and I grabbed Stiltsville at the bar and enjoyed some World Cup action.


As usual in WDW, two parents with their kids took up 4 chairs at the bar and ordered soda. They stayed there a good bit of time which irks me because there were several adults that walked up looking to have a drink and watch the game but could not since there was no seating. Adults should know that most bartenders work for tips and to take up prime seating and order soda does not exactly allow for a decent tip. I will admit that its possible hey could have tipped well, but I doubt it because on of the ladies asked for lids when they left and the bartender explained they do not use any lids at the resort for the safety of the animals. The woman told him that they needed lids because they were getting in the car with their drinks. She said it in a snarky tone as if the animals safety was secondary to her possibly getting soda spilled in it. The bartender simply repeated exactly what he said the first time. The woman was not pleased and that is why I doubt she left a decent tip or even a tip at all. I wanted to ask her if they were staying at the resort and she if were to answer "yes", I would ask why should book a resort to enjoy the beautiful animals but not care about the safety, or if she answered "no" I would simply tell her that if she wanted to pool hop she should know more about the resort she planned to take advantage of....for free!!!

I bit my tongue and they left sans lids. Beat it lady and teach your kids how to hold a cup in the car.

Up next, HS and and ADR first for Minor!
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