Super Bowl Group Posting Thread


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Your deserting your own thread?
Each week since the playoffs I have participated on a different platform(see the link I am providing). It is a football posting thread that is 99% New O Saints fans. I was invited to participate in it even though I'm an Eagles fan.
Over 4,000 views at the moment.
Over 400 posts.
Yet Here on THIS(my) thread this is merely post 26.
I had a hope that maybe up to 10 people would participate here but as the game was underway, I didn't even get 5.
That disappointed me BUT NO ONE OWES IT TO ME to participate in my thread.
No one needs to explain.
No worries.
I came back here during the commercials.
Of the 25 posts, 15 of them were posted by me.
Not that much fun.
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King Capybara 77

Thank you sir. You were an inspiration.
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Wasn't a fan of the KC coaches running down of the clock at the end of the game. Legal but still kinda seemed unsporting.


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With that controversial holding call at the end of the game even the Eagles player said he held the other guys jersey. But great season for both teams .
as a saints fan, no one needs to tell me about a bad call (no call in this situation) that affected the game 🤬. but this 1 was questionable. the ball didn’t look catchable to me.

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