Summer House on the Lake coming to Disney Springs in 2023


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Summer House on the Lake construction - September 25 2023​



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I am glad to see the construction finally wrapping up. Sure wish they had built something special, not just another "restaurant on the lake"...but something unique. This continues to become more like "any lifestyle center USA"...but at least finishing a construction project is a good thing....


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Will this open in 2023 ? Wow, it looks really fancy and beautiful. It looks too pricey even at theme park prices for me. We will be walking by. I do miss the takeout window at Bongos. It was a never miss for us.


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It's actually nicer than I expected. Lettuce Entertain You restaurants are usually pretty good (at least the ones I've been to in Chicago). Usually feel a bit overpriced, but high end. This looks to be right in line with that. While I wish it had a bit more personality, it's not a bad addition by any means. It does seem like the "better" version of Wolfgang in many ways - so I'll be interested to see if there is any impact there.


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I'm pleasantly impressed - just seeing the exterior photos and I can imagine feeling like I'm taken out of Disney/Disney Springs. Seems like a place we'd definitely enjoy, especially for brunch or lunch, and then for an evening drink and snacks. Excited to see how well it incorporates views of the lake.

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