Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath


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Nah, too easy. They must've canceled some other bigger project that was in the works and went with this.


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I saw this permit a couple days ago, but the Reedy Creek Address finder totally failed me, it didn't find this address, but when you actually click on Stitch it is the correct address. This is one of Disney's really big contractors. It has no expiration date, so it get's a default one year, but that's not surprising since this is just for the demolition.

3/20/2020 - Magic Kingdom - H o a r Construction
1326 Magic Kingdom Dr - Demo interior


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While I hate to be gloomy, if the attraction DOES indeed feature guest interaction (gaming, as would make sense for WIR), I wonder how it will be implemented.

Guests love the shooter rides because everyone plays by themselves and against each other together in an easy-to-understand carnival game style atmosphere.

Guests seem to... dislike... MF:SR because it requires them to do more complex gaming while relying on others that might be better or worse than they are.

WIR seems to me an interesting vector that involve individual play, but perhaps something a little more complicated to understand. Unlike all the other examples, though, it's possible that people will essentially be playing alone, like the Magic Carpet experience in DisneyQuest.

Also, I wonder how much of this will be translated into the "Play!" Pavilion... I had thought WIR was going to be a huge part of that area, odd that they've decided to split the IP.
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