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Trip Report Start & Finish=Tragical/In Between=Magical

Hi Friends!! Before I dive into the details of this trip I just wanted to give a quick explanation about the title. Nothing serious happened to anyone. There were some down moments at the beginning & the end, hence "tragical". R actually came up with the title for this TR. I had to tweak it a bit but overall it was fitting & I was happy with it so here we are!!


You probably remember most of us(we were the same crew that was there in July 2021 but we're minus my nephew, JC this time).
The "adults"(& I use that term loosely & not b/c of the my sisters & I 🤣) from left to right are C, myself, R, E & D.
In the front row we have E, A, & J!!

Thursday, July 7th-Thursday, July 14th(R, E, J & myself)
The rest of the crew arrived on the 1st & didn't leave until the 17th so they were there quite awhile longer than we were!!


Beach Club Villas!!

I know, you've gotten used to the Riverside crew staying at Saratoga in recent days. Why Beach Club then?? E is a funeral director & there was a funeral directors convention during part of our trip at the Yacht Club so it made more sense to stay there than at Saratoga(don't worry, next month we will be back there;))

The rest of the crew stayed off property for a bit, then transferred to Saratoga for awhile then spent their last few days at Beach Club.

I'm super excited to share this trip with everyone & I hope you all enjoy it!!
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