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News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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Wow this has gotta be the longest no groups called. There was a nasty storm with lightning last night. Maybe caused some issues?

"Like on any typical day, the 10am boarding group allocation was snapped up with seconds, and those who secured early groups were given an expected 30 minute estimated return time. No groups were subsequently called, and the 2pm virtual queue allocation was also filled in around 10 seconds.

ABC News has a video of a severe lightning strike hitting one of the spires within Galaxy's Edge during a severe thunderstorm last night. On all of its structures, Disney employs extremely comprehensive lightning mitigation systems, which would have certainly been called upon during this direct hit.

It isn't clear yet if the ride sustained any damage as a result, although the fact that Disney has continued to allocate boarding groups would suggest that it isn't anything major or expected to cause a sustained closure."

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That is some extreme lightning! Hope all is well. Disney do some extensive lightning suppression systems, but that looks like it would cause trouble for even the most well protected location.


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There's been some nasty storms the past few days. There was a lightning strike near my place that rattled my backyard glass door for several seconds and nearly shook the whole place. Felt like the strike just missed me.


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Just got this from a push notification - guess they are calling it for the day.



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Did you get any compensation? I know it's likely related to the lightning but crazy to think they did not board one person today.

Hopefully it's figured out for tomorrow.
Why would they give compensation? Do you get compensation when any other ride is down for the day at any other park besides a fastpass if you were on the ride when it went down?

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