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News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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Looks like they’ll be lucky to squeeze in the guaranteed groups. Good thing you worked that group change @Chadisa !
You are not kidding! Even the other family’s BG 79 would have been a no go for us. It was well worth the VIP this time but we won’t be back down until they get this attraction sorted out.


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Is there any other way to verify you’ve and all the members of your group are showing in the park for bg without going to GET?
Ended up riding yesterday evening with our return FastPass. Amazing ride. Just want to bring up that there were huge park wide technical difficulties yesterday- magic bands weren’t working- it didn’t last, but complicated payment for a bit on and off. When we went to guest services they said internet across the parks had been down or wonky. I wonder if this has a role in why ROTR has downtime issues 🤔
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