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News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opening day reports - Disney's Hollywood Studios


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Line for Smugglers Run now begins at Chinese Theater



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Yeah, this is gonna be different from Disneyland.
Some people will never understand, Disneyland is the worlds largest regional themepark and is mostly a locals park. Therefore, when they blocked out the season passholders. they blocked over 60% of their guests, the attendance went down. WDW on the otherhand is a tourists park. Even many passholders are not local. We have Platinum Plus passes but only vist 4 times a year as DVC owners. The attendance report for the December quarter will show the massive increase in attendance everyone expected but the September 30 quarter may show another decrease as people delayed their vacations until GE opened.


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The boarding pass system is a bit flawed. I was clicking through the MDE app and clicked on the “Join Boarding Group” link thinking it wouldn’t let me join, seeing that I’m not in the land/park at all...I’m not even in Florida...but I’m in boarding group 59, so maybe by the time I go in 31 days my time will be up.

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