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News Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Historical Construction/Impressions


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Found another of @marni1971 's post...

Let’s look at some details....

View attachment 276184

A is the part built Cantina (TSR of course)
B is a series of 5 interconnected stores
C is a covered seating area for the QSR
D are the two area restrooms (the one to the left is yet to be built)
E is the part built Marketplace area
F is the QSR

It’s going to be quite the sight!


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So, by Martin's notes, the other set of bathrooms is seen in this Bioreconstruct aerial here (red):
And I believe it was previously confirmed that the building in green is the main cast area, with roof access for performers mentioned by SWGalaxysEdge. I still think the land could have an additional cast/costume space, but I'll wait for an insider to confirm.


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Will the restrooms be themed?
They are called Refreshers.



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Could that bridge be used for droids to cross? I just can’t imagine droids rolling around in the crowded/tight spaces in the village.
I believe roaming droids have been cut. You may find droid AAs in various places that are not accessible by people to touch, unless it's like a BB8 M&G.
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