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Springs Running

Huey Dewey and the News

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I have an upcoming stay at Saratoga Springs this year - going to be doing some running around the resort as I've heard they have a nice trail. If I'm up early in the morning to run does anyone know if you are able to cross the bridge and run through Disney Springs? The shops won't be open so I'm assuming there won't be too many people there - I just didn't know if they allowed guests to run through Disney Springs or not...thanks!


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I don't recall seeing any gates or anything in place over there so I would guess so.


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I walked over there once from SSR before DS opening and nothing was blocked off. It was deserted and quiet. I wouldn't want to run through DS when it's open though. :)


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The walkway over to Disney Springs is closed dusk to dawn, at least that's what Disney says. I don't remember seeing any gates at the bridge. Not sure how well lite the walkway along the river is at night.

That would be a nice run in the AM...ending up at Starbucks for some coffee.