Spring Break?

Okay, So this is the plan at the moment. I have been to Disney World around 11 times but never for spring break. As a college student, not wanting to go to the beach, we are looking to take a trip the week after Easter of 2015. Has anyone been to Disney around this time and has advice on crowds, heat, and travel times. This will be the first trip of me with just my friends and I don't want to be surprised about anything.


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Ooo how excing!
Easter is 4/5 next year so i cant speak on the weather as I've never been then but im curious to hear peoples thoughts on crowds. Easter is obviously notorious for being busy. In our state, colleges have break mid March and K-12 has breaks mid April so i dont know how many school break crowds you'll encounter. What i will say is that from our experience going end of April, the school group trips tend to ramp up. Also Epcot's F&G fest will be then which is beautiful but also draws crowds and locals.

Happy planning!
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It will be...PACKED. Many southern school systems have spring break the first week of April and when Easter falls on either weekend surrounding that week it is crazy crowded. I speak from experience!

That said, if you hit the parks early, make your FP+ and ADRs as soon as you can, you can still accomplish what you want to do.

Weather that week can range from cool to hot. On our vacation a couple weeks ago, it was gorgeous, best weather we have ever had.

Being at WDW with friends is wonderful fun even under less than ideal conditions...you will have a blast!
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Going the week after Easter I would say the parks will be packed the first couple of days but should get better as the week goes on. Most spring breaks are the week before Easter and the Monday following. Weather in April can go either way. It will be nice but you do run the risk of it being very HOT. One spring break way back when we had 100 degree days in late March. I would suggest starting to keep track of the weather 10 days prior to your leaving on a weather app to get a feel for what you looking at while you will be there. Enjoy your first trip with your friends. My youngest is doing the same as you in less that 15 days...how dare she go WITHOUT ME!!!!
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Heading down April 20th next year, just me and my wife for once. Have only been in March during our March/Spring Break with the kids, and let me tell you, it was PACKED all four trips! But we used FastPass (the old FastPass, not this new system) and managed to ride everything we wanted to and still had ourselves 4 GREAT trips! Mind you, this is why we are trying later in April next year. We figured it would be nice to see the parks when they weren't so busy. I know that there is really no down time in WDW any more, but I'm hoping it is a little less busy when we go.

Have yourself a great trip! :happy:
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