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Spotlights return to Disney's Hollywood Studios


Original Poster
Can you still see the waterproof bubbles from the ground?
Yep you can. The search lights appears to be new installs.

Here are the mini search lights.


And here is the bubble show lighting



Sheltered-at-home Park nostalgist
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I don’t know how they could call this a “triumphant return” when the lights are barely visible from a few hundred feet away while the originals were visible for miles. Oh wait, that’s today’s WDI - Give you less while spending tons more along with PR-written posts on social media bragging about their technical prowess and ingenuity. 🙄


New Member
The new building lighting looks great!
The search lights are a bit weak for sure, I get the reduced energy costs getting away from the Zenon bulbs but they could have done better.

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