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News Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog - Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Dear Prudence

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Her clothes look appropriate enough to me.


Most women who had actual working roles wore pants. Pants were common (ish) on farms. Women who traveled wore pants. She's trekking through a Bayou (pre little wooden boardwalks and plastic signs). Tiana would wear pants.


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In the Parks
Probably true but I suspect that number is decreasing every year as Disney stays dormant while Universal is building like crazy. I’ve been to WDW about a dozen times and never been to Universal Florida because I didn’t want to sacrifice “Disney time”, we will be spending 2 days there on our next trip in January. I’ve been to Universal Hollywood a few times so I didn’t feel I was missing out on a lot but with Hagrids motorbike, Gringots, and now Velocicoaster there’s too much I want to do to avoid it anymore. Meanwhile I’ve been on everything at WDW often enough 1 day at each park is plenty.

I avoid Twitter and the other social media sites like the plague so you are correct, I can say whatever outrage there was never managed to make the mainstream news or Disney sites because I never heard it.
Yet Disney still caved. Pretty sad right?


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If you look at attendance numbers, size of property, length of stay, UO is still playing catch up. And let’s not bring up USH, which is no where near Disneyland’s numbers.

Fact of the matter, UO is trying to get longer guest visits, less guests leaving to go to Disney. Will it pull some guests away from Disney? Quite possibly. Will it be enough to make a big dent?

Time will tell.
I think I'm one of the few who's with you on this. Disney will probably lose some guests or guest days to Uni over Epic Universe, but, honestly, they seem to be trying to do that by themselves right now by raising prices, dynamic pricing, setting attendance caps, introducing park reservations, etc. They have a lot of levers they can pull in terms of pricing if they start to feel the pinch before needing to build new attractions.

My impression is that Epic Universe serves more to make Uni an attractive resort destination in its own right and thus easier for them to sell extended stays and packages. We don't really know, though, how much EU's attendance is going to come from days people were spending at Disney parks, people extending Uni stays, or days people would have otherwise spent at Universal Studios or IOA.


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During the Essence Festival, Disney noted the new name for the attraction will be Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, with a reopening in Late 2024.

Well I think that name is awful. So off to a great start I guess? Also can we tamp down the mountain range merch with this change? “Two distant mountains” doesn’t have the same ring.


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I think a lot of people at Disney understand that this is probably the most important attraction with the highest stakes that they've done in quite some time. I don't think for a second that anyone involved has any intention to do anything less than knock this out of the park.

Whether management lets them deliver is another thing.

What they want is irrelevant. The budget will dictate what we get. That’s like me hoping and wishing a Ferrari is in my driveway….


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Well I think that name is awful. So off to a great start I guess? Also can we tamp down the mountain range merch with this change? “Two distant mountains” doesn’t have the same ring.
Disneyland still has three mountains and I guess if Disney World wants to play fast and loose they can count Expedition Everest.


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The thing is, back in my day, one of the things about the various theme parks was that their highlight rides were based around themes - Kings Island had monster themed coasters, I recall magic mountain having some sort of theme (but don't recall it now) and Disney had the Mountains which, get this, weren't IP but helped contribute to memory and what rides are available.

Splash Mountain isn't "Brer Rabbit's adventure to the Briar Patch" - just say "We rethemed Splash Mountain"
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Disneyland still has three mountains and I guess if Disney World wants to play fast and loose they can count Expedition Everest.
four, :) matterhorn, I know easy to forget that one sometimes since we dont have it. wow how perfect and cool would that be for Epcot still even to this day.


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The name is terrible. Theme parks REALLY need to stop using the word "adventure". It's so generic and cliche' at this point.

Remi's Ratatouille Adventure
Tiana's Bayou Adventure

is this going to be a trend?

At least they didn't name it Tiana's Princess and the Frog Adventure (the Ratatouille name is really dumb).

To be clear, I think the name of the attraction is close to meaningless. Has anyone ever liked or disliked an attraction more than they would have otherwise because of the name?
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I'd imagine that a good portion of the people who do not want this re-do would not be happy with the beloved name "Splash Mountain" left in the title.
I don't love the name, nor want the change - but honestly in and of itself, the name isn't really that different from the way the park has always named things.
I think pretty much anyone who has gone a couple times will continue to call it Splash Mountain no matter what

Dear Prudence

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NOLA is a very small percentage of the broader DACS African diaspora story. I still feel like this is aimed mostly at Disney Adults and Instagram, HOWEVER, this could be worse and I am glad that they're putting APPROPRIATE people in charge of this project.


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Now that the "controversial" theme is out of the way, I'm hoping Splash finally makes it to Disneyland Paris. Sorely lacking water rides. And before anyone says it's too cold, not it isn't. Paris can be baking hot from late Spring all the way to mid Autumn and then just close it for refurb in the Winter.


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How about they name the ride something that will potentially be uttered out of a human mouth? Imagine yourself saying to someone “Hey, want to ride Tiana’s Bayou Adventure?” You won’t say that. It’s clunky and lame and a shadow of the former (still applicable) name.

There’s not even a standout word in there for people to fall back on like there is for Frozen Ever After, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, etc. It’s not even good at being a bad name.

Tom Morrow

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Jack Sparrow's Swashbuckling Adventure
Br'er Rabbit's Laughin' Place Adventure
Master Gracey's Spooky Adventure
Peter Pan's Flying Adventure
Donald Duck's Musical Adventure
The Seven Dwarf's Mining Adventure
Alice's Tea Party Adventure
Buzz Lightyear's Space Adventure
Nemo's "I'm Intentionally Being a Jerk To My Dad This Time" Adventure
Epcot's Hydroponics Adventure
Figment's Imagination Adventure
Chevrolet's Car Designing Adventure
Gary Sinise's Space Training Adventure
Donald's Mexico Adventure
Martin Short's Canada Adventure
Indiana Jones' Adventure Adventure
C3P0'S Space Travel Adventure
Hondo's Smuggling Adventure
Slinky Dog's Backyard Adventure
Buzz & Woody's Carnival Game Adventure
Rod Serling's Haunted Hotel Adventure
Aerosmith's LA Freeway Adventure
Dr. Seeker's Late Cretaceous Period Adventure
Bob & Norbu's Yeti Adventure
Goddess Kali's River Adventure
Wilson Mitua's Animal Adventure

and so on

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