Splash Mountain re-theme announced


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Uncle Remus wasn't a slave, nitwit. He was a sharecropper. Duh. Definition: a tenant farmer who gives a part of each crop as rent. He was a free man. Try not to paint everything you don't like with the same ignorant PC brush.

And Brer Rabbit was a character invented by blacks, whose tales were transcribed by Joel Chandler Harris, who invented Uncle Remus to related those tales. So what exactly makes Brer Rabbit OR Remus racist characters?
You think black people in that time were truly "free" ... okay.


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I totally agree. I posted not long back a petition to save it which garnered more support than to retheme it. I’m appalled and shocked. This was an amazing ride that was themed with original DIsney characters. So no more Zipadee doo dah, no more brer bear. I think it is pathetic on Disney’s part to bow to pressure.
I've been trying to get them to demo that old abandoned house in Liberty Square. It has spider webs and broken windows! They could knock it down and put a target there to really help the neighborhood!


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Have you been to the parks lately... packed as ever and lots of younger millennial who are leading the charge with change. So that "screaming minority" has spending & marketing power to TWDC

Yea I do see a lot of people that just came from a nice day of statue toppling and rioting to enjoy a stroll at Epcot. I’m sure they are contemplating if they want a water view or theme park view at the Contemporary.


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Call me a cynic but they can barely complete the projects they have slated for the next few years to me this seems like a hey this is a good idea (and dont get my wrong the current SM will never escape the ties to Song of the South so yes its a good idea) lets announce it get the good pub and then let it die a quiet death in the budget crunch
Definitely not impossible as it’s happened before. Let’s just hope.


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Music is such a powerful component to the parks. That feels like the biggest wallop of all. I do know that Zip-a-dee-doo-dah does have origins in racial stereotypes and I could understand its omission. But Mickey Mouse is based on minstrel culture, so... (and I don't mean that Jigaboo character).


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What about the timing of this? Do we think Splash Mountain will open with the rest of the MK on July 11? Or will it never open again in its current form and go down for refurb upon park opening? If SM opens on July 11, I feel this change could get postponed for a while as all the budgets get sorted out.
If they open it, and those who celebrate its demise ride it, both are hypocrites of the highest order


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So its okay to keep things loosely based in historical racism just because its no well known?

I know black people to this day who won't stay at Port Orleans Riverside because the plantation theme still bothers them today despite disney cleaning up the backstory.
What do you mean based on racism? The movie? The stories? The stories are African American folk tales. The nesting of them in a 1946 movie added racist context. Stripping out the dumb movie parts leaves us with the folktales. The problem is few people are willing to put the mental effort into what they’re actually experiencing.
How sad to replace an attraction based on African American oral tradition going back centuries with a Disneyfied version of a European fairytale. This is akin to protestors pulling down the Grant statue.


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What in the actual hell is racist about the Splash Mountain ride? It only contains certain pieces of the movie to begin with?
Certainly you can see that Disney no longer wants to promote the film the ride is based on. The association between the ride and the story of the film persists despite years of the honey version in the ride becoming so beloved by fans.

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