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Rumor Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure


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I had no idea so many AA's were dead. I still love the ride. Glad it's being refurbed. But the voice....I need the voice!
I agree, she has gotten a bad rap when in reality the script is the guilty party here. They knew what her voice was and they needed to shape the script around it. Someone else with a more demanding voice might have been able to carry it off. I think we can all safely blame the Phoenicians.


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Candles! Where did you get candles with that exact smell?


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Yup, found the site. Did you feel the candle was close to the smell or exactly like the smell?


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If our next trip comes to fruition, we will be traveling with friends, one that grew up in California with Disneyland, so lots of WDW will be new. Sad to see my favorite ride will be down, but good lord fix it up! looking forward to having to go back to see it back from refurb.

My very first ever Disney attraction i went on was Spaceship earth with my grandfather. The attraction is very near and dear to my heart. Glad to see it get some love!


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We just set up a quick trip for first week of June, due to business travel - so I am thrilled I will get one more chance to ride this again before anymore changes.


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Even though I'll be in WDW in early December, I hope they start this refurb ASAP. I've rode it plenty of times, so I don't feel like I need that "one last ride." I just want SE to be given a good and thorough update and refresh to keep it going as long as possible. Take your time TDO! Give SE the care it needs. And it will be all the more wonderful to ride it again once it re-opens.
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