Space Mountain Tip for Tall People

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I surprised no one has mentioned this:

To fit onto Space Mountain, have your legs, somewhere below the knees, amputated. Problem solved!

So good, you can call it a “hack”. ;)


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I am 6'7" tall. When I first rode SM, I did the usual thing I do on roller coasters and sat in the front seat expecting better leg room. Bad idea. I could barely get the lap bar down, and had to extend my knees sideways. This meant that during every turn on the ride, I felt like I was going to pop out of the seat. Made for a very unpleasant experience. When I went back a year later, I spoke to a CM who said I made the classic mistake. I needed to sit in the back seat. While there is a seat in front of you, you can actually extend your legs under and beneath the seat in front of you. Bottom line - tall people, sit in the back seat on SM. And, if you're over about 6'8" tall, don't even go on the ride...
I’m the same height and indeed - the back is the “best”

But the t-bars leave a mark no matter what


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I know that I am not tall as some of you taller folk. But, I am 6'2" and I always felt that some of the jolts sometimes hurts my lower back with seats. As anyone else had that problem?


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This is an old thread but I just felt like I had to pop in. It’s all about leg length. As someone who is only 5’11” I hardly thought I would have any issues on any rides, but on space mountain the restraint is 100%ineffective. If my legs are together, the restraint won’t get past my knees, and even when I spread my legs it just presses against the sides of my legs. Even so my legs fit out between the restraint and the side of the car even when it’s full tightened. The casts member loading us asked if I could lower my restraint but it was already as tight as it could possibly get. Definitely not the safest ride when you have long legs...


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yeah well if you have ever followed my posts.. this applies to the mine ride as well.. I have a permenent knee problem since the time that I rode that and got the bar to go down..
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