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Some updates about BOG and Timeframe


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One of my close friends who is working in Food Service just texted me letting me know that her boyfriend has gotten a job at BOG!

She told me two things:
  • They are opening to the public in late November. So that should help with narrowing down what "Holidays 2012" means.
  • It is NOT a character dining option.
So take what you want from it, all of this is unconfirmed really. Just what her boyfriend has been told from his higher ups. Figured I'd share.


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thank you... thank you so much kind sir... you're my hero!

Patricia Melton

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I can't wait to see BOG and eat there!

If you don't follow her yet, Jennifer Fickley-Baker on the official Disney parks blog does great coverage of BOG. I check her little column every day. She's so sweet and always posts the best photos and updates.

I am following this project closely because my niece and nephew both love Beauty & the Beast. It is their second favorite movie after Princess & the Frog!


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If this is true, it sounds like I may only get to experience a soft opening as Nov 17 & 18 are my two ideal days and we check out the day before Thanksgiving. I guess at least if we had the option during the soft opening, I'd be more OK with trying it for lunch and I wouldn't have to mess up my dinner ADRs.


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Do they do soft openings for restaurants? I thought they pretty much open when the date is set.

I don't know if it would be a soft opening the way they would for rides, but I recall something like a soft opening when Via Napoli opened. i.e. they had a few weeks where there were no ADRs, just walk ups.

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