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So, You Want to be an Imagineer - Season 19 Hype Thread


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I honestly didn't watch a ton of live action '90s shows, so I'll do both live action and cartoons (in no particular order.)

Live Action

1. Goosebumps
I used to watch this a lot when I was a kid and it mostly holds up really well. I think I prefer it to Are You Afraid of the Dark

2. Legends of the Hidden Temple
I didn't watch it when it was airing (I was a bit too young) but I used to watch it all the time when Nick Gas was a thing. One of the best Nick gameshows. The only reason I chose this over Double Dare is because I grew up with Double Dare 2000.

3. Kenan & Kel
The proto-Drake and Josh. And probably the best written of the two.

4. Seinfeld
Not a ton to say. It's a classic.

1. Dexter's Lab
Absolutely hands down my favorite Cartoon Network cartoon when I was a kid. Genndy is a treasure.

2. The Powerpuff Girls
Second only to Dexter's Lab. It's just too good. I really need to watch it again.

3. The Simpsons
Technically not a '90s show, this was the best era of the Simpsons and no one can tell me otherwise.

4. Daria
I had never watched Daria before college, but oh my god is it amazing. One of the best MTV cartoons (I don't know if I'd call it objectively the best since they're all so different), and really one of the best cartoons of the decade. Hopefully it'll come to Paramount+ at some point.


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As the surviving member of Team Bailey's nominations, @b-wolf95 has been granted the first key to Walt's Vault and has decided to open it. In doing so, he has been granted the sole power to chose a PoMVP to be safe for Round Three as opposed to it going to the person elected by project leader of the winning team. B-Wolf has chosen @PerGron. Congrats! THE VAULT HAS SPOKEN!!

Disney Warrior

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SW Wilson of Ideal Buildout has just added Discovery Bay! (IDK if it was already posted on this forum)


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So right outside my hotel is the Rainforest Cafe. Except it’s CLOSED! The Chicago Rainforest Cafe closed and its carcass haunts me outside my window.
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Rainforest Cafe is one of those places so well themed that I wonder if someone went into an abandoned one they would be greeted to magical adventures.

Make that movie happen people!
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The point when you realize the internet has robbed you of your sanity is when you make Barry Bee Benson fan art... but I’m not at that point yet... right?

(please send help)

Orange Cat

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Y’know what’d be a cool forum event? If we could gather some of us to play some Jackbox games, of course that would require some scheduling & one of us to have a party pack, which is not me at the current moment, but if anyone’s interested I planned to pick up a party pack anyway soon & there’s always a chance someone here has a party pack. Anyways just a thought I had.

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