Trip Report So Much to Celebrate! Some Things Expected, and Some Things Not so Much. And this Time, We Are All In the World!

The countdown is over! The packing is pretty much done, and I'm in full vacation mode. Looking forward to the trip we had planned to take for Madelyn's high school graduation, but almost didn't happen because life always has different ideas. Things are great now, and we are all ready to roll tomorrow.

We have a late morning flight on American from Philly and arrive in Orlando around 1:30. We are using We Drive You Fly for our roundtrip transportation from MCO. We read about them online and they had great reviews. I called and spoke with Ian, and he was great. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes.

We are staying at POFQ for the first time. We visited the resort several summers ago and thought it was very nice. Looking forward to the stay.

Our only plan tomorrow is relaxing at the resort pool then dinner at Narcoossee at 8:25. If all goes well, we will be able to relax and watch the fireworks from just outside the restaurant before heading back to the resort for the night.

We are staying until July 28 and had contemplated APs, but with the kids college schedules the next few months and some serious home repairs planned, we opted for 8 day hoppers and an After Hours night at Epcot. Also have a few other first time events planned on the trip.

I'm really looking forward to sharing this Live report and catching up with all of you. Also looking forward to the chance for a few meet ups while we are there.


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Drinks always taste better at the airport....


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Congratulations to Maddie on her wide range of accomplishments! So impressive! As stated before, I feel like we watch kids grow up on this website and it is so heart warming!

Definitely following and looking forward to it!!

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Congratulations to Maddy on her graduation and all her sporting achievements. So pleased you love POFQ as we are staying there for two weeks in September for the first time. Looking forward to your live report.


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Easy flight until we landed. Had to sit over 45 minutes to get to the gate due to weather, but all is good. We are in Florida.

Ian from You Fly We Drive was outstanding and texted several times to let us know he was at the airport. He met us at the baggage claim and helped us to the car which was parked immediately as we exited Terminal B. Couldn’t have asked for an easier pick up.


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Congrats to Maddy! My son will be attending grad school just north of Columbia at UNCC. Will be following along. It has been a while since we have had a family WDW trip. Scheduling is tough, college and jobs get in the way.
Thanks for following along

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