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Selling Disney photos...sort of...


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Okay, so I feel like I know the answer to this, but couldn’t find anything really online that helped too much.

As a hobby, I take photos at Disney. I do have a small Disney blog (along with 1893927192 other people) that I really just started for my friends and family to keep up with our Disney outings and such, and I of course use the photos there.

However, for Christmas this past year, several indicated they’d like calendars with some of my photos in there. So, that’s what I did.

Over the course of the past few months, some of their friends and such have seen them and asked for one as well. I had them made in bulk (20) and had some left over and gave the rest away just last month.

A few people just slipped me some cash for my troubles, which was nice.

Now to my real question, it’s not legal for me sell calendars with my own personal photos say...on my website or whatever...right? I posted a few pictures of my personal one on my site and some people messaged me asking me for some and wanted to know how much, but....I don’t want to get in deep doodoo with Disney if they ever were to find out somehow (I’m not some famous blogger so I doubt they ever would. Just want to do things right.)

Anyways, I wasn’t really sure who or where to call to find out for sure, so I figured I’d come here first.

I see things like the WDW Magazine as well as other popular unofficial Disney sites selling things with Disney photos. I just wasn’t sure if there were like a way to gain compliance with disney to do that or what. Just needed a little direction.

Thank you!


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Technically Disney could sue you if you started making money off photos you took of their parks.... but unless you decide to start selling thousands of calendars it isn't something I would ever worry about.
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